The Committee of 300 and the Coronavirus Crisis: A Conspiracy of Money Masters
The Committee of 300 and the Coronavirus Crisis: A Conspiracy of Money Masters

“In order to somehow cover up the impending economic crisis, a special operation called COVID-19 was launched,” says Professor Valentin Katasonov. In an interview with BUSINESS Online, he discusses why the "owners of money" are expanding their attack on humanity, why you need to read H.G. Wells to understand the idea of ​​the world behind the scenes, why Russia decided to launch a genetic correction program and why there are no amendments to the Russian Constitution values.


- Valentin Yuryevich, we met at the end of 2019, then in an interview you said that the crisis was inevitable, but did not name the time frame. Was it a surprise to you that it happened so soon?

- At the moment when we spoke with you, there were already signs of an economic crisis in a number of countries. I got acquainted with the economic statistics of Japan, Italy for the fourth quarter of 2019, which signaled that an economic downturn has already begun in these countries. Therefore, I do not exclude: in order to somehow cover up the impending economic crisis, a special operation called COVID-19 was launched. Everything was attributed to the virus, although in fact the reasons are deep, fundamental, they have existed for at least three centuries (I mean the time of the existence of capitalism). As always, they (the "owners of money") avoided answering the main question "What are the fundamental causes of the crisis?" - and they blamed everything on the coronavirus.

Recently, I retrospectively looked at some materials from leading consulting companies, in particular McKinsey. Apparently, in 2019, I missed the October report, which predicts that from a third to a half of all banks in the world may disappear in the near future. McKinsey experts are well aware of the true causes of the crisis, so whether there was a coronavirus or not, but a crisis would have happened. So far, of course, there is no such massive plague of banks, but, according to my information, it really may begin in the near future. This is a topic for another conversation.

- So the coronavirus was still not the trigger that launched the crisis?

- He added depth to the crisis. But, of course, the fact is that the COVID-19 special operation had several goals. First, it is a kind of smoke screen covering the impending global crisis. Secondly, some kind of training, exercises, is it possible to drive people into self-isolation in a short time (as they call it that), but in fact this is a voluntary-compulsory imprisonment. Half of humanity ended up under house arrest, its terms were different, but nevertheless, this pilot project, from the point of view of its organizers, worked, succeeded. Therefore, I think that they will further deepen and expand the offensive against humanity. So other provocations are not excluded, maybe a second wave of a pandemic or terrorist attacks like September 11, 2001 will begin. Incidentally, it was from that day that the building of a new world order, or "brave new world", in the words of Aldous Huxley, began.

- Who are the organizers of this special operation?

- I call them the owners of the money - the large shareholders of the Federal Reserve System. By the way, I noticed that many authors use the word "they" - this is a kind of mysterious group of people. For example, John Coleman and his book The Committee of 300 are the very "they" or "owners of money." This is a world behind the scenes that has existed for centuries.It's just that in the XX century they began to act more brazenly and openly. I just turned in a book on dystopias to the publisher. There I, in particular, have an essay about HG Wells, the author of a number of science fiction novels, dystopias. Even his "Time Machine" is a terrible dystopia. In addition, he wrote programmatic works, one of which is Legal Conspiracy. In it, H.G. Wells openly and boldly voiced plans for the world behind the scenes. He himself belonged to the Anglo-Saxon elite, was a member of the "Committee of 300". So read Wells - this is the ideologue of the world behind the scenes, not some science fiction.


“From my point of view, the pandemic is a kind of smoke screen designed to hide the attempts of the financial oligarchy to conduct another powerful round of property redistribution,” Sergei Glazyev said recently. Do you agree with him?

