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Agafya Zavidnaya: a strong woman with a tragic fate
Agafya Zavidnaya: a strong woman with a tragic fate

In the history of mankind, a huge number of people who amazed others with their amazing physical strength. One of them is Ivan Poddubny, who is considered the most outstanding fighter in the world of all time. During his 40-year career, he did not lose a single tournament and was a famous circus performer. But did you know that he had a student who can be considered the most powerful woman in the world?

Her name was Agafya Zavidnaya and she surprised those around her with her incredible strength from early childhood. After all, just think - she got a job as a maid at the age of 12 and independently moved the closets with things inside. As part of this article, we suggest that you briefly familiarize yourself with interesting facts about this woman. Unfortunately, her fate was very tragic.

Agafya Zavidnaya

Woman strongman

Agafya Zavidnaya was born in 1890 into a family that could not have children for a very long time. The father and mother even turned to all kinds of healers, but they did not manage to give birth to a child for a very long time. They managed to conceive their first child only when the father of the family was 60, and the mother was 30 years old.

Subsequently, they gave birth to 13 children, but only four of them survived. One of them was Agafya, who turned out to be the tallest and strongest of them. At the age of 12, she looked like an adult girl and many young people wanted to become her gentlemen. Her parents clearly did not like it, but the girl herself could stand up for herself.

According to historical data, she could kill any rude person with one blow.

At the age of 12, the girl did not even suspect that a great future awaited her.

Meeting with Poddubny

As mentioned above, at the age of 12, she got a job as a maid. People really liked her and they wondered how the girl could easily move the cabinets without even pulling things out of them.

With male tasks, she sometimes even coped better than men. Once the famous circus performer Ivan Poddubny arrived at the hotel and even he was surprised to see the little girl's abilities. The outstanding wrestler immediately realized that Agafya Zavidnaya could become a real circus star - strong women have always delighted the audience.

He went to the girl's parents and persuaded them to let her go with him. So Agafya Zavidnaya began her career in the circus.

Ivan Poddubny

The most interesting thing is that she easily juggled with huge weights, which only Poddubny could lift. Of course, at first she lacked technology and was very clumsy with the sports equipment. But she had enough strength with interest and people did not even pay attention to some inaccuracies in her movements.

She could participate in battles with professional male wrestlers and defeat them. Once she faced off against the Estonian athlete Marina Lurs and lost. But the defeat was due only to her inexperience, and so she very much even had the strength to defeat her rival.

Marina Lurs

A series of failures

Over time, Agafya left Poddubny. Why she did this is still unknown to anyone. It is believed that she simply did not want to depend on him anymore. But it is also believed that Poddubny began to pester her and she was greatly outraged by this. She embarked on a solo career that has earned her huge amounts of money.

But one day, in the steppes of Ukraine, she and her group met a group of robbers. During the skirmish, Agafya Zavidnaya was wounded by a saber. After being wounded, she returned to her hometown and tried to recover.At this time, a local police officer was courting her, and one day he came to her drunk and, during a quarrel, wounded her with a revolver.

The strongest woman in the world has been dying several times several times

Subsequently, Agafya, with the help of her friends, moved to Leningrad. She managed to find a small apartment, but even in such modest conditions, she sometimes did not have enough money for food. The woman had to be looked after carefully and had several surgeries. They were carried out often and during one of them the strongest woman in the world died at the age of 50. It happened in 1935.

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