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Tragic stories of people who won the lottery
Tragic stories of people who won the lottery

When we read the news that someone hit the jackpot and became rich overnight, we are often filled with envy. But we never ask ourselves the question of how the fate of the winners developed after receiving the prize.

Lara and Roger Griffiths: A Burnt Dream


Before winning the $ 2.76 million lottery in 2005, Lara and Roger rarely fought. They lived in harmony and understanding. The money allowed them to fulfill the main dream of their lives: a husband and wife bought a huge house for a million dollars, and spent the remaining money on a luxurious Porsche.

Unfortunately, six years later, the happiness ended: Roger drove off in a Porsche into the blue after Lara accused him of treason with another woman. The 14-year marriage came to an end, and the dream house burned down in a monstrous fire.

William Post: betrayal of loved ones


William Bad Post won even more: a lucky hand pulled out a ticket to the Pennsylvania lottery for $ 16, 2 million. It was in 1988, and by 1989 Bud had not only spent all the money, he was in debt.

“I wish that never happened,” Post admits. "It was just a nightmare."

His ex-girlfriend easily persuaded him to share the winnings with her, and his own brother hired a hitman, hoping that after Bud died, he would inherit his fortune. Post invested in several family businesses, but they all went bankrupt, so he had to go into debt. The breakdowns began, Bud was sent to jail for putting a gun to the head of a debt collector.

Fortunately, Bud somehow got out of this situation and happily lived on a modest salary, recalling with horror the time when he had to think about what to do with 16 million.

Martin and Kay Tott won $ 5 million, but lost their ticket


Spouses Martin and Kay Tott from Great Britain in 1994 were lucky to win $ 5 million, but bad luck - the couple lost their ticket.

The trouble would not be a problem if the husband and wife had declared their loss in time. They could only do this within 30 days from the announcement of the win. So this victory became the largest undeclared win in the history of lotteries.

“The very thought that you can get that kind of money is very liberating. But when you find out that nothing will work out, you feel the exact opposite feeling, - shared Kay. “It takes vitality and puts your marriage to the test. It was the most cruel torture possible."

Sharon Tirabassi is back to work


It is quite easy to spend even a lot of money if you set such a goal. After winning $ 10 million in 2004, Sharon spent it consistently on "a big house, beautiful cars, designer clothes, exotic trips" and in less than ten years (which is not so little, if you think about it) she returned to where she started: to working for the ruble of a bus and living in a rented house.

Fortunately, she has some money left in trusts for her six children, who will be able to receive it when they turn 26.

Ibi Ronchaoli killed his own husband


An Ontario woman won $ 5 million in 1991 but did not admit to her husband how she decided to spend it. When gynecologist Joseph Ronchaoli found out that Ibi gave $ 2 million to her child from another man he didn't even know about, he poisoned her with pain relievers.

He was found guilty, and the Ibi family persuaded the man to give at least part of the money for his wife's funeral.

Evelyn Adams lost her winnings at the casino


Helene won the lottery twice - in 1985 and 1986, that's for sure kissed by fortune. But the amount of $ 5, 4 million could not resist in the hands of the woman. She wanted more. She went to Atlantic City, went to a casino and … spent all her money!

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