- I would raise the assessment bar: not just a redistribution of property, this is another step towards the seizure of world power. Power is higher than property. In fact, property is a means by which the highest, from the point of view of the world behind the scenes, power is achieved. There are thousands of books on this topic, it is written about it in Scripture. Remember how Christ was tempted by the devil in the wilderness? Jesus fasted for 40 days, walked in the desert, then the devil appeared. “Turn stones into bread,” said the devil. This is the temptation to wealth. But Christ said that man is not fed with bread alone. Then there was the temptation of glory, when the devil lifted Christ to the top of the Jerusalem temple: "Throw yourself away, the angels will catch you, and then everyone will understand that you are a superman." Christ rejected this temptation too. And the third was when the devil lifted Jesus to the highest mountain and showed the whole world from it. “All these cities and villages belong to me,” the devil declared. Bow to me and it will all be yours. This is the temptation of power. The theme is eternal. Therefore, of course, it is not property that is important, but power.

- Now, it turns out that they are not powerful enough?

- They do not yet have full power, so this is their highest goal. I have been following the reports of the Club of Rome for over 50 years. In 1968, this organization of the world behind the scenes was created. By the way, Coleman believes that this is the most important of the legal structures, which works on teams and in the interests of the "Committee of 300". In these reports, in a pseudo-scientific form, the tasks that lead to the final goal are substantiated. The first task is control over demographic processes, but not just control, but population reduction.

- I read in your article that they want to reduce the population to 1 billion.

- Yes, that's right. They say about the "golden billion", but in fact only a million is "golden", and 999 million are "dirty" ones, those who work and serve the "golden million".

The second task is de-industrialization, the destruction of the real sector of the economy. From the point of view of the world behind the scenes, the current industry depletes the bowels of the Earth, pollutes the environment, and all this, as it were, belongs to them - the “chosen people”. H.G. Wells believed that the Anglo-Saxons, but there are other versions of who the "Chosen People" are.

Next comes such a goal as the destruction and erosion of national sovereignty. Have we not observed this throughout the 30 years of the existence of the Russian Federation? We can clearly see how the national sovereignty of Russia is being eroded. Even if we talk about the sphere of finance, then this is the removal of any restrictions on the cross-border movement of capital, that is, in fact, if we open the windows and doors of our house, then it becomes impossible to maintain the temperature in the house. This is an image of the process of erosion of national sovereignty. Another task is digitalization, building an electronic concentration camp. We also felt this well now, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Finally, the last task, which is the ultimate goal, is world government and the establishment of the world order that H.G. Wells openly wrote about in his Legal Conspiracy back in 1928.Sometimes they refer to the protocols of the Elders of Zion, but please take Wells's book, although it has not been translated into Russian. But I think it will appear soon. Today the term "new world order" is used. Where did he come from? At least in Wells's time, it was already in use. We have to dig deeper, everything goes from there.

- How will the current crisis help you achieve the goals you listed?

- I said earlier that for the "owners of money" any crisis is the name day of the heart. For them, this is a way to redistribute property in their favor. Understand that the model that has been around for 300 years is the model of usurious money capitalism. This is an economy in which money is born from the fact that banks give loans. You know that we, in Russia, and throughout the world, with rare exceptions, have a two-tier banking system: the Central Bank, which issues cash, and there are commercial banks that create several times more money supply in the form of deposit or non-cash money. In the world, the proportion is approximately the following: cash is 10 percent, and 90 percent is non-cash funds that are created by commercial banks. Unfortunately, even some economists do not understand this simple truth. That is, for one ruble placed on the deposit, a commercial bank can create several new rubles, relatively speaking, up to 10. And in some countries there is not even any standard, they can "print" this non-cash money without restrictions, as long as there is a demand for them … This model is already ending its existence.

Let me explain with an example. The amount of money is determined by the volume of loans issued. Suppose in country X banks have issued loans in the amount of 1 million units. This means that there should be more interest, relatively speaking, 10. Total liabilities are 1 million 100 thousand monetary units, and there is only a million money in circulation, that is, there is not enough money to pay back all debts. As a result, it turns out, as in a child's game, where the child lacks a highchair - this is an image of bankruptcy.

In order to somehow support the economy (not to arrange crises every year), banks say: "We will refinance your debt and give a new loan." With the help of new loans, you will cover your obligations on previously issued ones. As a result, a pyramid of debts is built. Bank clients are getting used to the fact that they are refinanced their debts, given new loans. And then a person comes for the 10th time, and they tell him that they will not give any more. Can you guess why? Everything is very simple: all the possibilities of providing have already been exhausted.

