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About a subordinate society, obsessive ideology and zombie media
About a subordinate society, obsessive ideology and zombie media

Video: About a subordinate society, obsessive ideology and zombie media

Video: About a subordinate society, obsessive ideology and zombie media
Video: Polyakov: the Spy who Betrayed the Soviet Union and Disappeared 2023, November

From century to century in human society there has been a struggle of ideologies - a struggle for human minds, a struggle between the individual and the public, a struggle between spiritual and material values. But all ideologies have one common intention - to lead the development of society, and with it the individual taken in a certain direction. Not everyone can figure out what goals the creators of ideologies set for themselves. What a certain ideology carries and what it will lead humanity to can be seen by studying history. BUT! Someone is constantly rewriting the history of our ancestors for something, distorting facts, giving significance to what is not essential, diminishing the significance of what is important, denigrating patriots and whitewashing traitors.

One gets the impression that they are trying to mislead us regarding the ideologies promoted by the mighty of this world today. After all, the opportunity to step on a rake arises precisely when the lessons of the past have not been learned. And how to extract if you do not know what actually happened there.

A modern person is not accustomed to learn from his life, and even more so from the life of society with its ambiguous history. So we run in a circle, stepping on a rake, not only at the level of a single person, but also at the level of all mankind.

But no matter how dreary and gloomy it may look, you shouldn't wave your hand and say “let it be,” is not worth it. When you start a conversation about historical events and try to draw a parallel with modern ones, many people answer the same way: “Who knows, how it was there! Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. Now you don't know what to believe in. This suggests that these people do not study history, do not have a formed opinion and do not want to understand anything.

It is necessary to study and understand, and if you do not understand what it is for, look at the children and at what is happening around. Do you want your children to live in such a society and lead such a way of life? Do not limit your existence only to personal interests, no matter how the modern way of life inspires you to the contrary.

All existing ideologies originate in the distant past, and we now have the opportunity to observe the fruits of the implementation of these vectors of development. Let's look at everything from a bird's eye view. What do we see? We see the rapidly collapsing biosphere of our planet from the actions of human civilization and the steady moral and moral degradation of the "Reasonable" Man. Does this mean that these ideologies are leading us to certain death?

And what ideology is now life-determining for a large part of humanity, to which we also belong? This is no longer a secret for anyone - the ideology of excessive consumption. This ideology is promoted by the ruling, bourgeois-oligarchic class and manifests itself in the form of a socio-economic formation called "Capitalism". Everyone degrades, without exception, both the rich and the poor.

The use of a developed intellect and creative abilities to please animal instincts leads humanity to self-destruction. Everything should be in moderation. Spiritual values must necessarily complement material ones. Satisfaction of spiritual needs is necessary for human evolution, satisfaction of instincts for his survival. Bending to one side or the other leads to imbalance and will not do anything good.

Yes, the fish rots from the head. The powerful of this world introduce into society values that are important to themselves - they program their values into our heads. They want all other people to spend their time, their lives, on the same as they spent theirs. They introduce into our consciousness through the media their own life ideals and their corresponding patterns of behavior. They are introducing ideologies, the basis of which is the advantage of the private and material over the social and spiritual. Thus, they convince us that the financial institutions created by them are the only correct and correct ones, and that human society cannot develop in any other way, and that it is not possible to develop - to exist! And while we play by their rules, they will lead the parade.

Let's take a look at what the media was created for and how they affect our lives.

What is the purpose of the media?

The media were created to carry out propaganda of the population, that is, to create a vector for the development of society in the interests of state and supranational systems of government. And if you think that in the modern world they have changed their original purpose, then you are deeply mistaken. Only in Russia, after the bourgeois counter-revolution of the early 90s and the collapse of the USSR, with the destruction of socialism and the advent of the capitalist system, there was one significant difference. This difference is that the media now, in our country, mainly work not in the interests of the state, but in the interests of the heads of transnational trade corporations. In simple words - IN THE INTERESTS OF WORLD TRADERS and their local representatives and henchmen - our oligarchs.

