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"Hello!" - proverbs and wishes for health in Slavic culture
"Hello!" - proverbs and wishes for health in Slavic culture

Money is copper, clothing is decay, and health is the most precious thing.

An old Russian proverb

Hello man

"Hello!" So it is customary to greet each other with us, Russians, or rather, with Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians and other peoples of a single Slavic root.

"Hello!" - we say to each other every day, smiling, radiating joy from the meeting. And it turns out that with this word "hello" we convey to each other a piece of our own well-being - health, joy, happiness. We kind of recharge each other at a distance with the psychic energy of life - the Spirit of life.

But what is no less important, when we say goodbye, we say: "Be healthy!"

Apparently, it is not in vain that we have been saying for thousands of years every day: "Hello!" "Great!" or "Be healthy!"

Today we say these words without thinking, often out of habit. But once our ancestors greeted, fully aware of the advisability of such a greeting. Let us recall what the greatest connoisseur of Russian folklore and folk customs A. Afanasyev wrote about this:

Such a fantastic role and effectiveness of the human word is completely real, and this is explained, as the famous Russian physiologist, academician Ivan Petrovich Pavlov testified, by the fact that

This is the most important scientific evidence of the enduring biological and social value of the word in human life, why the word "hello" has been preserved in the everyday life of our people for many millennia.

If these words meant little for us, for the life of our people, they would have ceased to exist long ago. They would have been forgotten long ago. The fact that these words and concepts exist now and occupy a special place in the hierarchy of life values ​​speaks for itself.

"Hello, man!" - I say and think. How can this be understood? What to invest in such a seemingly simple, eternally existing expression left to us by our distant pagan ancestors - the concept of the highest humanistic essence!

So, the imperative form of the verb "hello" indicates a command, an order to do what is the essence of this word - commands to be well.

This is what command our "dark ancestors" gave to us, descendants, for many millennia! Boggles the mind! They somehow and somehow programmed (to a certain extent) our health in words (not to mention that they have invested in our genetic program, in our heredity, certain qualities necessary in terms of health - survival). They ordered us to hello! People! Think about it!

The ancestors' covenant to “hello”, encoded in the word “hello” and carried through the centuries, can be understood unequivocally - to be healthy physically and mentally always, to live a full-blooded life of a normal, that is, a free person in his thoughts and deeds, strong, courageous, happy! This is what, as a first approximation, can be understood by the magic word "Hello!"

Be eternal in your human form, in the best human manifestations. Hello - live and enjoy everything that life, nature gives you. Enjoy the sunbeam after darkness, the coolness of the desired raindrops after the hot sun, the blue of the clear sky and the greenery of herbs and trees, the rustle of leaves and the freshness of the breeze, the boundless expanse of the steppe and the charm of bizarre mountains.

Enjoy the aromas of the earth, flowers! Breathe the life-giving air! Drink the life-giving moisture of the earth! And live, live, live! As the apple of your eye, take care of what you can assimilate, take advantage of all these natural benefits - take care of health as the basis for the realization of all these benefits of life. Maintain and develop everything that strengthens him - from the required food and drink to daily work and rest, do not allow violations that would harm health.

And these violations are known - do not drink vodka, do not smoke tobacco, do not use drugs, do not allow all those excesses that ruin your health, do not allow you to fulfill the behest of your ancestors - to be healthy.

This formula of life provides for all the brightest and most precious, all that bestows brings health and life, but not sickness and death!

Hello man! This means - be human at its best. Be honest and conscientious, just and compassionate, take care of these qualities in yourself and in your neighbors like the apple of your eye. This is what "hello" is in my understanding.

Our people knew very well that health is the joy of life. Health is well-being and happiness. Health is the joy of communicating with nature, family and friends. Health is the joy of being. Health is a triumph of reason, power and immortality of thought.

Finally, health is sometimes a fantastic, fairytale dream of a joyful life, a fairytale image of immortality. Health is a fantastic survival force bestowed on humans by mother nature.

The word "hello" was used by our ancestors as programming code, a kind of conspiracy word. And this is the area of ​​psychological influence of people on each other. Alexander Nikolaevich Afanasyev, referring to the opinions of our ancient pagan ancestors, wrote:

Everything speaks about the genius of this approach of the pagan ancestors - the scientific foundations of modern psychology, testifying to the mighty power of the word when instilling the necessary conditions, the very existence in our time of a form of maintaining health through the suggestion of the word "hello".

The ancestors had a very clear idea that the word is the key of the triggering mechanism, the key to the programs of actions, behavior and reactions available in the body.

If one approaches from such positions, and this is the only possible or most justified materialistic approach, then it becomes quite obvious that behind the words “hello” and “bless you” there is a broad program of actions of a strictly defined orientation.

Let's try to reveal at least to some extent the essence of this system-program. Let's start with the fact that the Russian people (we are talking about the Russian word), like, incidentally, other peoples for whom health was the basis of work, and work, as a means of survival, was the basis of being, considered health to be the leading link, on which was based, built all his well-being.