Remember in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice there was a usurer Shylock who said: "I am not interested in interest, I care about the deposit." Thus, banks redistribute assets, property, wealth in favor of the “owners of money”. With each round of the crisis, wealth is more and more pulled together in the same hands. In the old textbooks of political economy, this process was called centralization and concentration of capital. In fact, sooner or later, all the wealth will end up in the hands of the “owners of money”, unless, of course, this process is stopped. Moreover, all the wealth of the world will ultimately belong to the "owners of money", while people still owe them.

- But you can somehow stop the process?

- This is a very serious question. To do this, you must first understand who we are dealing with. I'm not sure that among your readers at least one in 10 or in 100 understands how this mechanism works. Moreover, I think that among your readers there are many who use the services of commercial banks rather frivolously, and this is unsafe.

- Do you manage not to use the services of banks?

- Completely, of course, today you cannot do without banks. Whenever possible, I will minimize my relationships with banks. And I certainly don't use their loans. I repeat once again that the banking world is a two-tier structure: the Central Bank is at the top, and commercial banks are at the bottom. The Central Bank issues cash.Cash bills in your wallet are products of the Central Bank, and non-cash, which are on an account somewhere in a bank, are already products of a printing press of a commercial bank, and these, as they say in Odessa, are two big differences. If people don't start to understand the difference, the process can hardly be expected to stop.

Therefore, it is better to stop the process not somewhere at the State Duma level, where (sorry for the harsh word) old farts are discussing some laws, but at the university level, where people are still able to absorb some knowledge and the process of human formation has not yet been completed. It is even better to do this in school or kindergarten, and even better in the family: explain to the child that twice two is four, and not five or three. And today, as according to George Orwell: the important party boss O'Brien in the Ministry of Love (in fact, it is the police and the security service), during interrogations, constantly asks Winston Smith: "So how much is twice two?" Reread Orwell, this is about our time today.

"The cash bills in your wallet are the products of the Central Bank, and the non-cash ones, which are on an account somewhere in the bank, are already the products of the printing press of a commercial bank."


- So, you think that the process of globalization has not been stopped? There are experts who believe that the States themselves, who stood up for it, now want to eliminate it, so there will be a trend towards regionalization.

- This is a temporary tactical technique. Please note that 99 percent of the states on the planet responded quickly enough to the commands that go from behind the scenes through the World Health Organization. This means that people who are obedient to them are at the helm of power. In my opinion, this is obvious. Therefore, these obedient presidents, prime ministers, and chancellors have been given the command to urgently complete the construction of individual chambers of the world concentration camp. And then, at some convenient moment in time, all these cameras will be brought together into a single world concentration camp.

- So you think that our president, who wants to appear on the world stage as an independent player, is in fact also obedient?

- I generally look at presidents, prime ministers and chancellors as actors - there are more professional, and there are less. I judge not by words and gestures, but by real decisions and actions. I don’t want to give any assessments to the president in this case, I would like to expect that some positive processes will proceed.

- So, it means that we are also an obedient country, but Belarus is not?

- Last time I said that Russia has the status of a colony. So nothing has changed. Or do you think that with the adoption of amendments to the Constitution, we immediately ceased to be a colony and became a sovereign state? What are you! Don't be so naive.

- But Belarus and Sweden did not introduce such strict quarantine measures. It turns out that they are ready to disobey the world behind the scenes?

- In fact, there are more subjects of international law who have not reacted very much to WHO's instructions. For example, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Monaco are special zones for selected people who can live according to special laws and regulations. Sweden, apparently, also considered that in this sense it is an offshore territory and there is nothing for them to listen to stupid commands from the WHO. And Belarus really showed firmness, consistency and refused to follow the commands of the "owners of money".


- If we return to the crisis, is it somehow fundamentally different from those that we observed?