In the USSR, there was an official ideology at the state level - the vector of development of society and the state. In modern Russia, this vector determines world capital at all possible levels. Everyone has probably already heard about the so-called globalization or world economic expansion, organized by the richest people from the management behind the scenes.

Let's think and answer the question - what can the traders propagandize? Despite what is happening in our world today, I think the answer is unambiguous - an ideology of immense consumption that is beneficial to them.


Democracy covered all this obscurantism with the loud expression “freedom of speech”. No, we did not acquire freedom of speech after the collapse of the Soviet Union. We have not gained anything at all, we have only lost. One ideology is always replaced by another ideology, one censorship is necessarily replaced by another censorship. And it couldn't be otherwise!

What was mainly promoted in the USSR through the media: friendship of peoples, family values, unity, morality, patriotism, etc.

Let's take a look at why this was implemented.

Friendship of peoples is very important for our multinational country so that there is no war between peoples. Family values - in order to take the reproductive instinct within a reasonable framework, so that there are no quarrels, divorces, single-parent families, unhappy children, murders based on jealousy, etc. Unity - so that society develops as a whole, rapidly and successfully, where everyone's contribution is important. Morality is to curb the emotional essence of a person and his instincts. Patriotism is for the rallying of the people and the protection of the country.

What is mainly promoted in modern Russia: free relationships, vulgarity, stupidity, debauchery, the cult of money, selfishness, alcoholism, etc. Is it worth considering separately where this is leading our society? I think not worth it.

A large part of the population, especially young people, perceive such topics in the media as a manifestation of various types of freedom and self-expression.

Only they do not have an understanding that freedom can be exercised, both for good and for harm. That is, either for development, or for degradation, and not only yourself, but also those around you. Affected by absolute ideological illiteracy, lack of critical thinking and vague concepts of good and evil. They were born in this, for them this is the norm!

With the new ideology came new values: all interests are reduced to the realization of personal ambitions. A bright future is seen in personal enrichment and subsequent emigration to more promising cities and countries. The personal is placed above the public, interests are locked on their ego, on their private property, on their success, on their importance. The team spirit is promoted with the motto - Realize your potential and achieve personal success. There is practically no synergistic effect in the teams. There have been squabbles, intrigues, "hooking" in collectives at all times, but they have never been so supported by massive, aggressive propaganda through films, serials and talk shows.

I have a few questions. Which one of us and our children do they want to make? What do they want to turn our society into? I'll say a little more roughly. Which of us are being molded?

The state should not hand over the means of propaganda into the hands of the owners of trading corporations, oligarchs and the like! We are now witnessing a sad example of modern Russia. Thanks to the USSR, we have something to compare with.

State ideology, based on the highest human qualities, MUST BE, otherwise its niche is occupied by ideologies created for the benefit of a narrow group of people. Our constitution, written under the direction of American consultants in the 90s, prohibits state ideology and opens the way for supranational ideology.

Experience gain

Everyone should know WHAT:


(The process of gaining experience is the process of studying the laws of this world, based on drawing lessons from the events and phenomena that occur.)

But what kind of experience? Experience what kind of people?

Today, the media are the most popular sources of transfer of experience among people. A person is constantly learning, ALL his LIFE he studies the laws of this world and adopts someone else's experience. Adopting someone else's experience occurs, both consciously - drawing lessons from life, and unconsciously - adopting patterns of behavior for the subsequent learning of lessons.

Take a close look at what kind of experience, EXPERIENCE, WHAT PEOPLE these mass information broadcasters convey to us. Think about what you get from them.

Even the most harmless, at first glance, entertainment programs carry a certain experience of some people. Well, here is some former KVN student looking at you from the screen and telling some stupid, vulgar, invented story or story from his life, with ridicule of some people. What experience does this graduate of the club of the cheerful and less and less resourceful pass on to you and your children?

