YOUR CHILDREN REMEMBER PAST LIVES - TOP-20 Amazing Stories of Transmigration of Souls
YOUR CHILDREN REMEMBER PAST LIVES - TOP-20 Amazing Stories of Transmigration of Souls

The episode about children who remember past lives did not receive as many views as other episodes, a little less than half a million. But underneath it has gathered a huge and amazing base of your personal stories. This is very interesting, because there is no point in inventing and writing in the comments cases that were not there. You describe your experiences and your stories that do not fit into the generally accepted framework. We decided to select and film 20 of the most amazing stories, and we hope that your comments will also appear under this issue, from which even inveterate materialists will move the hair on their heads. And of course, by tradition, the most unique cases are at the end of the issue. So let's go.

It was during the Soviet era. My three-year-old son constantly hid bread under his pillow and if they took him away he cried and said:

- Mom, when I was dying, it was cold and I wanted to eat.

I stopped taking bread from under his pillow, and he became calmer. Although there were always sweets and biscuits in the house, in the store he always asked, and did you buy the bread? And he calmed down if he was told "yes" and panicked if there was no bread. This went on for up to four years.

My son, at the age of about 2 years (now he is 3 and a half), said looking at the moon: "And she is one moon, but there were three." My husband and I looked at each other and supported him.

And my brother plays tanks, at T-34, his 4-year-old son looks and suddenly suddenly says:

"we burned out like this in 44"

I remember my early childhood well, I don't know why. I talked about this with my parents, and they confirmed my words about the memories of the earliest period. I remember myself from infancy, I can describe in detail the house, the street where we lived, my toys, pieces of furniture in the house. We moved when I was 3 years old. And here's what I still clearly remember. When my mother put me to my chest, I was dumbfounded: "What a strange method of feeding! How unpleasant that this liquid is getting inside me." I don’t know what it’s connected with. But I remember that I was thinking absolutely clear "adults" and some kind of alien thoughts. I do not suffer from mental disorders.

I also remember very well very early childhood to the smallest details …. my toys, the apartment where we lived … I thought that everyone also remembers this, but in fact I know only one person who also remembers early childhood, like me, this is my brother.. As it turned out later, he asked everyone about this and I found out that no one remembers this … And my thoughts in early childhood were very deep, like those of an adult … I can't write everything, because this is something "transcendent" … but simple, for example - why do people eat, because a person needs energy, and food takes this energy … and I refused to eat … the food was unpleasant …

When my son was about 5 years old, falling asleep, he suddenly began to quietly tell me that before his name was Reebok, they wore clothes not like now, but from animal skins. He remembers that water was pouring continuously from the sky, the heavy downpour did not stop for a very long time and everything was flooded around, people were saved as best they could, he and his wife and two children hid in a cave in the mountain, it was cold, but they managed to light a fire, striking sparks with stones, he also had a brother Andrew, who fell ill and died. To the question: did you write it yourself or who told this story? - the son replied that it was true, he just suddenly remembered. I was shocked: my boy was at home, he didn’t go to kindergarten, they didn’t read books with such stories to him, didn’t watch films on this topic. She reminded him of this when he had already become an adult, but he forgot and very vaguely remembered only my surprise at some of his stories … There was another case in the same period when the little son said: I love you very much, but when you grow old and you will die, and then I will grow old and die - I cannot find you, you will already be different, I will not recognize you, we will not meet. And he began to cry.

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