- It differs only in that now the management of crisis processes has moved to the global level: it is the “owners of money” that determine to what extent the economy can be kept in a state of depression or stagnation. Previously, all the same, crises had a certain component of spontaneity, and textbooks described how it begins, continues and ends. This is the theory of the business cycle. It all starts with a fall, then stagnation, or depression, then revival and rise - four phases.Now this cycle can arbitrarily change its proportions, some phases can disappear altogether, because today the crisis is managed in manual mode. The “owners of the money” already make their own decisions. I think that they will squeeze the world economy. They need a global protracted and deepest crisis, so as not to be exchanged for three ordinary cyclical natural crises, but to get their hands on what they have not yet had time for, precisely as a result of this protracted super-crisis.

- You call COVID-19 a special operation. Was it no coincidence when, according to scientists, the coronavirus passed from animals to humans?

- There are dozens and hundreds of such viruses in the world. If you point a microscope and a telescope at a virus, it will seem to a person that this is not a virus, but some kind of terrible beast. Some scientists believe that this coronavirus exists in the human body from the moment of birth. Therefore, if you look at the statistics of mortality from various causes, then the coronavirus is somewhere in the fifth or tenth place. There are much more dangerous diseases that lead to mass deaths. Most surprisingly, as a result of this quarantine, mortality from main causes increased sharply, because people were in a state of stress, in isolation, without fresh air and sun, they were provided with medical care on a residual basis, since everything was thrown into the fight against coronavirus. I have already seen some preliminary estimates: mortality from other diseases has increased significantly, this increase is several times higher than mortality from coronavirus. Moreover, American and Italian doctors, virologists, doctors are revising those conclusions that were made on deaths. It turns out that in 80-90 percent of cases, the cause is not a coronavirus, but still some kind of chronic human disease. Here lies and deceit go through the roof. Again, the "owners of money", using their universal tool - money, achieve the desired result. Take American healthcare, because the picture is comprehensive in the United States: there payments from insurance companies for cases related to COVID-19 are several times higher than payments for treating patients with other diseases. That is, there was a direct monetary motive to write COVID-19 everywhere. Thank God, there are conscientious doctors who refuse to participate in this, in fact, a hidden form of corruption.

- You say that it is in the interests of the "owners of money" that the crisis is protracted. How long will it last? As I understand it, you shouldn't count on a V-shaped rebound?

- It's hard for me to say. If we take the 2008-2009 crisis, the acute phase lasted for about a year. If we count from the beginning of February, then, according to the scenario of the previous crisis, around February 2021, everything should be over, and then the economy should go into a phase of depression or recovery. By the way, after the crisis of 2008-2009, the economy did not go into a recovery phase; it was stuck in a depression phase that lasted a whole decade. This, of course, was very alarming.

I will cite a parallel with the crisis of the 1930s, when the acute phase lasted for three years - from October 1929 to the fall of 1933. Then there was a depression that lasted for five to six years, the economy could not get out in any way, there was no recovery. Therefore, one of the reasons for World War II was that it was necessary to somehow overcome the crisis through military methods. Indeed, in the current decade, in 2015–2017, the world behind the scenes worked out a scenario for overcoming the crisis through a large-scale war. But then this option for overcoming the crisis was discarded, because the boomerang effect could be serious.

- But if the crisis is in the interests of this behind-the-scenes, then why help to get out of it, including by military means?

- In the current decade, an important metamorphosis has taken place - the formation of a new generation of political leaders has been completed. These are trained "hamsters" who were guaranteed to fulfill the command of "owners of money" in 2020.Even 10 years ago, such a command would have worked half, and now it is 99 percent. So here politics and economics are inextricably linked with each other.


- You once wrote that now all countries are competing to inject money into the economy. Is this the right strategy to overcome the crisis, in your opinion? And how do we look against this background?