First, it brings you the experience of ridicule, and, accordingly, a pattern of behavior in the form of humiliation of other people. And humiliation of other people is a way of raising oneself, that is, self-affirmation at the expense of someone. Pride, arrogance, schadenfreude, malice, envy - do you want your children to adopt these qualities from popular, super successful "personalities"?

Secondly, the narrated situations, far from any moral and ethical norms, lead the viewer to the idea that such situations are the norm for life in modern society. If such “creativity” does not have a serious impact on an adult, spiritually developed person with a strengthened psyche and a developed mind, then it has a rather strong effect on adolescents.

Thirdly, even public ridicule of oneself carries a message to people - “Well, it's okay that something like this happened in your life, I was even worse drunk, and I publicly laugh at it. I'm a daredevil! And why do you suffer from remorse, you can just laugh at this. It's just *** oh! And it's not scary if this happens again, have fun with the guys, and let go of the aching voice of conscience inside, saying that you are living and behaving somehow wrongly."

Thus, MODERN PROPAGANDA SIMPLY DOES NOT GIVE PEOPLE TO GET OUT OF ILLUSIONS RELATED TO THEMSELVES, DOES NOT ALLOW DEVELOPMENT. This propaganda is aimed at imposing patterns of behavior on people of "morally premature" personalities, and not at transmitting information useful for development.

All stupidity, stupidity and immorality, covered with a sauce called "Humor", tends to turn into a norm of behavior for a person. And if all this is broadcast to millions of audiences, then this can lead to quite disastrous results.

Without possessing certain knowledge and without using critical thinking, a person is able to take into his life baggage an experience that is inferior in terms of its level to that already accumulated earlier. This is called degradation.

Having descended to a lower level, or not wishing to rise to a higher one, people are ready to believe in anything, just to justify themselves, their vices and shortcomings, their ignorance. Therefore, most modern people tend to live in the illusions of self-deception, which are formed under the pressure of the generally accepted opinion, actively imposed through the modern media, within the framework of liberal censorship.

Sometimes a person begins to understand that something is wrong when he hears the truth or begins to realize the reality, and often he refuses to believe it, since he is comfortable and accustomed to living with these illusions. Otherwise, he will have to build his life path in a new way, in completely different realities.

More than once I observed the reactions of people when they were told the truth. Some screamed - "I don't want to hear anything." And some just looked with mistrustful, cloudy eyes, and it became clear that a person was so far from what was actually happening around that it was simply not realistic to reach him at the moment. And some consciously do not want to admit to themselves their shortcomings and vices, so it is useless to say something, aggression whips over the edge.

"The more illusions a person is in, the more aggressively he relates to the truth."

It's strange, but when a person finds out the truth, he gets upset, angry, nervous. Why does he react this way? He found out the truth! Yes, because he does not know how to live on, because he built his worldview and attitude towards people on inaccurate information. And now he will have to change a lot in life, and this is a painful process of leaving his own comfort zone.

Once our president was asked why the state does not interfere with the outrage that is happening on television. To which he replied that there is indeed a disgrace on television, but this disgrace must be eliminated by the television men themselves.

They don't owe anyone anything! Almost all media outlets are controlled by private individuals who owe nothing but themselves.


State censorship, of course, is present, but it is not aimed at the interests of the people. Someone will object: "We have no censorship, we have freedom of speech, this is the law!" Objection. We have censorship! Liberal censorship does not imply restrictions and prohibitions.

Liberal censorship is an investment by oligarchs of capital only in those (politicians, directors, actors, screenwriters, producers, singers, etc.) who meet the given parameters.

Modern actors, pop stars, pop kings, divas, princesses and princes of show business consider themselves insanely talented and successful individuals. By modern, imposed standards of success, perhaps they are. Only the creative and moral level is not at all high, but it is determined by the love of the people.

Love is the highest, conscious, human feeling. Creativity and images of modern singers, jesters and actors evoke only a set of emotions based on animal instincts, akin to outbursts of short-term sexual attraction. People from the Soviet era still enjoy some respect. Modern pacifiers quickly light up and also quickly go out, leaving no hint of the pain of loss in the soul.

