REAL STORIES OF REINCARNATION. Memory of past lives from subscribers' stories
REAL STORIES OF REINCARNATION. Memory of past lives from subscribers' stories

"I chose you for so long, and you scold me!" - this is exactly what a small child said to his mother when she scolded him for a broken toy. And this is someone's real story, a story from the comments.

Let's take a look at the non-contrived cases that the viewers of our channel shared in the comments under the issue: “YOUR CHILDREN REMEMBER PAST LIVES”. Believe me, while watching this episode, you will most likely have goosebumps more than once.

Time codes:

00: 00- Start

01:01 - I knew when my daughter would be born

01:21 - She ran away, was "born" and became small

02:31 - I remember how you burned me

04:34 - Soviet schoolboy predicted the future

04:56 - I feel the dead

07:26 - Argued with my sister who will be the first to be born

09:30 - Knowledge and skills from a past life

10:39 - He knew he would die

11:21 - You forgot me on a trolleybus in Moscow … In 1960

12:32 - Five years have already been spent. For what?

12:45 - What is a soul?

12:51 - Mom, the adult in this photo is me

14:01 - I defended Port Arthur in November 1904

14:52 - I have another mother there who cries a lot

16:26 - When I was big, you were small

17:30 - I remember the end of each of my lives

18:07 - The son spoke in a dream in an unknown language

18:17 - Where is your son?

18:42 - How nice it was to get lost here

20:33 - Our memory is being erased

21:10 - I was killed on stage

21:29 - Do not be alarmed, I was a military man

22:59 - Fell on a helicopter into the winter taiga

23:18 - It didn't hurt anymore …

24:15 - I have a scar, I was shot in a past life

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