- This is an act of despair, a reflection on the crisis. It is clear that it will be possible to mitigate the severity of the crisis. Of course, when they talk about infusions, they mean the United States, the EU, and Japan. But, saving the economy in this segment, they destroy the key elements of the structure that has been created over the centuries, I mean the financial and banking system, because, of course, the Fed is unlikely to be able to stop. Some believe that it is necessary to downgrade the US investment rating on debt, their debt obligations no longer meet standards, etc. That is, it all fits into those forecasts and scenarios that have long been voiced by political scientists, futurists and even prophets. Today in America they remember Edgar Cayce, who back in the 1930s-1940s in a somnambulistic state dictated some prophecies, stenographers were on duty around him, who wrote everything down. Now, for any occasion and for every sneeze, Casey's notes are taken from the archives. Now in America there is a very popular record that the 44th president of the United States is the last president of America. At first, they thought differently, and the 44th was Obama. But then Trump came, and they counted, because at the end of the 19th century, one president - Stephen Cleveland - was incorrectly counted (he was twice in the White House, but with a gap of one term, so he was counted twice, but one should be), so it seems Trump is indeed 44th. In Coleman's book, one of the Committee of 300 members also says that the 44th president will be the last. Today we are often dealing with self-fulfilling prophecies. The simplest example: Ilf and Petrov describe the inhabitants of the Voronya Slobodka, who felt that something would happen, everyone was insured for serious sums and after that sat anxiously waiting for it to catch fire. She caught fire. This is a literary example of a self-fulfilling forecast.

- You often and very harshly criticize the economic authorities of Russia. Do you think they could have behaved differently and made better decisions during a pandemic?

- Would you behave yourself in some other situation somehow differently than as you are used to? Suppose they were bullies, used foul language? After all, you are an established person with certain values ​​and concepts of good and evil. It is unlikely that you will behave somehow radically differently. Therefore, your question is strange. And what will make them change their behavior in these government posts? They are members of the colonial administration, clearly continue to carry out commands that come from the world behind the scenes. They, perhaps, will instantly turn from Saul to Pavlov? I don't see such a possibility. Maybe someone taken separately will really turn from Saul into Paul, but so that everything is at once … It's like all the Pharisees, about whom it is written in the Gospel, would become Christians at the same time. Then the story would have developed differently.

- In this case, how effective are the measures to extinguish the crisis "fire"?

- It's like a person is being treated incorrectly when he is on his last legs. The diagnosis was wrongly diagnosed, the treatment program was drawn up incorrectly. Maybe just non-professionals did it? Or did they specifically want to send this person to the next world? And so a person feels that in an hour or a day he will go to the other world, but asks: "Guys, inject me morphine, maybe I can last another day, an extra day of my life." What we are seeing today is the injecting of horse doses of morphine.

- Do you mean by morphine, among other things, a rate cut?

- I mean horse doses of cash infusions - it's a drug. But it doesn't heal.

- Last time you said that the whole world is on this drug. Now, then, the process has begun too?

- If we talk about the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, then it repeats the actions of the FRS and the ECB with a certain time lag. For example, a decrease in the key rate. The Fed has drastically cut its key rate, almost to the level of the baseboard. Several months passed, and the Central Bank also sharply lowered the rate to 4.5 percent. But it's not over yet.

Or turning on the printing press - what they call quantitative easing. Recently, the Russian Central Bank also seems to have turned on the printing press in order to inject additional money into the economy. However, it turned out that there is no demand for additional funds, but this is another problem. So, with a certain time lag, the Central Bank repeats the actions of the Fed and other leading Central Banks of the West. Maybe he will also begin to feed the patient with drugs, who may feel some relief, but death is inevitable. We need other doctors, diagnosis and treatment program.

- Was there another option? As far as I understand, in your opinion, it was necessary to introduce restrictions on cross-border operations. Maybe Tobin's tax, as suggested by Glazyev?

- First, we need to nationalize power, that is, to make sure that we have not a colonial administration, but a national government. Unfortunately, this is not yet the case.

- How to do something like that? As you can see, the amendments to the Constitution do not help.

- Yes, it's funny. The paper will endure everything. Even 50 years ago, when I was studying law at the university, a wise Soviet professor said that legal norms fix the real relationships and norms of people's behavior, and not vice versa. You can write in the Constitution that people and officials in the Russian Federation should become angels, but such an article is unlikely to help change a person. So the paper will endure everything.

