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Scientific and spiritual socialism as an ideology of state building
Scientific and spiritual socialism as an ideology of state building

In space, there is a Universal law of the preservation and development of Life: every subsequent action takes place from the memory of previous actions, while a new memory structure is formed, where the first is a constituent part and does not change due to the continuous reproduction of itself in an exact copy under conditions of a rhythmic change in the polarity of the external magnetic field …

… §2. The universal cosmic law indicates the real path of controlled sustainable development

The main goal of all research is the need to find a universal law of successful development and spiritual improvement. Such a law exists.

The fundamental manifestation of this law is constant rhythmic changes in the environment and material bodies.

And therefore, all things should be able to respond to changes in the parameters of the environment and clearly follow them, remembering the experience of interaction in memory. Each subsequent generation bases its life on the experience of its ancestors, concentrated in the form of knowledge about natural phenomena.

2.1. The basis of the Universal Law of the Cosmos

The law is based:

- on the universal property of the origin of matter and radiation - on the electromagnetic origin;

- on the universal property of all forms of matter and radiation - on the oscillatory process and the rhythm of changes in the properties of two Principles - magnetic and electrical energy;

- on the universal property of space-time - has an electromagnetic origin;

- on the universal property of preserving something unchanged - on reproduction in an exact copy; it is possible to preserve only through renewal, through reproduction, generation from memory of past experience;

- on the universal property of the interaction of matter with radiation - all forms of matter are capable of interacting with electromagnetic radiation, having a universal structure in the form of two oscillatory systems - a sensitive shell and a memory structure.

The sensitive shell is made in the form of a sequential electric oscillatory circuit. The memory structure is made in the form of a parallel closed oscillatory circuit. Together they form a single whole - a living organism;

- on the universal physical law of the return of the excitation energy of the oscillatory system to the initial point of excitation (the FPU - Fermat - Pasta - Ulam law)

- on the universal law of conservation of energy;

- on the universal law of conservation of power;

- on the universal law of memory preservation through the reproduction of genetic memory;

- on the universal property of the circulation of matter in the process of reproduction of memory structures;

- magnetic rhythms of memory, being thoughts, control electrical cycles in a living oscillatory process.

2.2. The universal law of the cosmos includes three laws

- the law of memory - use memory as an experience of past action;

- the law of time - everything has its own time; logical sequence of actions;

- the law of space - all events are limited by the law of oscillation, the transformation of magnetic energy (the process of thinking) into electrical (the process of growth and development under the influence of magnetic sound) and electrical into magnetic, the events of the oscillatory process occur in space limited by magnetic lines of force.

2.3. The universal law is the basic law of the cosmos, it allows:

-have a complete picture of the emergence and transformation of the modern world of the Universe;

- have a complete understanding of superweak interactions in biology and medicine;

- have a complete understanding of the origin of life and its purpose;

- to have an idea of ​​the functional purpose of the biosphere and man in the evolution of the Earth;

- the law allows you to see the prospect of human development and makes it possible for strategic planning of the development of social structures (state);

- the law makes it possible to establish the dependence of climate change on the planet on the magnetic rhythms of solar activity;

- the law allows you to see the cause of natural disasters, their accelerated pace;

- the law makes it possible to answer most unsolvable questions of modern science, including the substantiality of the etheric space environment, the problem of space-time, the problem of dark energy and dark matter, the circulation of matter and matter, the question of reincarnation, the possibility of space navigation, the embodiment of the Spirit in the form of substance.

The law makes it possible to explain and understand creation through thought, superweak interactions in biology and medicine, to explain long-range action, to understand the emergence of SOUND as a means of forming the structure of matter when an electromagnetic wave (thought, Spiritual essence) is embodied in the form of matter.

People live on a cosmic body flying as part of a single dynamic solar system, subject to the laws of space. Therefore, the basic law (Constitution) of the state system in the form of scientific and spiritual socialism should be a universal cosmic law - the law of the preservation and development of life.

