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Skeletons and hidden dangers in the closet of LGBT propaganda
Skeletons and hidden dangers in the closet of LGBT propaganda

When it comes to sodomy and its threats to Russia, the words of the average man in the street can look something like this: “I don’t understand what the danger is on a national scale? I personally am completely indifferent to homosexuals. " The main threats of the sodomite invasion of Russia will be outlined very briefly below.

If we rely on sociological research, then on the issue under consideration, the Russian man in the street does not look orphaned, empirical data indicate that the inhabitants of Russia have begun to condemn homosexual relationships more. In February 2018, the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM) published the results of a survey concerning same-sex relationships, it turned out that 79% of respondents categorically or in most cases condemn them, in 1991 it was 71%. Similar figures were given in January 2018 by a foreign agent, Yuri Levada Analytical Center (Levada Center). The respondents were asked the following question: Do you think it is always reprehensible if adults of the same sex have sexual intercourse with each other? The answers were as follows: Always reprehensible - 69%, almost always reprehensible - 14%, reprehensible only in some cases - 5%, there is nothing reprehensible - 8%, it is difficult to answer - 5%. Thus, 83% of Russians unequivocally condemned sodomy, against 68% in 1998.

I am personally satisfied with the results of the polls, but it is better that the aversion to sodomy grows even more, while it is necessary to focus on young people and large cities. According to the same VTsIOM, 12% are tolerant of same-sex relationships (1991 - 15%), however, among young people - 25%, and residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg - 21%. Still, one should take into account the inconsistency of the opinions of the masses and the position of the authorities. The abortion referendum in Ireland showed that judgments on the same issue can be diametrically changed within a relatively short time. In May 2018, a referendum was held in Ireland, at which residents expressed their position on abortion: 66, 4% - voted in favor of allowing abortion, against - 33, 6%. Before the referendum, abortion was only allowed if the pregnancy threatened the mother's life, even if rape or incest could not be the cause. The constitutional ban on abortion was introduced in 1983, then in a referendum 66, 9% were in favor of the ban on abortion, against - 33, 1%. Abortive propaganda was carried out in Ireland by the government and outside forces, including feminists and international “human rights” organizations. In general, this is a kind of paradox, the leading "human rights" organizations fiercely advocate abortion under the guise of "women's rights", but at the same time they do not say anything about the rights of murdered children and men who wanted to be fathers, but because of the sole decision of the woman they never become. It’s a paradox if you don’t know that human rights activists are working out the owner’s order to reduce the world's population. By the way, the fertility of Irish women fell from 3.85 in 1970 to 1.8 in 2016 (the population replacement rate is 2.1).

A real threat to society

Of course, Russians condemn same-sex relationships, but we do not have an answer why, there are no reliable polls on this score. Personally, I doubt that the average man in the street is generally able to clearly and clearly articulate his position and the main threats, that is, his response is, as it were, unconscious and is more due to upbringing and / or the behavioral immune system. With regard to our topic, the behavioral immune system can work in such a way that sodomites are perceived by the normal majority as some kind of "strange", because their lifestyle does not correspond to generally accepted norms in Russia. Also, male homosexuals can be associated with feces, HIV / AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases, in this regard, they are considered a threat.We should also mention the survey conducted by the Institute of Public Opinion "Anketolog", according to which almost half of the population of Russia consider homosexual and bisexual orientations as a mental disorder.

When it comes to sodomy and its threats to Russia, the words of the average layman may look something like this:

“I don’t understand what is the danger on a national scale? I personally am completely indifferent to homosexuals. These are purely their personal problems, but as long as they do not march in parades like in the US and the EU and do not demand special attention and attitude towards themselves only on the grounds that they are homosexuals."

I note that this conditional quote is not fictional, it is based on a real conversation with a person directly related to medicine. Similar considerations once again prove the above, people really need to show the threats and the scale of the problem, and the orphaned man in the street will inevitably fall under the enemy's influence. One can argue about the "danger of a national scale", it seems that it does not exist yet. But here the question arises - Is it worth it to sit back and wait for any problem to grow to an all-Russian scale? The dynamics of events is threatening, the task of healthy forces is to completely eliminate any growth of an already existing weed. But the main thing is that the author of such words simply does not understand that when sodom-sabbaths begin in Russia in the image of the western ones, this will mean a complete triumph of the sodomites and the forces behind them. The Sodom Sabbath is the terminal stage. Diseases, including social ones, need to be treated at the early stages of their development. It is even better when there is an opportunity to apply preventive measures. Finally, sodomy should not be treated with indifference; it should be criticized and condemned. So, below we will very briefly outline the main threats of the sodomite invasion of Russia, and later they will be given special attention.

