"Unexpected Zadornov" - the satirist's wife told about his betrayal
"Unexpected Zadornov" - the satirist's wife told about his betrayal

Video: "Unexpected Zadornov" - the satirist's wife told about his betrayal

Video: "Unexpected Zadornov" - the satirist's wife told about his betrayal
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On July 21, satirist Mikhail Zadornov would have turned 70 years old. For his anniversary, the NTV channel showed a new documentary film "Unexpected Zadornov", which contains unique stories and unknown facts from the artist's personal life.

The wife of Mikhail Zadornov told the story of their acquaintance, and also told how the comedian cheated on his first wife.

The second wife of the satirist Elena Bombina, daughter Elena and sister Lyudmila, as well as Maxim Galkin, Gennady Khazanov, Sergey Drobotenko, Irina Bezrukova, Alexey Kortnev, Vladimir Kachan and others took part in the filming.

According to NTV, in the film Zadornov will appear as only relatives and friends knew him. The film was based on television shooting, in which the satirist took part shortly before leaving, where he frankly talks about his life.

Meanwhile, Elena Bombina told StarHit how she first met her husband personally. As Elena recalled, a friend suggested that she go to a national concert of Soviet comedians, including Mikhail Zadornov. As it turned out, her friend was familiar with the satirist and offered to go Bombona backstage. There they met for the first time.

“I confessed to him that I collected his lyrical stories. He was flattered but didn't believe me. And the next day I had to show him a green briefcase, which contained these same stories. Then I saw: a desire to educate me appeared in his eyes,”Elena recalled.

After some time, they had an affair, Bombina became its administrator. For a long time they were lovers, since the satirist did not dare to divorce Velta. But the birth of a daughter decided everything by itself.

“We have traveled all over the world. New Year's holidays were always a big surprise for his daughter, because two days before the new year, he could come up with some unexpected trip. From the cradle he read Gumilyov and Pushkin to her, instilled in her a love of classical music, Elena shared.

Recall that Mikhail Zadornov died of brain cancer on November 10, 2017.