2.4. Problems Solved Using the Universal Law of the Cosmos

In the field of science:

-The problem of state structure is being solved;

- The problem of the origin and purpose of life is being solved; the problem of symmetry (chirality) breaking, the problem of dark matter and energy, the problem of controlling the force of gravity, the problem of the interaction of atomic matter with radiation, the problem of long-range action and mental communication are solved. The problem of flights in deep space is being solved - on a space body;

- The problem of the world ether, the way of concentration of energy and mass in the nuclei of atoms, is being solved.

The FINE STRUCTURE OF THE ATOM takes on meaning in the act of interaction of an atom with radiation. The fine structure of an atom splits into sublevels, the number of which is equal to the number of atoms participating in the interaction. This principle underlies the formation of systems from related elements.

- The problem of the identity of the absorption and emission spectra of atoms is being solved. The universal law of the cosmos eliminates the contradictions between the laws of the microcosm and the macrocosm, the law is the same for all worlds.

The law explains the duality of particles - to be a wave and a particle. Particles interact with electromagnetic waves and retain the properties of a wave in their memory, therefore they behave like a wave.

- The universal law gives the world a single unit of measurement of time, size and weight - vibration frequency.

- Therefore, all distances in the Universe are measured by rhythms - LIGHT BOMBR - light-magnetobiological rhythms.

In biology

- Life is an eternal rhythmic process, it has an electromagnetic origin.

- The problem of two sexes is being solved, the problem of generational change, longevity and the meaning of life.

- The age-old problem of the origin of living from non-living is being solved - everything living, the development of life is strictly according to the program of the genome, so there is no inanimate matter. Death is not the opposite of Life. Life as a process of reproduction of genetic memory is a rhythmic oscillatory process, and death is only an intermediate stage when it is necessary to change generations in the current period of oscillations.

- The problem of weak interaction (the problem of CT) is being solved, since the form of matter is a MEASURE of information content in wave fields.The universal plan of the structure of all forms of matter makes it possible to amplify weak signals of electromagnetic waves thousands of times.

In the field of sociology

- The issue of sustainable development is being addressed: planned economy, network planning and management, purposeful development according to the program, ideological and moral socialism.

- The universal law of life shows the technology of forming natural systems from homogeneous elements - previously free elements, when combined into a system, socialize half of their sensitive shell, forming a single energy-informational NETWORK of the system.

The frequency of the system is always less than the frequency of the individual elements. Integration into the system contributes to the consistent reading of the electromagnetic Book of Life.

- In the living process there is no democracy and tolerance, no borrowing of a foreign culture and foreign language in place of your national culture.

- Universal free obligatoryeducation, training planning, free medicine.

- You have to live with your mind, your territory, your national culture and customs, establishing energy-informational connections with neighbors, forming a single information space of mankind.

- Know and apply in practice the conditions of the ZODIACAL YEAR.

In the field of philosophy, religion and culture

- The problem of the main property of matter - motion is being solved, Life is the eternal mover of matter. The problem of contradictions underlying dialectics is solved - all contradictions (such as day and night, winter and summer, life and death, etc.) are the rhythms of the oscillatory process.

There is no dialectical materialism in the nature of life. Everything visible and felt by a person in his organized thinking was created in advance by the rotation of the thoughts of the creative forces (God) in the process of their incarnation, as spiritual entities, into objects of the material world.

A person realizes the world in dynamic development according to the program of the Absolute - the God of the Universe. Idealism, metaphysics and science study the same world. The spiritual world is inextricably linked with the world of material forms, they cannot live without each other.

- The problem of the appointment of a person and his goal of development are being solved.

- Every 2160 years, there is a change of religious worldview, following the events of the zodiacal year. Hence, all the problems of moral development are solved by comprehending the knowledge of the influence of stars on the fate of people. All stars are genetic memory centers for their planetary bodies. All bodies in space are generated, grow and develop to perfection.

- Harmonious spiritual development keeps pace with the fulfillment by man of his functional duties in the evolution of the Earth.

- The universal law of life gives confidence in the existence of God, gives an understanding that the Absolute mind, the divine forces of nature govern the evolution of life, including people.

In the field of astronomy

- The problem of the emergence of the world by the rhythm of reproduction of the genetic memory of the nucleus of the center of the Universe is being solved;

- The problem of the appearance of stars and the cellular structure of the cosmos, the problem of the appearance of stars and galaxies, the problem of the appearance of cosmic dust, the problem of the appearance of hydrogen in space are being solved; stars arise from planetary bodies.