Controlled population decline

The spread of sodomy and transgenderism is not the main tool for reducing the population of the Earth and individual countries, however, without a doubt, it is included in the complex of measures of the reduction strategy and is in the three or five main ways. It seems that the main role in this strategy is assigned to the shift of meanings from “We” to “I” and feminism. However, new scientific discoveries showing the connection between regular anal intercourse and infertility, as we talked about earlier, may make sodomy more significant. In Russia, many controlled and conditionally objective processes have been launched aimed at reducing the population, if you add a sodom-dictatorship like the western one to the already existing complex, then the extinction of the Russian people will accelerate even more. Here we can cite the example of Germany, where the highest proportion of LGBT people among Western countries (7.4%), and the birth rate is one of the lowest in the world.

Deinstitutionalization of the family

The family is a union of a man and a woman, one way or another formalized into a marriage relationship, the purpose of which is to continue the family and raise children. The main social function of the family is the reproduction of the population. A childless couple, a single mother or a single father are not a full-fledged family, and the cohabitation of two sodomites (regardless of the presence of children) cannot be called a family under any circumstances. As soon as same-sex "marriage" or "partnership" is legalized, and in practice this means permission for adoption, then at the same moment the institution of the family is dealt a crushing blow.

Today in many countries we are witnessing the legal equating cohabitation of sodomites with the family, which means a transition to a new type of basic social relations. At this stage, the concepts of "family" and "marriage" are being modified and diluted, but later they will be abandoned, as the West abandoned the concept of "sex", replacing it with "gender", which you can choose at your own whim.

The destruction of the institution of the family is needed by those who order the population reduction and sodomites, the latter openly say that the institution of marriage should not exist. Same-sex unions cannot have children, but many want to, therefore, in the context of the legalization of such relationships and the increase in the number of same-sex "marriages", the pressure of the system on the institution of the family is increasing, especially for such repressive regimes as the United States and Norway. In the first case, there is at least one fact that the child was removed from the family because the parents did not allow him to "change" the sex. In the second, there is a Barnevarne child control service, when inspectors take children, then transferring them to foster families gives preference to sodomites.

A child raised in a sodomite environment does not absorb the proper values ​​and is more at risk of developing homosexual inclinations, it turns out that sodomites are simultaneously a factor-tool for deinstitutionalization of the family and a source of the process.

The disappearance of the traditional form of the family is also beneficial to the ruling class. With the weakening of the family as a "base unit", society becomes more atomized and, as a result, more susceptible to all sorts of manipulations and is unable to resist the repressive measures of the regime.

The hotbed of the spread of dangerous diseases

Official medical statistics in Western countries clearly indicate that male homosexuals are a hotbed of the spread of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. I will cite only the latest statistics for the United States. In 2017, 38,739 new HIV diagnoses were registered, of which 70% were sodomites. In recent years, the incidence of primary syphilis has been steadily increasing in the United States, with sodmites accounting for almost 60% of new cases in 2017. In addition, an outbreak of hepatitis A among sodomites has been recorded in Europe, which is mainly transmitted by the fecal-oral route. At the same time, this category of persons leads an extremely licentious lifestyle.

Identity threat

Reputable studies and scholars have noted many personality traits of sodomites that pose a clear threat to others. I do not presume to disclose them in detail, but I will only list the main ones: deceit, immorality, neuroticism, supernarcissism, egocentrism, mental masochism, denial of reality, wishful thinking, infantilism, the "cult of death", a tendency to self-destruction, sexual addiction, sexual promiscuity (many partners and non-use of condoms in contact with HIV-infected), alcohol and drug abuse. Now imagine if such a person takes a leading position or has made his way into the structure of power (this also applies to political parties). In connection with the above, it should be emphasized that people with certain views and lifestyles always strive to spread them, sometimes using very harsh methods.