For any people who earned their bread by labor, health was the main opportunity to get this bread - to work. Health is the normal state of the human body, which gives it the opportunity to survive, to get food, to ensure the vital functions of the body, its connection with the external environment, that is, nature. Every nation understood this, but apparently not every nation, for various reasons, put it at the forefront. And the Russian people did just that - they put health in the first place, made a cult of health, created the spirit of health - a system of constant presence and even domination, dominating this concept in everyday life. And he did it through a psychological attitude, the final formula of which was our customary today and such an imperceptible, everyday “hello”.

It turns out that our ancestors were more integral, spiritually stronger, more stable in comparison with us?

It turns out this way, although it is difficult to understand it, and even more so to accept it with consciousness, reason! Somehow it does not fit in my head!

Moreover, the spiritual state of the ancestors is very important in terms of understanding their spiritual closeness to each other, their real closeness in society, their unity, merging with their entire mass, which does not fit well with the existing theory of their disunity, their almost bestial rejection of each other. the inability to live in harmony in society.

It seems that the phenomenon of universal spiritual, psychological induction of health deserves deep study at the present time, when not only this prevailing background does not exist, but the physiological essence behind the word "hello" has been lost, which is pronounced and thought of as something ordinary, worthless, that whether it has nothing to do with practical, real health, it seems like it can be replaced with anything, or even completely forgotten.

We greet now, saying: "Hello", "Salute!" Our ancestors understood the flawedness of this and did not allow such a dangerous and therefore unnecessary substitution of concepts! Such a substitution later led to the tragic degradation of the spirituality of the human person, and most importantly, to the loss of the keys to the systems of action inherent in our body.

This is a question of exclusively socio-ethical and physiological significance, on the successful solution of which much depends in modern society - the spirit, climate, fashion for health will prevail, or, as now, there will be a fashion for anti-health, a fashion for destruction, burning of life, destruction, squandering of health.

Why do Russians for millennia greet each other, wishing health? That they were primordial weaklings, weak people?

Nothing like this. The history of our Russian people, as well as the numerous testimonies of foreigners who had dealings with our close and distant ancestors, speak of the opposite. They were physically strong, enduring, wonderful article of their own and strong in spirit people.

According to the historian Goths Jordan (6th century), our ancestors "Rugi" were superior to the Germans - Goths "in body and spirit." And remember the epic names: Ilya Muromets, Dobrynya Nikitich, Alyosha Popovich - is this not the heroic essence of our ancestors, which has come down to us in such beautiful images!

Our ancestors knew - those who live every day will live forever. And they created for us, descendants, the foundation of being.

At the present time, being aware of the modern scientific data on the role of higher nervous activity in the administration of physiological processes in the body, and most importantly, relying on the leading role of the second signal system in the implementation of all installations of the nervous system, one can only admire the most ingenious insight of our distant pagan ancestors who implemented in practice a grandiose system of self-defense, the main line of which is programming and the creation of a mental and emotional basis for health.

Unfortunately, modern medicine has not even properly comprehended this fact to the end.

The self-hypnosis-self-defense system consisted of a number of links. The first - daily repeated psychological attitudes towards health with the help of the words "hello" - when dating and "be healthy" - when parting, "Long live!" - at a feast or other collective gatherings.

The second is proverbs and sayings. There are hundreds, thousands of them among our people. We will cite only the most apt, figurative ones:

  • Health is the head of everything, the most precious thing.
  • Health is better (more beautiful, more expensive) than wealth (heroism).
  • Health is more valuable than money. I'll be healthy and get some money.
  • There is no price to health. You can't buy health.
  • God would give health, we will find happiness.
  • Healthy everything is great.
  • The healthy lesson is not afraid. And the priest does not take a healthy one.
  • Healthy and unhealthy are healthy, and unhealthy and unhealthy.
  • Take care of your dress again, and your health from a young age.
  • Man is not a brute - spoil not for long.
  • You will be healthy - you will get everything.
  • You cannot buy health - the mind gives it.
  • Weak health - and not a hero in spirit.
  • Health cannot be bought for money.

Interesting proverbs about the health of other peoples of the world. Here it is, the common human wisdom of health as a system of survival.

  • A healthy doctor is not needed (ancient Indian wisdom).
  • Two things reveal their value after losing them - youth and health (Arabic).
  • Those who have not been ill do not value health (Abkhazian).
  • The wealth of a poor man is his health (Kazakh).
  • The first wealth is health, the second wealth is a white handkerchief (that is, a wife) (Kyrgyz).
  • Only the healthy (Ossetian) is worthy of envy.
  • A healthy head does not ask for a pillow. A healthy bull will not be harmed by rotten straw (Turkish).
  • If there were health, freedom would come; a healthy person's property is intact (Turkmen).
  • Taking care of your health is the best medicine (Japanese).

The salutary word "hello" sounded in various edifications found in fairy tales, epics, and songs.

If direct attitudes - commands - are mandatory for execution, immediate and quick action, then a song, a fairy tale are forms of a gradual, imaginative influence on the psyche, the latent formation of a stereotype of healthy behavior and human action.