- Solves the problem of the emergence and existence of the all-embracing and ubiquitous microwave radio emission;

- The problem of the mechanism of solar-Earth connections, the mechanism of rotation of the Earth and the regulation of the speed of rotation by the Moon is being solved.

- The problem of the source of energy of the Sun's luminosity is being solved - the controlled radioactive decay of the substance of a planetary body with its transformation into a giant planet (such as Jupiter, Saturn, which were already stars). The appointment of the thin planetary disk of the planets for the Sun. The role of comets and asteroids in ensuring the accuracy and coherence of the operation of the electromagnetic mechanism of the solar system becomes clear.

- The problem of space flights using space bodies such as the Moon is being solved.

2.5. Axioms of a living process in space

Axioms of biology. Biologist Mednikov Boris Mikhailovich in the book "Axioms of biology”Proposed to formulate the definition of life in the following phrase: life is an active maintenance and reproduction of a specific structure, going with the expenditure of energy. The brevity of the presentation requires an extensive explanation of the volume of a book, which he did, highlighting the basic axioms of theoretical biology:

1. - All living organisms are united by the unity of the phenotype2and programs for its construction (genotype), inherited from generation to generation (axiom of A. Weisman).

2. - The genetic program is formed in a matrix way. The gene of the previous generation is used as a matrix on which the gene of the future generation is built (NK Koltsov's axiom).

3. - In the process of transmission from generation to generation, genetic programs as a result of various reasons change randomly and not directed, and only by chance such changes can be successful in a given environment (1st axiom of Charles Darwin).

4. - Accidental changes in genetic programs during the formation of the phenotype are multiplied (axiom of N. V. Timofeev-Resovsky).

5. - Multiple intensified changes in genetic programs are subject to selection by environmental conditions (2nd axiom of Charles Darwin).

Covariant reduplication (self-reproduction with changes), carried out on the basis of the matrix principle (the sum of the first three axioms), is, apparently, the only property specific to life (in the form of its existence on Earth known to us). It is based on the unique ability to live in changing conditions.

Modern intellectual capabilities make it possible to reasonably assess the crisis situation in the evolution of mankind that has developed in science, using the basic law of cosmic development - the law of the preservation and development of life. The answer to the electromagnetic origin of Life in the solar system are the following axioms:

  1. Substance and radiation have the same nature of origin - electromagnetic.
  2. All forms of matter live in the electromagnetic environment of the Universe.
  3. All forms of matter have a universal DIPOLE structure - they have a memory structure with inductive properties, and a sensitive system with electrical properties.
  4. All forms of matter from the atom to cosmic bodies and even systems are built as quarter-wave vibrators / antennas. The fourth part of the Female and Male genome enters fertilization.
  5. All forms of matter and the entire Universe are electrical oscillatory systems.
  6. Processes in an electric oscillatory system, consisting of a memory structure with inductance properties and a sensitive shell with the properties of an electric energy storage device, are electromagnetic in nature. Therefore, Life itself, as a process of these oscillations in time and space, has an electromagnetic origin.
  7. All forms of matter, having a universal typical structure of a dipole, are living self-oscillating electromagnetic systems, and this process is a natural sustainable path of development, and nothing can stop it.
  8. All living organisms are united by the unity of the phenotype and the program for its construction (genotype), which is inherited from generation to generation (A. Weisman's axiom).
  9. The genetic program is formed in a matrix way. The gene of the previous generation is used as a matrix on which the gene of the future generation is built (NK Koltsov's axiom).
  10. The neutron is the simplest element of genetic memory, it generates a matrix system of creation of all atoms based on seven types of hydrogen atoms in two directions of rotation.
  11. We all live in a single electromagnetic field of the Sun, and therefore it is the basis of a living process in the specially protected territory of the Solar System - on the planet Earth. This means that the basis of life for all forms of matter is electromagnetism - energy-informational fields. Each form of substance develops to the limit limited by perfection. All types of bio-beings are children of the Sun.
  12. To make people happy, they must be taught the real laws of nature, knowledge is not only strength, but the happiness and fate of all mankind and the entire Universe.
  13. Since the oscillatory process is characteristic of the entire Universe, the Solar system and the Earth, then all of them are Living systems, and Life itself has an electromagnetic origin.
  14. The main purpose of Life is to preserve genetic memory through the act of rhythmic reproduction in order to prevent an uncontrollable big radioactive explosion. Life is a controlled fiery process.

