THE SECRET OF THE KHASID and Berl Lazar. Power groups in Russia. Part 10
THE SECRET OF THE KHASID and Berl Lazar. Power groups in Russia. Part 10

Video: THE SECRET OF THE KHASID and Berl Lazar. Power groups in Russia. Part 10

Video: THE SECRET OF THE KHASID and Berl Lazar. Power groups in Russia. Part 10
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Berl Lazar and Alexander Boroda play the role of official representatives of the Jewish community in the Kremlin. The situation is quite unique, since Both Beard and Lazar belong to the Hasidic movement, which does not represent the majority among the believing Jews either in Russia or in the world.

In 1990. Berl Lazar, as part of a gang of the same crooks, was brought in by the then head of the KGB Kryuchkov from across the hill, in order, if not to create a counterweight, then at least to thrust a thorn in the ass to the traditional-oriented Gorbachev Jews entrenched in the leadership (Misnagdim). According to available American sources, Berl Lazar, the envoy of the New York Hasidim, had not to leave the American soil, but literally flee away secretly. He was already accused of embezzling public money and immoderate affection for underage boys and girls.

It was precisely such cadres that were needed for the started battle with the snickering nomenklatura members of the CPSU. On the one hand, they had nothing to lose, but on the other, they sat on a short leash of the KGB, and the officer of our "Gestapo", a Jew by nationality, Volodya Putin was with him from the very beginning. This explains his rapid career growth. It was here that a fight began in the Russian Jewish kitchen with the use of lured shabezgoys, with the involvement of half-breeds, with a fig in his pocket in the form of the Hasidic gang of Berl Lazar.

Someday the list of those eaten and trampled will emerge. In the meantime, hints of details can be found, say, in the article by the Hasidic activist, journalist L. Radzikhovsky "Jewish Happiness" and "Jewish Revolution" ("Jewish Word", 2002, No. 34). It is foolish to underestimate the consequences of the processes taking place in the Jewish environment for a country where power has been exclusively in Jewish hands for 90 years.

If the goyim knew more about the battle in which by 41 the western Ashkenazi clashed with their puppet Hitler and the eastern Sephardim, who created their own kagal KPSS (VKPB), it might not have been on June 22. And the 37th year, when some Jews killed others - their rivals, is seen from a different angle. Where is the best place to hide a couple of "their" "necessary" corpses? Right! In the mountains of other people's corpses, strangers, and even declare themselves the injured party.

You can ask a devout Jew, who are the Hasidim? Before answering, he will spit and curse for a long time and the answer will sound like this - the Hasidim have nothing to do with Judaism. The Hasidim operate under the roof of Judaism in the same way as the Wahhabis under the roof of Islam. The first enemy of a Hasid is a devout Jew in a synagogue, and only then everyone else. And the traditional synagogue is much more hateful for them than a mosque or a Christian temple, passing by which it is necessary to spit and wish destruction.

The fight between Jews and Hasidim is now going on all over the world, including in Israel. It's just that it is entering its culminating phase in Russia. In any synagogue in Israel, you will be told that a faithful Jew should not let a Hasid into the house, should not shake hands with him, and when he meets him on the street, cross to the other side. Places of Hasidic gatherings are equated with brothels, and a Jew who visits them is considered desecrated. You can only drive a real Jew into a Hasidic synagogue at gunpoint.

Now it is clear why most of the Hasidic structures in Russia are empty, like unsold coffins … For a Jew, the Hasidim is a hundred times worse than an "animal" - goy. And Berl Lazar and his gang will be even more terrible than even the Hasidim - they are also Chabadniks, and in Judaism they are complete scumbags. And in Israel and in other countries of the world, Jews call Hasidim fascists, terrorists-fanatics … And now in Russia this gang, not only came to power, it itself becomes power with all the ensuing consequences for the population …

Let the voters of United Russia, ordinary United Russia members themselves, and all other residents of the country know how the Chabad Hasidim differ from other Jews. If we discard all religious differences that have no meaning for the goyim (i.e. all non-Jews), then the following will remain the main thing: - The Jewish (Hasid-Chabad) kingdom, headed by the king - the messiah, will come when the Jews completely exterminate on earth all existing nations and for this every Jew should strive for all his life and in all ways.