But, perhaps, the most important form of the word was saving prayers, conspiracies, spells, oaths. They played a very important role in the life of our ancestors. Here, for example, how poetic and figurative one of the ancient conspiracies sounds:

“I will go into an open field - under the red sun, under the light of the month, under frequent stars, under flying clouds; I will stand in an open field on a level place, I will clothe myself with clouds, I will cover myself with heaven, I will put the red sun on my head, I will gird myself with bright dawns, I will gird myself with frequent stars, which are sharp arrows from any evil ailment”2

Health is the basis of human freedom and happiness.

Health is a connecting thread of being that determines the reality of the future, it is a real embodiment of a person's dream of a better, happy future. Health is fate, happiness, life!

The thought never leaves me, am I not idealizing my ancestors, painting such pleasant pictures of their almost visionary behavior, predictions, practically unmistakable, proper way of life, actions related to health, survival?

It turns out that, living according to the principle of a constant desire for health for themselves and their neighbors - the very thing that a dear person who determines everything else - living according to this principle, they possessed all the other best human qualities? Yes! Our ancestors, pagan Slavs, were truthful, kind and just, conscientious and merciful and carried these qualities to others. Rather, they built their relations with other tribes on the basis of these qualities. They were active and adventurous, intelligent and forward-looking. They possessed extraordinary strength, courage and a number of other common human qualities that make up the best that all of humanity is alive.

Yes, this is how I imagine my most ancient and ancient ancestors - Slavs and Russians! And I don't see any scientific evidence to the contrary. Then why did not all of their living descendants remain so? Or am I mistaken in denying some of my fellow citizens some of the positive qualities inherent in their ancestors?

I think - I'm not mistaken! Much valuable, universal, vital was lost in the future by later generations and by ourselves under the influence of a variety of reasons.

The history of our nation and state sheds light on some of these reasons. Foreign and domestic violence, often savage, against the Russian people was not in vain … All this, deliberately brought into the life of our ancestors by their enemies, gave in the course of time its fruits undesirable for our people, destructive for its moral and ethical principles. All this destroyed the best that had been accumulated in this regard by previous generations. And much of that, the worst in people, that sometimes prevents us from living like a human being, stems from there.

The above forms and methods of searching and programming health as the basis of a system of survival, its preservation and augmentation are fully confirmed by modern scientific data, and are explained by them. The entire system of survival, endured by the Russian people for millennia, is encoded in the form of rituals, customs, traditions and in this form was passed on to descendants who strictly observed them and constantly improved, brought their experience into invaluable folk wisdom - the culture of survival.

Assimilating the previous experience with each new generation, our ancestors, enriching it with their experience, preserved and passed it on to us. Although it was not so easy to do it. Constantly, especially during the last thousand years of the life of our people, there were forces that sought to distort and destroy this experience, which, unfortunately, they succeeded.

Why? There are many reasons for this. They need to be clarified, deciphered, since this was done and is being done mainly under the guise of innocent and necessarily "progressive", under the guise of fighting the old, obsolete - new, progressive, advanced!Whereas from a dialectical, evolutionary point of view, these positions - the system of survival of a person, people and humanity - are so new that they have survived to the present time, having preserved in themselves all the best, necessary, and irreplaceable.

How this happened can be seen in the example we have analyzed of the word "hello", when, having emasculated, replacing the true, biological essence, the concept is passed off as something obsolete, unnecessary, interfering with the new. In the same way, the ancient heritage - culture as a system of survival of the Russian people, encoded in the word - is skillfully replaced by the meaningless concept of "folklore".

In this way, a heritage that is eternal in its vital importance for the people is presented, which determines its ability to survive, just as "oral folk art", which discredits the true essence of the phenomenon, emasculates and annihilates (through oblivion and substitution) the very system of people's survival, encoded, I repeat, in words, in the language of the people.

A tremendous damage to the system of survival of the Russian people was inflicted by the methodically systematic destruction of the customs and traditions of the people by means of denigrating and denigrating them, presenting them as old religious relics. This process continues now, when the true culture of the people is being replaced by a unified mass culture that penetrates us from everywhere, which has already formed a powerful stream pouring from the stage, from cinema and television screens.

Reliable protection, a kind of spiritual immunity from the penetration of an alien spirit, alien ideas, our ancestors had the most reliable and faithful weapon - their own distinctive culture, their own vision and understanding of the world and a reflection of it corresponding to universal human national characteristics.

This entire system of protection from corrupting influence has long been formed into the concept of patriotism. Currently, the interpretation of this concept is extremely diverse; in the foreground is its national-political sound. But in this book I look at its original - biosocial roots, I look at patriotism as a system of self-defense of the people, defending their own cultural values ​​that constitute the foundation of their existence - their face and spirit. And in this regard, I would like to quote the words of the famous Russian writer Valentin Grigorievich Rasputin, who sincerely and accurately said about patriotism in the newspaper Pravda:

It is impossible to leave the paternal society. You may not fulfill your duty, but in this case, someone else will have to take this share. Failure to fulfill this duty is civil desertion. When it becomes massive, first weakening occurs, then decay, then the decomposition of the state organism, and in the end a completely different product is obtained from it."

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