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In modern society, everyone is used to condemnation and ridicule. All sorts of reality and talk shows, news releases and so on are built on this. However, few people focus on good deeds and courageous deeds.

TV shows, top entertainment channels on YouTube do not trumpet about this. Well, let's fill this gap and show the most amazing stories. Go

This is Ivan Tkachenko. We all know about millionaire football players who are imprisoned for drunken brawl, but Ivan was a modest hockey player who anonymously transferred a lot of money for the treatment of children with cancer. The last transfer of 500 thousand he made on September 7, 2011 in 15 minutes of death in a plane crash that took away the entire team of Yaroslavl “Locomotive”. The total amount of his transfers is more than 10 million.

This is Milana Yusupova from Dagestan, at the age of only 9 she entered a burning house and took two children out of there. For her courage she was awarded medals "For Courage in Salvation" within the framework of the All-Russian project "Children-Heroes".

And this is Damir Yusupov and Georgy Murzin. The same pilots who urgently landed a passenger plane in a corn field, avoiding loss of life. After the plane took off, he lost control due to engine failure, which were hit by birds. Pilots Damir Yusupov and Georgy Murzin managed to land a car with 226 people on board - they are all safe and sound. There is even graffiti on the wall of a residential building about this in Cypgyte.

Interestingly, Damir Yusupov decided to become a pilot at the age of 32, and before joining aviation, he worked for several years as a lawyer at the Syzran Housing and Mortgage Fund. How many of us are able to independently at such a mature age go to our dream, even if it is a dream of heaven, without complaining about the state, parents or an unfair life?

This is the mother of nine children, Maria Lvova-Belova. 10 years ago, she learned the terrible truth - in Russia, disabled people from orphanages have no future. The guys from there go to nursing homes and, according to statistics, live there for five years. Then they die.

In 2014, Maria decided to create the first site in Russia that will help these guys get settled in life. This is how the Louis Quarter was born. His first wards have already graduated from the university, work and live an interesting life. Some even became poets, actors and published their own books! These achievements inspired Maria to create the Veronica's House.

It is home to people with disabilities who need lifelong care. And on the second floor there is a hostel where disabled children work. Anyone can go there. Now Maria has a big goal - near Penza, the village "New Berega" is being built, fully adapted for people with disabilities. We wish Maria with all my heart the strength and kind helpers for the implementation of this unique project.

And this is Maxim Bobko. He rescued an 87-year-old pensioner from a burning apartment, as well as her beloved cat named Puhan. There was an incident in Blagoveshchensk. But this issue is not about professional rescuers, because it is much more interesting when people go for a feat not because they have deliberately chosen such a profession - to risk their lives to save others, but because they consider it completely natural to help another person in trouble.

Welder Artyom Podverbnykh from the Perm Territory describes his case in the following way: “I went to the store that day at lunch … I looked - in the window on the windowsill on the first floor, two kids were roaring. Downstairs by the house, four women are standing and groaning. The window was ajar, and thick black smoke was pouring down. He ran, jumped, grabbed the ledge by the window, pulled himself up in his arms and climbed into the window. It was high there - more than two meters. That is why the children were afraid to jump down … I grabbed the elder by the arms and began to serve him from the window … to the women who came up. The firefighters then drove up. And I went about my business further, to the store”.

And this is the garbage truck driver Alexander Nesyev. He heard screams for help from the window of the apartment on the first floor. The door was blocked by fire, and there was an iron grate on the window. Alexander describes what happened that day in the following way: “I took a crowbar from the car and ran to knock out the grating, I was tormented, tormented, there was no sense. He took an iron cable out of the car, hooked it up and pulled it out by the roots.” Thus, Alexander pulled a 5-year-old boy out of the fire, then his sister, and then helped his mother get out.