Who are the "Masters of the money" after all? Katasonov's version
Who are the "Masters of the money" after all? Katasonov's version

Usury as an institution arose even before the Biblical Flood - it is a product of the so-called Cainite (Cainite by Katasonov - the spiritual descendant of the biblical Cain) civilization. We will not find direct descriptions of usury in those days, but if we rely on scientific research based on archaeological excavations, money already existed then. Therefore, it is very likely that loans were made and mortgages taken out.

At the household level, the category of usurers was called differently - jewelers, money changers. In the Middle Ages, the usurer and the Jew were practically synonymous. Today they are called bankers, but there is something in common that unites all these diverse activities. Representatives of the Cainist civilization are characterized by the charging of usurious interest when issuing any loan.

In my books, I have repeatedly mentioned that the ancient Jerusalem temple worked as a financial center, while performing all the functions of a modern bank. Among his priests were treasurers, in other words - the same usurers

The Levites were in charge of the services, as well as some public activities (in Judaism, all the duties of the priesthood traditionally lie with the Cohens from the tribe of Levi). All ministers had to meet strict requirements, they underwent versatile training, you can read more about this in the Old Testament or the Talmud. But the kohens who had some physical or mental deviations, roughly speaking, were rejected from the public ritual side. They performed some behind-the-scenes operations, including in charge of the treasury of the temple.

Of course, the world of modern bankers is very diverse, and it is unlikely that even one in a thousand bankers will be able to prove his kinship with the Levites. Therefore, we must talk about the presence of descendants of the Levites, primarily among the highest usurious elite, who have US Federal Reserve shares in their hands

Now our information about their lives is scanty, although in the 19th century they were very public people. The First and Second World Wars left a serious imprint on the behavior of the financial elite, it developed a permanent feeling of fear, so now its leaders prefer to be in the shadows. Those comrades whom we see on TV screens, included in the Forbes ratings as multibillionaires, are, of course, not world usurers, but rather members of the servants of the real elite. In the same ratings, we can find, for example, George Soros or Bill Gates - they are clearly not the main shareholders of the Fed. I have studied Soros's biography well - for a number of actions and public statements, of course, he can be classified as a "Rothschild people." The world of global usurers is very mobile, the law of unity and struggle of opposites operates in it - at some moments they act as a single block, but at the same time they constantly squabble among themselves. If it were not for this bickering and internal squabbles, then many events in world history would simply be impossible to explain.

If we take the financial history of the last century, we will see a clear dynamics of the change in the balance of power in the struggle between the main clans - the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. In the last days of 1913, when the FRS was created, the list of its shareholders was not a secret. The percentage division of shares was known - at that time, the Rothschild clan was the main owner. It is almost impossible to accurately calculate the percentage, because the Fed includes several thousand banks - even after a thorough study, questions will remain. A lot of family ties will need to be rechecked, and so on.

Today, by indirect indications, the Rockefeller family can be called the main beneficiary. This is tracked through events such as the changing global financial order. In 1933, the US abandoned the gold standard. Some researchers note that in the 30s, the Rockefellers sharply strengthened their positions in the Fed. Changes in the status of gold are an indirect indicator of the current influence of the Rothschilds - their wealth is closely tied to this precious metal. In addition, the position of the Morgan, who had previously worked in Europe as dependent bankers and represented the interests of the European Rothschilds, strengthened. Another event is the transition from the Bretton Woods system to the Jamaican economic system. This was another blow to the positions of the Rothschilds, because in 1976 at the conference in Kingston, the gold standard was finally put to rest.

Now we are witnessing a new exacerbation of the clan behind the scenes struggle. Let's remember, for example, the international movement Occupy Wall Street - this is an unconditional attack on the Fed. Many experts eventually agreed that the origins of this peaceful revolt should be sought in the offices of the Rothschilds, seeking to regain the palm. Another interesting fact - the US Congress for the first time in many years managed to push through the FRS transparency law. And in 2012, the results of a partial audit of the Fed were announced and the backstage tranches from the reserve of $ 16 trillion in favor of various financial groups were announced - this is how the Rockefeller clan received a retaliation.

The owners of money have such features that they prefer not to advertise. For example, today universities devote a lot of time to stories about the work of stock markets. Teachers all the time point out that a joint-stock company today is the most profitable form of business. But the real owners of money would never establish their governing structures on the principle of a joint-stock company (JSC) - they have exclusively closed family businesses. AO is a project aimed at democratizing capital. We can clearly see what happens to such companies in the future - grunders (a massive disordered foundation of joint-stock companies, banks, insurance companies, etc.), which, as a rule, ends in massive bankruptcies, mergers / acquisitions, etc. For example, the Lazars and Rothschilds build their businesses according to the principle of strict family hierarchy and strict discipline. And all because their strategy has political power as its highest and ultimate goal.

I would like to highlight three levels of highest ambition for the oligarchy. The first is the augmentation of predominantly monetary wealth, which, in particular, the Russian oligarchy is locked into. Further, there is a category of oligarchs who also want fame - they go into public politics. And the third, highest level, considers power in all its manifestations to be its main goal. The desire for power may not be very conscious, intuitive. It can also be accompanied by an awareness of their higher mission at the level of religion. Here I am talking about those Cainist oligarchs who consider themselves the forerunners of Moses-Moshiach. They themselves consider themselves to be a religious type of financiers.

Roughly speaking, the main shareholders of the Fed can be roughly divided into Pharisees and Sadducees. The Rothschilds are more likely the Pharisees - that part of the usurers who are brought up in a certain religious and moral vein. Accordingly, the Rockefellers are closer to the Sadducees

The entire theory of economics, which is taught in our country and abroad, can be roughly divided into the economy of the owners of money and the economy of clerks. The economics of the owners is taught to a narrow circle of young people from the same clans. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers have their own training program and do not allow any liberties, so a representative of their family, starting an independent financial life, is already charged with the religious values ​​of Judaism. In general, this is a pronounced type of kainist.In our time, it makes no sense to call this class Jews or Jews - after many assimilations and interethnic marriages, the borders of nations have blurred - rather, it represents a kind of common Cainist mentality. All these usurers bear the invisible seal of Cain. It manifests itself in the type of thinking, and not in some physiological characteristics.

Usurers of the highest echelon do everything to keep the main world wealth in their circle. They really do not like to build matrimonial ties with people from the outside world. For example, in the 19th century, more than 50% of the Rothschild descendants married exclusively within their clan. By the way, the founder of the Rothschild dynasty Mayer Amschel Bauer, who died in 1812, left a detailed testament - how to live for descendants. It provided for the complete absence of external marriages, that is, it was openly about incest - with all the ensuing medical and physiological consequences. Researchers who collected statistics of various deviations from the descendants of the Rothschilds found many disappointing facts. However, the main thing for this family remains the retention of power, with which it has been successfully coping so far.

Apart from the FRS, one cannot but say a few words about the World Monetary Fund. In fact, the Navy is a subsidiary of the American Treasury, the United States accounts for 17% of the total capital of the fund. Accordingly, the United States has a blocking stake in the board of directors of the Navy. It is also an effective policy tool for the owners of money."

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