Internal and external processes

If a modern person can still understand at least a little bit of what is happening around him, sometimes he cannot figure out the internal processes without outside help. Various religions, spiritual teachings and teachers play on this.

All spiritual teachings are aimed at the INDIVIDUAL development of a person. For a reason, the dominant religions in our civilization were chosen by the rulers as an ideological underpinning to capitalism. Many will object: "But spiritual teachings teach morality and ethics, promote family values!" Yes, and they are a big plus for that! Although in Europe there have already appeared spiritual teachers with a non-traditional sexual orientation. But besides all this, they teach: not to condemn others for bad deeds, turn the other cheek, not to meddle in the affairs of the state, because there, on the throne, is the anointed of God. And we are slaves of a cruel, punishing, sending to hell, personified God, sinners from birth, for which we must suffer, repent and work in the sweat of our brow for the good of the God-appointed rulers all our lives.

"A people who fear God becomes a slave to his self-appointed governors."

It is not easy to understand all this, and this complexity, unfortunately, is for many a reason for refusing to study. It takes a lot of time and effort to study, but it is worth it to gain freedom from the illusions imposed on us.

A woman recently wrote to me. She did not agree with my opinion, where I condemned some people for their behavior and way of life. She argued that these people should not be condemned, and that they live as they can, and there is nothing to meddle in their personal life.

I gave an elementary example from life and asked her a question to which she did not have an answer. Here's this example:

“Imagine that an alcoholic-addict lives in your entrance. This addict set up a brothel in his apartment. Every day his companions come to him due to illness, shit in the entrance, swear, smoke, fight and keep the entire entrance in fear. And everyone is so scared that it is not possible to let the children leave the house alone. Will you continue to adhere to the position that you cannot condemn other people, get involved in their personal life, and let them live as they can?"

Also, spiritual teachers convince people that the causes of all their troubles and problems are in themselves. This is a fundamentally wrong statement. We are all interdependent, we all influence each other - it is impossible to disagree with this statement, since we live in society in direct interaction, and this indisputable fact contradicts the statements of spiritual gurus. From the point of view of spiritual teachings, we attract into our lives those situations from which we must learn lessons, apparently, that is why there is a widespread opinion about the inner source of all troubles and problems. But, if it's elementary to reflect on the topic: why in my region there is a depressing socio-economic situation or a rapidly degrading education, or a disgusting state of affairs in the media, this all affects us and our children, and the reasons for this do not come from within you, but from above, from other people.

Yes, focusing on self-knowledge, at our level we can change something, change our attitude to certain kinds of situations, perceiving problems as short-term difficulties, change relationships with other people, etc. But this is all that concerns the situation around you personally and your immediate environment, and your perception of the world, and this is just wonderful, and life will become more joyful and easier. BUT! This is YOUR level of well-being personally, and spiritual teachings and teachers reduce their dogmas to the promotion of personal, local well-being, urging them to look for reasons in themselves. Thus, they narrow the range of human research into the causes of the processes occurring around us from the level of "WE" to the level of "I", from the level of "public" to the level of "personal". This leads to the separation of people and non-involvement in something greater.

“Do not go where you should not, solve your personal problems, engage in self-knowledge, live in your own little world, share your personal experience, and knowledgeable people will figure out global issues,” spiritual teachers tell us. People who are not able to think broadly, who do not know and do not understand the reasons for the origin of global processes in this world, who are not capable of serious unification and consolidation for the good of all are a product of spiritual teachings.

Many people, studying various spiritual literature, where everything is written very neatly and correctly, do not think about the possibility of applying spiritual dogmas in real life. Some concepts sit in my head, reasoning seems to be correct and righteous, but in many life situations they simply cannot be applied.

You should always think with your own head and listen to the voice of your conscience.