Including with the help of bloody sacrifices that please "God". To the last person should be destroyed, everyone, including the Jews - half-breeds and incorrectly believing Jews (according to the Hasidim), i.e. the overwhelming majority of Jews who do not accept Chabad.

The rest of the Jews, unlike the Hasidim, believe that some of the goyim should be left alive as slaves for black work and entertainment.

The activists of United Russia, through outright servility, work out their right to be among these slaves. But here they were grossly miscalculated, for the Hasidim regard them only as their kosher herd, and it is nonsense for them to negotiate with animals (goyim).

Therefore, let the United Russia party, and everyone else, get used to the fact that it is impossible to occupy any significant place in politics or business in other areas without being a Jew, and if this is the case with demography, then there is no one.

Berl Lazar's ascent to the top began with the arrival of V. Putin in the Kremlin. To begin with, he granted Lazar Russian citizenship, in addition to American, Italian, Israeli. Two weeks later, he was made Chief Rabbi.

Since 1992, the Chief Rabbi of Russia was Adolf Shaevich, who led the Congress of Jewish Religious Communities and Organizations of Russia (KEROOR) and was supported by the money of Vladimir Gusinsky. Within the framework of this structure, Boris Berezovsky was perceived as not quite a full-blooded Jew.

In retaliation, Boris Berezovsky and Roman Abramovich initiated the creation of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia (FEOR) in November 1999, headed by US citizen Berel Lazar. In June 2000, a "general Jewish congress" of Russia was organized, at which the composition of the participants was organized in favor of FEOR, and Berl Lazar was declared the chief rabbi of Russia. At the same time V. Gusinsky was arrested.

In September 2000, with the participation of Putin, Ben Lazar opened the Moscow Jewish Community Center (MEOC) in Maryina Roshcha, which has since been regularly visited by V. Putin, Y. Luzhkov and other leaders of Russia. Shaevich eventually faded into the shadows and is half-forgotten today.

But let's give the floor to Adolf Shaevich, whom no one seems to have removed from the post of chief rabbi. “They (FEOR) had a conference, there were no elections on the agenda. Someone came from the Kremlin, summoned Lazar, and 10 minutes later announced that they would now elect the chief rabbi of Russia. And now two dozen rabbis, of which 18 are foreigners, chose him … Roughly speaking, they are a sect (Gazeta, 2002, July 23).

Dates of Putin's meetings with rabbis from 2000 to 2005

2005-02-10 V. Putin sent to Rabbi Berl Lazar congratulations to Russian Jews on the occasion of Rosh Hashanah.

September 30, 2005 Moscow. V. Putin approved B. Lazar among the first 42 members of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.

04.08.2005 Moscow. V. Putin met with civil society - B. Lazar.

April 29, 2005 Israel. B. Lazar, who was part of the Russian delegation, on V. Putin's visit to Israel: “This visit in Israel is really perceived as a historic one - and not just because it is the first, but because our relations are indeed changing for the better, and this is is reflected in specific cases.

Three aspects of this visit are especially important: a visit to the Western Wall, a visit to Yad Vashem, and a conversation with President (Israel) Katsav about anti-Semitism. Only in my presence did he twice tell Moshe Katsav that in the fight against anti-Semitism he would by no means limit himself to words of condemnation, but intends to act, react extremely harshly. “The next day, President Putin once again showed his attitude towards my people when he visited the Holocaust Victims Memorial,” Lazar continued.

2005-27-04 Israel. V. Putin visited the Western Wall, where he met with the rabbi.

