What do the letters mean? 1. Methodology. Sense enumeration
What do the letters mean? 1. Methodology. Sense enumeration

The above method of finding the meaning of letters through functions and the essence of an object came to my mind much later, when almost all meanings became clear. At the very beginning, I used a simpler and more understandable way. I just went through the options that came to mind, starting from a few basic positions:

  1. Globality, volume and concreteness of the definition.
  2. The word that defines the meaning of the letter must begin with this very letter.
  3. The meaning should not be far-fetched, it should describe the subject as accurately as possible.
  4. The meaning of the letter should be tied to its style, modern or ancient. In the early stages, this difference was not very important. But only at an early stage.
  5. Using words starting with the letter under study. Since the letter is at the very beginning, it is fair to assume that a lot depends on it in the word.

Despite the simplicity of the method, thanks to perseverance and perseverance, it was in this way that I obtained almost all the values.

In order to find the meaning of a letter, it is not necessary to decipher the entire word completely. After all, if the word contains the required letter, it means that it is there for a reason, it supplements the meaning of the word with its own meaning, which is obligatory for this word. There will not be, for example, the letter "L" in the word "table", it will not just lose some of its properties, it will not only be unable to contain objects, it will cease to be a table. And the word will mean another thing. Then, it turns out that you can approach the problem differently: decipher one letter, but take not one word, but several as an abbreviation, and compare what these words have in common. Let's start.

Which letter is always important in a word? Right, the first one. For an example, let's go deeper into the alphabet and take a simple letter "W".

What words with the letter "W" do we know? Immediately come to mind: "Ball", "Shir", "Noise", "Chess", "Hat". Since they all have the letter "Ш", it means that they must have something in common. What can be in common between such so different words? Let's think, estimate, suppose, and the answer will come by itself. All of these words do not mean anything specific. All of them indicate a certain variety that they create or contain in themselves. "Shir" is diverse in its essence. "Noise" is exactly the same. In "chess" - an unimaginable number of different options. "Hat" is the general name for headwear. The most difficult of this group is "Shar". But the "Ball", for all its dissimilarity to the "breadth", has a bunch of possible various options for movement and movement in space: roll left, right, fly down, it can bounce off the floor, it may not bounce, it can stop, and it can roll forever. That's why he is a ball.

Go ahead. " Neck ". Like a ball, it spins and spins. "Prank", "Jester", even "Wardrobe". Everything fits the variety. Now, already in the heat of the process, an unimaginable number of words comes to mind, denoting various ways of movement and starting with the letter "SH": "walk, stroll, dart, wander, march, poke around, stagger, shy away." And how many variants of sound transmission: “rustle, rustle, make noise, rustle, peel, whisper, whisper”! All of them indicate a huge number of different images, and all this is only thanks to the letter "W".

But wait, what about the second point? Variety does not start with the letter "Ш", it is not even included in the composition. Right. In the chapter about the letter "Ш" I will tell you exactly how I got to this point, and why I went through the dictionaries at all, and why I immediately poked at the right word and got to the point. In the meantime, just look yourself in Dahl's dictionary, in the church dictionary, in the Church Slavonic dictionary, and in any dictionary before 1917, look and see the meaning of the word "Shar". Look-see, this is fun and very useful. The word "ball" means "paint", "fumble" - to paint with paints, "ball" - painted, painted. What does it mean to paint with paints? Make it colorful! Colorfulness is diversity in all its glory, it’s just not a better word to find!

Total: "W" - Ball, colorfulness, variety.

© Dmitry Lyutin. 2017

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