In 2014, the United States, the EU and their satellites switched to an open and total hybrid war against Russia. The main pretext for aggression: the reaction of the Russian government to the seizure of Ukraine, unforeseen by the enemy, expressed in the law of the return of Crimea and support for the forces fighting against the occupation of Ukraine and the Nazi-colonial regime in Kiev. Objectives: the destruction of Russia and the Russian people, control of territory and resources. Among other things, by intensifying the sodomite invasion, the West is solving the problem of disuniting the population of Russia in conditions of external aggression. In addition, the fragmentation of society (the population of countries) into smaller parts and their pitting against each other is beneficial to the ruling class. Thus, the masses will be busy with a contrived conflict, and the power of the unrighteous will remain safe.

Yes, in the West they are fighting the so-called "homophobia" by instilling tolerance for all kinds of perversions by totalitarian methods, but there is absolutely no work with sodomites, whose internal propaganda says that they are "not like everyone else."Consequently, one side of the conflict remains such, and at the right time, rejection of sodomy is very easy to arouse to the point of extremism. And the sodomites themselves, by their behavior, contribute to the preservation of hostility, which is only their sodom-covens, when the most unimaginable perverts roam in a herd: completely naked, masturbate, copulate and urinate on each other right on the streets of cities.

External influence agents

This threat is closely related to the above, but nevertheless, it is a threat in its own right. Almost all sodom activists and their organizations are hostile to Russia (government, people, traditions, culture, history), and ordinary sodomites are at least supportive of the West and are held captive by its destructive propaganda. Since activists / organizations and ordinary people are somehow supported by Western countries and structures, critically dependent on them or loyal, they can be used as agents of influence. Penetrating the blogosphere, social networks, media, culture, power and seizing the commanding heights of the life-forming institutions of society, sodomites will advance the interests of the enemy and corrupt the minds of normal people. Thus, the organized and externally controlled sodomy movement represents a pro-Western opposition and is a threat to Russia's national security.

Pressure point

Protecting sodomites and the corresponding agents is carried out under the slogan of protecting "human rights". If you take a little time, it becomes clear that these "rights" are not universal. However, the West has declared them a moral compass for the whole world and is introducing them against the will of other societies. As in other cases, here we are faced with the bloody ethnocentrism of the Western savage.

Non-observance of the "rights" of sodomites in Russia is constantly used to put pressure on the Russian authorities and as a pretext for maintaining Russophobic insanity. In December 2017, the Trump regime accused the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, of involvement in "extrajudicial killings, torture and other gross violations of internationally recognized human rights" and added him to the "Magnitsky list." In addition to Kadyrov, on the same basis, Ayub Kataev was included in the list, who, according to Washington, was involved in the possible “harassment of homosexuals in Chechnya in the first half of 2017”. Persons included in the "Magnitsky list" are denied entry to the United States, and their accounts in American banks are frozen. It should be noted the selectivity of actions, because the United States does not sanction its satellite Saudi Arabia, where pederasty is punishable by death. American restrictions are based on the publications of Novaya Gazeta; in early April 2017, the newspaper reported that local homosexuals were being persecuted in Chechnya: they were thrown into prisons, beaten and tortured, and newspapermen allegedly knew the names of three victims.

A curious and little-known fact, at the end of 2017, the influential American magazine Foreign Policy included Elena Milashina, the author of materials on the oppression of Chechen sodomites, in its annual List of World Thinkers. The wave launched by Novaya Gazeta was immediately picked up by the Western media, which began to compete in the volume of headlines and slogans. Thus, the British "Guardian" (The Guardian) called on Western countries to "intervene" and "pressure" on Russia. The most idiotic headline was seen on the website of the TV channel "Present Time" (funded by the US government): "Genocide is taking place in Chechnya under the guise of religion." A gay man who had fled from the Caucasus turned to Kadyrov.

