FORCED TESTS for the corona AND OTHER "JOYS" of the post-viral world
FORCED TESTS for the corona AND OTHER "JOYS" of the post-viral world

Video: FORCED TESTS for the corona AND OTHER "JOYS" of the post-viral world

Video: FORCED TESTS for the corona AND OTHER "JOYS" of the post-viral world
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A few days ago, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs gave clarifications on the interpretation of "inaction of citizens in the case of coronavirus", for which administrative responsibility is provided.

Inaction, according to the authors of the commentary, includes the concealment of information by a citizen from the regulatory authorities about his arrival from abroad, and also - attention! - refusal to call a doctor in case of any deterioration in health. And of course, the evasion of the test for coronavirus of the person who is suspected of this disease.

"Inaction is expressed in non-fulfillment of the obligation to immediately report the return to the Russian Federation, the place of registration and actual stay, seeking medical help at home without visiting medical organizations in the event of any deterioration in health, as well as evading mandatory laboratory examination" Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The ministry also noted that all this entails administrative responsibility under the article "Violation of legislation in the field of ensuring sanitary and epidemiological welfare." The sanction of this article provides for a fine of 15 to 40 thousand rubles.

At the same time, in all media, information is presented in this context - tests for coronavirus are mandatory for any citizen to whom they are prescribed for one reason or another. For refusal from them, a rather big fine will follow. Now let's figure it out a bit with terms.

Testing every citizen as a “potential asymptomatic carrier of the virus” is a compulsory medical intervention. The article "On the basics of protecting the health of citizens …", which guarantees each citizen informed voluntary consent and refusal to medical intervention, lists all cases when medical intervention is allowed without the consent of the citizen. For example:

“In relation to persons suffering from diseases that pose a danger to others; in relation to persons suffering from severe mental disorders; in relation to persons who have committed socially dangerous acts (crimes); when conducting a forensic medical examination and (or) a forensic psychiatric examination."

This item falls under the crown - "diseases that pose a danger to others." By its decree, at the end of January 2020, the government added coronavirus infection (2019-nCoV) to this list - along with plague, cholera, AIDS. But flu and other respiratory infections, with which the new coronavirus is usually compared, are not on this list.

But in any case, “a person suffering from a disease” and a person whose disease is only suspected are, as they say in Odessa, two big differences. The authorities directly offer us, and even demand under the threat of a fine, to be tested for COVID-19 without exception and without fail, considering that even without a medical diagnosis, citizens can be tested forcibly. Including the one who did not seek medical help and does not consider himself to be ill with anything, but seemed to the doctor or someone else "suspicious."

No less dubious is the police's initiative to fine everyone who did not call a doctor at home because of any ailment - this list for different citizens may include chronic migraines and indigestion. Well, what, after all, doctors already report that coronavirus can cause almost any symptom and systemically attack any organ in the body …

It is very interesting how it is planned to record the facts of not going to the doctor in such cases. It is extremely important to understand that the German authorities tried to push through a bill similar in message on compulsory immune passportization of the population and vaccinations against coronavirus, but were defeated by their own outraged people. And on May 1, bill HR 6666 was introduced in the US Congress to force Americans to test for coronavirus and isolate confirmed infected people from their families. The document gives the right for public health officials to enter any house and forcibly check all its residents for the presence of COVID-19 or antibodies to it.

In the case of a positive test, a person with a detected virus is isolated and forcibly removed (deported!) From his family and loved ones, the child care service can pick up and isolate children from infected parents, and separately in a nursing home they can isolate elderly relatives with a confirmed virus, etc..d. The bill, in particular, states that the house should have a separate toilet for each family member. And if this condition is not met in a family where there is an infected person, the children are taken from the house.

A lot of English-language publications (including Fox News and the New York Times) have already written about unreliable tests for coronavirus, false positive results, even about the facts of infection of these tests with coronavirus.