03.03.2005 Novo-Ogarevo. V. Putin: "The fight against anti-Semitism is constantly in the field of vision of the official authorities, the government and the president." B. Lazar: “I see improvements in the position of Jews in Russia - they have begun to live better, their living conditions have become better”.

2005-27-01 Auschwitz. B. Lazar presented V. Putin with the Salvation medal established by the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia.

2004-07-12 Alabino. Celebrations dedicated to the 63rd anniversary of the defeat of Nazi troops near Moscow. V. Putin congratulated Rabbi B. Lazar and all Jews of Russia on the holiday of Hanukkah.

2004-25-10 V. Putin met with B. Lazar and promised the help of the federal center to the Jewish communities in the regions of the country. B. Lazar: “The Jewish community in Russia is developing faster than in any other country in the world,” he thanked the President of the Russian Federation for his assistance.

September 15, 2004 Moscow. V. Putin congratulated Russian Jews on Rosh Hashanah.

June 25, 2004 Moscow. Kremlin. V. Putin presented B. Lazar with the Order of Friendship of Peoples.

2004-19-05 V. Putin congratulated B. Lazar on his 40th birthday: “Authoritative spiritual leader and public figure, you are making a significant contribution to the development of the religious and cultural life of the Jewish community in Russia, the implementation of educational and educational programs. It is important that your activity serves to strengthen interfaith dialogue, civil peace and harmony in the country."

2004-01-04 V. Putin awarded (signed a decree) B. Lazar the Order of Friendship for his services in the development of culture and strengthening of friendship between peoples. B. Lazar: "I want to thank him (V. Putin - ed.) For everything he has done for the revival and development of Jewish community life in Russia."

2003-30-12 Moscow. Kremlin. B. Lazar is invited to the reception given by V. Putin.

2003-21-12 Moscow, the office of the President of the Russian Federation. V. Putin met with B. Lazar. V. Putin: "Judaism is one of the four main confessions in Russia." Putin said he was interested in building synagogues and Jewish schools.

2002-19-03 V. Putin met with the leaders of the Jewish communities of Russia, including B. Lazar: “In my speeches I have repeatedly emphasized that Russia is a place where Christianity, Judaism, and Muslim culture have been located for centuries [Christianity and Islam - two sects of Judaism - A.]. In this regard, I want to note the contribution that the Jewish people made to the development of our state.

I would especially like to note the recent events, namely, the initiatives of the Jewish community in our very sensitive foreign policy measures and plans. And as a continuation of this conversation, we also record the policies of some public Jewish organizations in the United States.

In particular, we drew attention to a letter from one of these organizations, in my opinion, this is the Jewish American Congress, to the United States administration regarding the reorientation of part of its economic oil interests from some countries that traditionally supplied the United States with energy raw materials. to Russia.

2002-07-02 Moscow. Kremlin. V. Putin met with B. Lazar.

2001-13-11 USA. V. Putin met with B. Lazar.

2001-20-03 Moscow. B. Lazar is included in V. Putin's Council for Interaction with Religious Organizations and Associations.

2001-23-01 Moscow. Kremlin. B. Lazar took part in an official meeting with Israeli President Moshe Katsav.

2000-21-12 Moscow, Moscow Jewish Community Center in Maryina Roshcha. V. Putin lights Hanukkah candles with B. Lazar.

2000-18-09 Moscow. V. Putin (together with Roman Abramovich) inaugurates the Moscow Jewish Community Center in Maryina Roshcha together with B. Lazar.

2000-13-07 Moscow. V. Putin held a secret meeting with B. Lazar.

2000-07-05 Moscow. Rabbi Adolf Shaevich was present at V. Putin's inauguration.

This scrupulousness is not at all excessive, but a necessary vigilance. Had it been manifested in due time by the Russians in relation to, say, Trotsky, we would not have been "white negroes" now.

