Hermaphrodite UN advises to ban the concept of Husband and Wife
Hermaphrodite UN advises to ban the concept of Husband and Wife

Building a "happy world society" continues without a break for coronavirus. As it turned out, numerous complaints about the blocking of Google services, primarily YouTube and Facebook, of posts and videos criticizing homosexuals, and most importantly, mentioning the words “groom” and “bride” (boyfriend and girlfriend), as well as “husband "And" wife ", became" toxic "for the UN and were recommended for elimination in the media. On the basis of the organization, even courses were organized to retrain journalists.

In the world, the economic crisis is gaining momentum, African countries are on the verge of starvation, pogroms have not abated in the United States for the second week, Trump is pulling military units to Washington, the conflict between Israel and Palestine has escalated again, after all, the pandemic has not yet officially ended, and a third of the world is in full quarantine. Meanwhile, the United Nations is making the most "fateful" decisions - to prohibit journalists from using "gender-incorrect words." Moreover, this was done one-on-one, as we adopted the law on the Single Register - without any discussions, meetings and other things, under the pretext of coronavirus and with the involvement of just one group of American feminists for development.

“The United Nations has decided it’s a 'perfect time' to remove the words 'husband' and 'wife' from our spoken language., think again, especially in the midst of a pandemic. This week, UN bureaucrats have found clever new ways to divide and alienate the global population at a time when social distancing rules have already turned people into strangers. For example, the team that runs the organization's social media tweeted: “Help create a more equitable world by using gender neutral language if you’re unsure of someone’s gender or referring to a group.” fit into the traditional husband-wife matrix. Thus, the UN seems to believe that the answer is to It is necessary to get rid of the words "husband" and "wife", and not just let everyone - heterosexuals, homosexuals and transsexuals - decide for themselves what they want to be called. The UN wants to treat all of us like naughty children, "said the famous American writer Robert Bridge on the pages of one of the few English-language publications where you can still write something like that - RT.

We are talking about this tweet, which appeared on the official page of the United Nations.

Hermaphrodite UN advises to ban the words Husband and Wife

Thus, the bride and groom are now required to be named as partners, and the husband and wife - exclusively as spouses. Even the policeman is now banned - now only a police officer. It would remain to understand who made such a decision? Was there a resolution or at least a discussion? No, it was not. As Robert Bridge aptly noted, the UN officials turned the whole thing around on their own and, moreover, opened a "gender-tolerant language school for diplomats and journalists."

“When mentioning or addressing specific individuals, use forms of address and pronouns that match their gender identity. If an employee introduces herself as "Ms", then this is the form of address that should be used for her, and feminine pronouns are appropriate.Alternatively, if the situation permits, you can ask the persons to whom you are addressing or writing, which pronoun and form of address should be used for them, "- already reported on the website of the UN itself.

Hermaphrodite UN advises to ban the words Husband and Wife

To clearly drive new information into the heads of Russian, Chinese, Indian and other diplomats, whose homes have not yet introduced totalitarian tolerance, they even opened courses in "gender correct language" with teachers and tutors. And then he will blurt out a compliment to the lady at the reception, and she will be offended.

Now, however, it is not clear how our President to communicate, if there the partners have tightly tied the word to the bedroom. It's just that "our foreign partners", although it sounds politically correct, means, sorry, "our foreign brides and grooms." But the construction of the satanic "society of universal happiness", which Katyusha wrote about last time, has now reached a new level.

“Since we are on the edge of a very slippery slope, let's not forget that every husband was once a son and every wife was a daughter, not to mention nephews and nieces. Likewise, some husbands will become grandfathers and wives will become grandmothers. If we remain silent now, then the UN next time will demand the elimination of these other gender terms in the future - and sooner rather than later. "Sons" and "daughters" would be colorlessly classified as "offspring," while "grandparents" would probably flop with "ancestors" or something equally demeaning and inhuman. This madness must end. The UN has no right to serve as a thought police in our speech in a brazen campaign to destroy our beautiful, time-honored vocabularies that deserve cultural protection, like any work of art,”continued Robert Bridge.

Unfortunately, now it has, at least while there is no one there to say: "Are you generally healthy there?" With what fright a bunch of American morons in the very medical sense of this term decides how to call their beloved in Russia, Zambezia, Sri Lanka or Ecuador? I would like to understand, gentlemen, officials, you are there in general, why were they gathered after the most terrible war? In order to prevent a new world Reich, and not for another dictatorship of homosexuals with feminists. Banning brides, grooms, wives and husbands - how is that? Maybe the UN next time will officially approve the pogroms with arson - purely for the sake of the next minorities or the oligarchs behind them. In general, Trump is right: this UN is broken, like the WHO - it's time to disperse and reassemble.

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