Absent censorship and ideology

Not so long ago, a wave of lawsuits swept across our country. People are condemned for extremist activities and insulting the feelings of believers. But in fact: people repost pictures with immoral content or simply put "likes" under them on social networks. And some of these people are now included in the federal list of extremists, their bank accounts are blocked, someone was given a time limit, someone was ordered to undergo compulsory psychiatric treatment.

I do not in the least justify the actions of these people, the fact that they “liked” on social networks is really disgusting, but is it worth it for them to ruin their lives for these “incredibly creepy” actions.

And further.

"Insulting the feelings of believers" - I alone do not understand how you can offend feelings? In my opinion, you can only offend a person's personality. There are no unbelievers! Everyone believes in something. All our knowledge, except for personal experience, is based on BELIEVE in them. Someone BELIEVES that God exists, someone BELIEVES that there is no God. People just believe in different information.


Someone will furiously exclaim: "But what about the facts and scientific evidence ?!"

Are you sure you have not been deceived? There is no evidence, there is only belief in the information someone is offering. Until you personally tested something, you just BELIEVE in it! A fact becomes a fact when you personally convince yourself from your experience of the reliability of the information, otherwise you just BELIEVE. It is necessary for people to comprehend, and not to rely on previous ideas about the world and the circulation of information in it, otherwise there will be no understanding of the essence of the formation of a person's worldview.

If a person does not want to BELIEVE you, even if you provide him with two hundred "facts" and "proofs", he still will not believe you. All you can do is sow a seed of doubt about the righteousness of a convinced person. In the world, several percent are convinced of one version of the causes of the events taking place, and several percent of the opposite. The remaining 80% are in doubt and undecided, so there is a struggle for them.

Do you understand what is happening in our state?

Those who believe in CERTAIN information, OTHER, NOT SELECTED by the state as an alternative to ideology, such as religion, are condemned today. And they are condemned for ridiculing this "alternative to ideology." But, according to the constitution, ideology is FORBIDDEN in our country. And we have no censorship, and liberal freedom of speech is flourishing. How so?

Many people think that with the collapse of the USSR, censorship, ideology and propaganda have disappeared from us. When will the people wake up and begin to understand what is happening around?

Ideologies are always present in our life, regardless of whether we understand it or not. They have an impact on all spheres of human life and society. And the one who says: "Yes, nothing affects me, my worldview has long been formed," is in a state of profound ignorance about the processes that take place both around and inside him.

How to distinguish historical truth from lies ?

Firstly. It is necessary to study various sources, read books of eyewitnesses of those events.

Secondly. It is necessary to understand that now there is an organized process of de-Sovietization, denigration of the victories and achievements of the Soviet people and their leaders. Everything that is intensely criticized through films and programs is false propaganda justifying the actively degrading modern socio-economic structure of society called "Capitalism".

Thirdly. When comprehending information, it is necessary to focus not only on logic, but also on an inner sense of justice.

Fourth. All historical lies have one distinguishing feature - they are individual! This means the information given out by some writers is based on their own inventions. A lie always has an individual character and brings some kind of benefit to the person broadcasting it and to a narrow group of persons of his followers. If you see how any writer-historian who criticizes our country, people and rulers who has a certain income from these “partners” has “grown” in the eyes of our foreign “partners”, you should know that he is a liar. The historical truth is broadcast for the benefit of our entire society, and not one person, therefore it is not widely advertised in all kinds of liberal media and is hardly noticeable.

Fifth. Look at the result. If some historical person is mercilessly criticized, but this criticism does not in any way correspond to the results of his activities, think about whether it is true.

No matter how individual a person is, he will always follow any ideology promoted from above. No matter how we are told about the reality of freedom of speech, no matter how they say that we have no ideology, no matter how convinced that we are free and individual, we will still live in accordance with the vector of development chosen for us. Someone to a greater extent, someone to a lesser extent, but all, without exception, to the extent of their understanding. And the measure of this understanding, in modern conditions, arises only as a result of self-education