And here is what the leaders of the "Congresses of Jewish Religious Organizations and Associations in Russia" (KEROOR, which includes more than 95% of Jews), Rabbis Kogan, Shaevich and dozens of others said: "This is a sect that copies the actions of criminal structures."

Not meeting widespread support among Russian Jews, Lazar turned to Putin for permission to bring 50,000 Hasidic fighters into the country. This permission was obtained. They were recruited all over the world, but mainly in New York, promising places in power, in business and complete impunity.

Now this private army of religious scumbags is just waiting for the FAS command. On the vastness of one-eighth of the land, a bloody fight for extermination flares up. More and more broad strata of the population are being drawn into it. It is clear that this cannot end with anything good.

Those who advocate Putin's plan should remember that for the period from 1917-2000. according to the estimates of the Duma experts-demographers, Russia has suffered demographic losses of at least 100 million people. And during the reign of Putin, the country's population decreased in less than 8 years by 47 million, and 12, 5 million died of hunger and poverty (broadcast "The Moment of Truth").

Israeli businessman and emigrant from Leningrad I. Radoshkovich told about the Jewish roots of President Putin in his interview back in 1997, roughly as follows: "His second cousin Vladimir Putin has great prospects for promotion … in Russian politics."

And Boris Abramovich Berezovsky, according to the newspaper "Komersant" dated 15.07.2005, said: "Putin can get Israeli citizenship like an ethnic Jew by his mother. This played a significant role in his ascent to power. " All this, however, never prevented one from being publicly baptized in Orthodox churches, or from creating for oneself a small pocket Hasidic kaganate. And now, to put on the power the buffoonish bearer guise of "United Russia" and receive as a bonus a crumb of Tsakhis as a contender.

However, Putin is not alone. This is what many prominent United Russia members do, for example, the main "Chabadnik" of Moscow, Luzhkov-Katz, who also crosses himself with one hand and publicly lights a manuka manuka on Manezhnaya Square with Lazar with the other (where can we go without him?). As those who know Moscow Jews whisper too much, the Chabadnik Luzhkov-Katz does not mind when the lackeys call him the Messiah (tsar-messiah) in the kipkepka of only Moscow so far …

On February 27, 2008, the Chief Rabbi of Russia and the founder of the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS delivered a lecture at Oxford in the Shabad Society about the Jews of Russia and their future. The lecture was in English, which Berl Lazar is fluent in.

Here are some excerpts from Lazar's lecture, translated by Alexei Nikitin.

- In Leningrad, a little more than 50 years ago, a boy was born, whose neighbors turned out to be a Jewish family. The boy-neighbor was warmly received in a Jewish family and from a young age absorbed respect for the Jewish world. There he was fed with Jewish food, there he saw the head of the family read Jewish books, there he appreciated the respectful attitude of members of the Jewish family to each other.

After some time, this boy grew up and became the deputy mayor of St. Petersburg. And one day he learned that another deputy mayor did not want to allow the creation of a Jewish school in St. Petersburg. Then he took all the documents on the organization of the Jewish school and came to the deputy mayor, who was in charge of this, asking why and why the ban. The everyday answer is: "I myself am a Jew and I do not want to be accused of promoting a Jewish school, so my permission will not be given." Hearing this, the boy who grew up to be the deputy mayor signed all the papers himself and a Jewish school appeared in St. Petersburg.

(Jews (Jews) will never accept in their home, according to all Jewish rules, a non-Jew (goy) whom Vladimir Putin allegedly was at that time and is now (if we ignore the fact of his physical Jewish origin).. Putin at that time did not represent himself as a statesman, but was a boy who was just going to school. - Approx. Transl.)

- Never and no leader of Russia or the USSR did so much for the Jews as Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. In every way. Unprecedented.

- Now in Russia, many mayors of cities, heads of regions and government ministers are Jews. This has become the norm.