Growing separatist sentiments and the threat to territorial integrity

Imagine, power in Russia is seized by a liberal gang and the introduction of European and American norms concerning the "rights" of sodomites begins.In such a situation, an increase in dissatisfaction with the center is inevitable in the national republics and other subjects of the federation, where the overwhelming majority of the population is committed to the true values ​​of tradition, family and morality. This is not a hypothetical scenario - similar processes are taking place in the European Union and in the regions of individual countries. For example, in France in 2012 and 2013, there were massive protests across the country against the actions of the Hollande regime, which pushed through a law allowing same-sex couples to adopt children. In total, they gathered several million people. So, perhaps the largest demonstration took place in Paris on May 26, 2013, according to the organizers, it gathered about a million French people. Can you imagine a gay parade or gay marriage in Chechnya or Dagestan? Of course, this is impossible, but in order to shake the situation, the enemy will arrange provocations and conduct operations under a false flag. Raised discontent can spill over into concrete manifestations of separatism.

Threat to democracy

You can treat democracy in different ways, someone rejects it, someone supports it. And someone claims that modern “democratic” societies (countries) are herds of bleating rams, which are skillfully manipulated with the help of “democracy” tools, and in fact, “democracy” is an advertising sign behind which totalitarian, corporatocratic ones are hidden, plutocratic, ochlocratic and other anti-people regimes, which include empires such as the USA and the EU. Almost all Western countries declare that they say they are examples of democracies and their system needs to be adopted, they also plant "democracy" by force and wars in countries where it should not exist. Today's Russia is also building "democracy", the head of the Russian state, Vladimir Putin, says that "we are interested in the democratic path of development of our country, so it will be."

One of the main principles of democracy is "equality", it is achieved through the endowment of all members of society with equal rights and a guarantee of their implementation in practice. Democrats say that the well-being of society and the mental health of the people depend on the categories of "equality" and "equal rights". When, and if, we talk about the realization of the “rights” of LGBT + people, then there can be no talk of any equality, in the sense that they gain an advantage. By implementing their “human rights” agenda, in addition to their civil rights, sodomites receive additional attention to their rights on the grounds that they are sodomites. As a result, they acquire, as it were, a double package of rights. In reality, this is reflected in the fact that when hiring, they may give preference to sodomite, and with redundancies, management will be afraid to fire such an employee for fear of a lawsuit "about infringement of rights."

The homosexual environment contributes to the identification of oneself as a representative of a special kind of person. Propaganda inspires - "you are not like everyone else", "you are better", "you are different from heterosexuals." There are a number of "studies" allegedly proving the superiority of homosexuals over normal people in a number of characteristics (education, law-abidingness, income level, success in art, etc.). and this is a direct path to social racism. Immoral sodom-sabbats (gay parade) are also not about "equality" or "equal rights", they are a blatant demonstration of power. Thus, the activities of LGBT + organizations pose a threat to democracy and the mental health of the people.

To the above, we must add the fact that new "norms" and tolerance in society towards LGBT + representatives are imposed by methods far from democracy, first of all, this is censorship, threats, impudent pressure, ignoring the majority opinion and forms of prohibition inherent in totalitarian regimes.

Hidden threats

As mentioned above, and as will be shown separately, the world sodom movement is very dependent on forces that cannot be counted among the sodomites themselves, these are individuals, organizations and governments of countries. It is quite possible that in addition to the declared and already identified goals, they pursue hidden goals that pose a threat to Russia and other normal countries. Revealing hidden threats is a big and important job.

Further more

For Russia, this threat is not yet relevant, but nevertheless it needs to be voiced. It looks logical to introduce legislation in Western countries that obliges employers to comply with quotas for sodomites. The process in this direction is under way, but so far only in the private sector. The promotion of quotas will draw on the experience of applying existing laws on women's quotas. For example, since 2012, France has had a law obliging government agencies to observe "balanced representation for top managers", the quota for women is 40%. In March 2019, the French Foreign Ministry was fined € 450,000 for non-compliance with the quota (2017 - 29%). Why not punish for violation of quotas of perverts in the leadership of countries and corporations?

In addition, observing the process of legalizing cannabis smoking in the USA and Canada (first they allowed use for medical purposes, and then for leisure purposes), we can conclude that the normalization and legalization of same-sex relationships is a stage towards the introduction of more terrible deviations into the public environment. … Public movements may appear en masse in support of the rights of pedophiles, corpses, cannibals, self-mutilators, excrementophiles and other scum. By the way, until 1994, pedophiles were officially part of the LGBT movement, but were formally excluded due to blackmail from the US government, which threatened to cut off funding. As a matter of fact, far-sighted figures already understood that it was necessary to get rid of the too unsightly element.

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