§3. Stability and manageability

Since the social system of people is formed by living people, then the society is a living system, and obeys the law of natural development in space. Therefore, knowing the laws of human development as an individual biological object, it is possible and necessary to know the laws of the development of society. This is what determines the path of development of Russia at the present time.

It's just that there are no stable systems in the nature of life.… Poise, stability and controllability functionally combined in every living system, because all together they solve one problem - feasibility of development in one direction or another according to genetic memory. The solution to these requirements is the main task - planned public administration.

The modern slogan - "Sustainable development of rural areas in Russia in the context of the WTO" - is fundamentally wrong, because it was formulated without understanding the very essence of sustainability as a purposeful process. Russia is not a single country, we live surrounded by other states, and the mode of life of an INDIVIDUAL state depends on the forces that arise from interaction with neighbors, but to a greater extent from interaction with Nature, with the habitat, with the energy of the habitat.

In the conditions of an established life (and these moments are very short-lived), all forces are balanced. Therefore, with the emergence of new forces (new information support), a flexible response system, a CENTRALIZED system of planned public administration is required.

And if the state system is simply stable, then this complicates, or even completely excludes the control system, the sensitive system of response of the entire society. It is even worse when the state system in a democracy simply observes events in society, not reacting in any way to negative and positive manifestations in it, collecting only taxes for its maintenance.

The use of the term sustainable development without a link to management introduces confusion in the views on the development path, and sustainability should be changed to an expedient development path. Or, using the word stability, it is imperative to mention the need to balance (center) the system and its controllability. Then it will become clear what, to whom, when and how to do it.

Stability - characterizes the ability of the state machine, without interference, to automatically maintain a previously set regime, a clearly defined ideological path of life for the entire society. This is the path of scientific spiritual and moral socialism.

Manageability - characterizes the ability of all state systems to properly respond to the actions of the government, religion and science, to the actions of the external environment and the actions of neighboring states. Thus, a short-term balance of all systems of the state machine and the state itself as an integral system is achieved.

Feedback from events in the social system and its state serves as a means of automatic adjustment of movement control to the intended positive goal - spiritual and moral socialism.

All this suggests that stability cannot be considered as a process without taking into account controllability and balance. In reality, by joining the WTO, the Russian government transferred all the functions of its management weak and the fragile industry and agroindustry of a third-party organization, and thus the government itself is forced to submit to external force without any adjustment.

Is it possible to manage the system of social development of mankind without knowing the main thing - the purpose of mankind for the planet, even the approximate goal of development, and what is required from mankind as a result of its evolution?

Insanely difficult for modern strategists, the idea of ​​sustainable development of mankind in reality comes down to a simple solution - it is necessary to determine the future towards which mankind naturally strives according to cosmic laws.

Write down the ideology of state building in the Constitution. Without specifying the goal of development, no.


A sign of the breathing of the state system is the rhythmic change of a highly organized system by a highly disorganized, chaotic, usually democratic system, replaced by a new organized system. Only the energy-informational management NETWORK of the state system evolves.

Democracy is a "fresh breath of air", it is an inhalation, when inhaling there is freedom, chaos, but there must be an exhalation behind it in order to restore what was destroyed, to create a new, more perfect energy-informational NETWORK of state management.

If there is an inhalation, exhalation should follow, this is the universal rhythm of life, both of an individual and of a state. The state is a living, purposefully evolving system capable of curbing the rhythmically emerging chaos of democracy. The experience of democracy as the most vicious state system should be known to all the strategies of Russia's future development.

The only way out for Russia in this situation is to define the development goal with its obligatory fixation in the Constitution of the Russian Federation: “The main goal of the development of Russia as an independent state is to consider the construction of scientific and spiritual socialism.».

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