TOP-3 SKELETONS IN POWER CABINETS. Power factions. Part 11
TOP-3 SKELETONS IN POWER CABINETS. Power factions. Part 11

Even before the collapse of the USSR, the committee members led the transition to a market economy, they themselves stole some of the funds, created a network of offshore companies in order to secure and preserve everything that was possible. In the nineties, they survived as an important force.

The Yeltsin family sought a compromise with this very force, which had remained since the collapse of the Soviet Union. For example, one of the important factors was the investigation by Prosecutor Skuratov in the Mabetex case.

In the course of the investigation, information surfaced about the credit cards that were used by the Yeltsin family, which were issued to them by Mabetex. Everyone remembers the video where Skuratov is having fun with prostitutes. This was an indication that the Yeltsin family feared a criminal investigation.

The family was looking for a way out to the committee members, because for them there was a desperate situation - after the 1998 crisis, Yeltsin's rating was absolutely negligible, he had to give up power or at least make Primakov, who was gaining strength, prime minister.

At some point, Yeltsin chose Sergei Stepashin as his successor, but Yumashev and Tatyana Dyachenko feared that Stepashin would not protect them enough. Philip Turover, who just found information about the credit cards of the Yeltsin family, turned out to be an old ally of Putin, worked together in St. Petersburg in the 90s, knew each other well.

When Yeltsin allegedly gave the command to attack his opponents, Putin warned him and helped him leave the country. The entire Yeltsin family thought and believed very strongly that Putin was his own man. At the same time, Putin continued to meet with Primakov, the main enemy of the Yeltsin family.

That is, Putin played interesting games with all sides. He was a double agent, because of this he managed to convince the Yeltsin family that he should become president. At the same time, the oligarchs, the Yeltsin family, they all thought that they would be able to control him …

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