In fact, if we are serious about the amendments, then the issue of power has not been resolved there. Article 75 was bypassed, and it concerns the Central Bank. The article remained unshakable, therefore, everything else does not really matter. Parliament is a fig leaf that covers the real power of the Central Bank. So I'm not particularly inclined to hope that the amendments will revive. Most likely, people will come to life as a result of certain overloads, this is how our life works. As one professor friend of mine said, a person is a beast that always strives downward, so shaking is necessary so that a person remembers that he is not a beast.

"These nanovaccines contain certain nanochips that are injected into a person and stay there forever."


- In one of your articles, you wrote that chipping and vaccination are related. Is this one of the options for how to drive everyone into a digital concentration camp? Is it possible to microchip everyone through a vaccine and do this in large quantities?

- I am not such a deep expert in this matter, in this case I rely on foreign sources. Such nanovaccines contain certain nanochips that are injected into a person and remain there forever. These nanoparticles make it possible to identify a citizen. Everything flows into a common database, including information from outdoor surveillance of a person, data that comes from smart things, including primarily the iPhone, etc. So this is more than likely.

Bill Gates some time ago frankly said that such vaccines are needed. Three years ago, he launched Project ID2020, a People Identification Project. With the help of the money from his foundation, he is trying to start such identification primarily in the underdeveloped countries of Asia and Africa.

- “On May 14, 2020, the Russian president gave instructions to the government to build this brave new world in the vastness of our Fatherland. Behind the “genetic editing” is the murder of the people of Russia,”you write in one of your publications. As I understand it, this concerns the project "The Genome of Russians", which will be carried out by the alleged daughter of Putin, Maria Vorontsova and "Rosneft"?

- This is a project related to the implementation of racial genetic policy.To answer your question, you have to dance from Charles Darwin, who said that man descended from ape. This is a terrible nonsense. Darwin wrote the book "The Origin of Species by Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favorable Races in the Struggle for Life" - the second half in the title is for the Anglo-Saxons (they are that very "favorable race"), and all the rest are closer to the animal kingdom (so to speak, "Unfavorable races"). This is the racial theory of the Anglo-Saxons, the "theoretical" basis on which eugenics was built, which divides people into favorable and unfavorable races. Then eugenics migrated to the United States, where it had an applied nature, when laws were passed on racial segregation, forced sterilization, restrictions and prohibitions on the import of citizens of a certain nationality. In general, a pronounced racial ethnic policy in favor of the white Anglo-Saxon population. And in the 1930s, the Anglo-Saxons began teaching eugenics specialists from the Third Reich, especially after 1933, when Hitler came to power. Practical eugenics was implemented on a gigantic scale in the Third Reich. At the Nuremberg Trials, eugenics was condemned. But eugenics writings use terms such as "genetic correction." And if you look at the documents that have just been adopted on genetics in Russia, they also have such a term. Apparently, the people who prepared this document do not know the history of eugenics, they do not know the Nuremberg trials. I think that this is also done by commands from behind the scenes. This is a terrible thing. I see signs of an impending genocide.

- That is, you assume that they will kill people en masse?

- For example, representatives of lower races are limited in their rights, they can be sterilized. People with serious deviations from the norms can simply be destroyed, as was the case in the Third Reich. These are serious things. It is especially surprising that this is accepted in the midst of a viral economic crisis, when, it would seem, it is necessary to do something else. In this case, we have a smokescreen behind which completely different issues are being resolved - building an electronic concentration camp.

- Can we somehow protect ourselves?

- Alone, hardly anyone can defend themselves. This is possible through education, education, and the media. I hope your newspaper is also interested in not implementing such projects. We must compensate for what was missed when teaching young people at school and university. Today in universities the assembly line production of fools. Therefore, we must neutralize this activity.

If you want to defend yourself, you must understand what genetics is, genetic correction, who is Charles Darwin and what contribution he made to the destruction of humanity. After all, when I taught at MGIMO, I conducted sociological mini-polls in a group and asked: where did the person come from? It turned out that 50 percent believed: God created, and 50 percent that descended from a monkey. So if it's from a monkey, go there. So the “owners of money” are just trying to make a person become a monkey. I don’t believe that man descended from a monkey, but that he can be turned into it is easy. Such vital things need to be explained to people. This is where our rebirth can begin.

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