ENVIRONMENTAL COVID-19 Tests and Unlimited Police Powers
ENVIRONMENTAL COVID-19 Tests and Unlimited Police Powers

The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Saturday, May 16, gave clarifications on the interpretation of "inaction of citizens in the case of coronavirus", for which administrative liability is provided. Inaction, according to the authors of the commentary, includes the concealment by a citizen from the regulatory authorities of information about his arrival from abroad, refusal to call a doctor in case of any deterioration in his health (!), As well as evasion of an analysis for coronavirus of a person suspected of having this disease (!!!).

Coupled with the scandalous bill pending in the State Duma, which gives the police almost unlimited powers over ordinary citizens and their property, as well as if you look at similar initiatives of foreign authorities against which citizens in the West are revolting, all these elements easily add up into one very sad Puzzle

Let's pay attention to clause 2 - "diseases that pose a danger to others." The government, by its decree, at the end of January 2020, added coronavirus infection (2019-nCoV) to this list - along with plague, cholera, AIDS, etc. But flu and other respiratory infections, with which the new coronavirus is usually compared, are not on this list. But in any case, “a person suffering from a disease” and a person whose disease is only suspected are, as they say in Odessa, two big differences. The authorities directly offer us, and even demand under the threat of a fine, to be tested for COVID-19 without exception and without fail, considering that even without a medical diagnosis, citizens can be tested forcibly. Including the one who did not seek medical help and does not consider himself to be ill with anything, but seemed to the doctor or someone else "suspicious."

No less dubious is the police's initiative to fine everyone who did not call a doctor at home because of any ailment - this list for different citizens may include chronic migraines and indigestion. Well, what, after all, doctors already report that the coronavirus can cause almost any symptom and systemically attack any organ in the body … It is very interesting how it is planned to record the facts of not going to a doctor in such cases.

It is extremely important to understand that the German authorities tried to push through a bill similar in message on compulsory immune passportization of the population and vaccinations against coronavirus, but were defeated by their own outraged people. And on May 1, bill HR 6666 was introduced in the US Congress to force Americans to test for coronavirus and isolate confirmed infected people from their families. The document gives the right for public health officials to enter any house and forcibly check all its residents for the presence of COVID-19 or antibodies to it. In the case of a positive test, a person with a detected virus is isolated and forcibly removed (deported!) From his family and loved ones, the child care service can pick up and isolate children from infected parents, and separately in a nursing home they can isolate elderly relatives with a confirmed virus, etc..d. The bill, in particular, states that the house must have a separate toilet for each family member, if this condition is not met in a family where there is an infected person, the children are taken from the house.

A lot of English-language publications (including Fox News and the New York Times) have already written about unreliable tests for coronavirus, false positive results, even about the facts of infection of these tests with coronavirus. Recently, the President of Tanzania shared data from the category of sad humor, according to which DNA from papaya fruit, African goat and quail, sent to him for testing, showed positive test results for coronavirus. That is, there is no need to talk about the reliability of testing, while, according to the American bill, even the fact that a person with identified COVID-19 has probably already managed to infect loved ones with whom he lives is absolutely not taken into account.

Blogger and civic activist Elena Nikitskaya, who lives in the United States and opposes the anti-popular "anti-corruption" measures of the state, cited a shocking video from Canada in which the police come to the house of parents with many children and forcibly take tests for coronavirus from them.

As the judicial practice shows, even now the police phrases like “I had reason to believe …” are more than enough for the judge to take his side.

And now, after all that has been read, let us once again carefully look at the wording in the explanatory note to the document, for what purposes it is supposedly adopted: the bill is aimed "at strengthening the rights and legitimate interests of citizens" and "improving the practical activities of law enforcement officers. Please tell me which sane person who has read this bill, in his right mind and sober memory, would believe in such an explanation?

To be honest, according to the Katyusha editorial board, This bill, on the contrary, completely eliminates the constitutionally guaranteed presumption of innocence of a citizen, his right to inviolability of his home, private property (car), personal and family secrets, and many, many other basic rights, including even the right to life and health protection (!!!) …All this can now be violated if the police officer simply had "reason to believe …" that these rights of a citizen must be violated - he will not have to prove anything and justify himself later, and it is unlikely that the injured citizen will be easier from these excuses. De jure and de facto, if this bill is adopted, the police will receive unlimited powers for radical forceful actions in any situations, including those critical to the life and health of citizens. In our opinion, the authors of this law in this way deliberately exacerbate the already tense social situation in Russia, collide the heads of citizens and the police, most of whose representatives are just as poor, ordinary Russians - not some representatives of the so-called. elite. But this very pro-Western elite deliberately unties the hands of the police on any draconian measures and, it is possible, in the near future will give the police appropriate directives.

In conclusion, we present the opinion of a more than specialized expert - co-head of the criminal law practice of the Pen & Paper Bar Association, formerly an investigator of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, People's Deputy of Russia, one of the co-authors of the first basic law on the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, lawyer Vadim Klyuvgant. In Klyuvgant's position, there is more than enough food for thought for officials, the authors of this bill, police officers, and in general for every citizen.

However, until this bill is adopted (it was not even considered by the Council of the Duma), we can still resist quite peacefully for ourselves: We invite all our readers to urgently write letters and telegrams to the Speaker of the State Duma V.V. Volodin, Head of the Security and Anti-Corruption Committee of the State Duma V.V.Piskarev and all available deputies, demanding not to accept and withdraw from consideration the draft law PFZ 955380-7 "On Amendments to the Federal Law" On Police "" due to its obvious inconsistency with the Constitution and other basic regulations of the Russian Federation. The address:

RIA Katyusha

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