- After several meetings with V. Putin, Ariel Sharon, in confidential conversations with me, repeatedly emphasized that “we have the Jews and Israel in the Kremlin”

- In Russia there is a lot of talk about Dmitry Medvedev's Jewishness. They talk about his mother, who is supposedly Jewish. I don't know how to comment on this. We do not recognize him as a Jew. However, I will tell you the following. Three days before the announcement of President Vladimir Putin's successor, Dmitry Medvedev came to our Center, where he promised that everything would be in the best possible way for us. We will get more than we can even wish for. Let me remind you that this was three days before he was announced as heir.

- Today the highest leaders of Russia come to visit our Center. B. Gyzlov, Yu. Luzhkov S. Mironov and many others. It has become routine when Russian leaders often visit us.

To the question after the lecture from the audience “why did V. Putin put M. Khodorkovsky in prison?” The answer was:

“I know Khodorkovsky well, we have good relations with him. Khodorkovsky turned to us for help too late, 2 days before his arrest. We just didn't have time to help him. Jews should not seek righteousness in life, but be smart. Khodorkovsky was ruined by his self-reliance on permissiveness. He began to finance the opposition to V. Putin and paid for it."

B. Lazar was accompanied on this visit to the Shabad Center by 29-year-old Baron David Rothschild, a scion of the famous banking family of Rothschild Jews.

Before the beginning of B. Lazar's lecture, a small introductory speech, embarrassed, said the young baron:

“I began to travel to Russia regularly after 2000. I first met Rabbi Berl Lazar in Davos, Switzerland, and when I arrived in Russia, one of my first actions was to get to know him better. This acquaintance grew into a close and trusting friendship. Together we started many charitable initiatives. I really hope that our trusting friendship will continue in the future.

During B. Lazar's lecture, it became known that the MEOC is equipped with an excellent library, a swimming pool, a huge dining room, feeding for free, etc. The magnificent dining room was funded by the Rothschilds. But the young baron has never visited the dining room itself. Curious was the lack of interest in seeing firsthand the fruits of his own charity.

However, neither the young baron nor B. Lazar even said a word about the affairs of the Rothschild family property in Russia - British Petroleum, this largest company in Great Britain and the giant of the oil business on Earth. In August 2003, British Petroleum acquired 50% of the shares of the Tyumen Oil Company, previously owned by Mikhail Fridman's financial group.

Mikhail Fridman converted 50% of the TNK privatized under Yeltsin into more than 4 billion hard currency. Moreover, everyone decided that Mikhail Fridman had insured himself ahead of time against the “fate of Khodorkovsky” with arrests, hiding behind the now “joint business” with the international giant. Try to take that back by nationalization.

Through the lobbying of Berl Lazar, British Petroleum did not just take off to a height unattainable for other foreign competitors. With the total conflict with Britain, which erupted after Britain's demand to extradite Andrei Lugovoi to British justice in the case of the murder of Alexander Litvinenko, all offices of the British Council in Russia were closed, and British Petroleum has been closed to this day as a Kremlin shrine.

I have always wondered how the representatives of a truly small Jewish community became so powerful in appropriating the wealth of Russia. B. Lazar's lecture in Oxford and his accompaniment by the young Rothschild brought him closer to understanding the inner springs of this phenomenon. In light of this, the fight against corruption announced by V. Putin is especially interesting.

However, Russian patriots are now more interested in the essence of Dmitry Medvedev.

So, Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev. What is hidden behind the portrait painted for us by the official media with scanty strokes? First of all, we are surprised to see that he is neither Medvedev nor Dmitry. All this is nothing more than a cover, a kind of party pseudonym, the same as, for example, Lenin, Trotsky, etc.

In the system of documentation of Jewish communities (Ktuba - marriage contract, fixation of circumcision, adulthood), in the databases of rabbinical courts, this person is listed as Menachem Aharonovich Mendel (for some reason Russian according to his passport). Father - Aaron Abramovich Mendel, according to the passport Anatoly Afanasyevich, as you might guess, is also recorded as Russian. Mother - Tsilya Veniaminovna, Jewish.