"Saints and Dashing Nineties". Photochronology. Part 3.1992
"Saints and Dashing Nineties". Photochronology. Part 3.1992

Only then anything could happen to you. A person could both fly up to the skies and fall to the very bottom. You could die in the prime of your life or become a superstar. There were absolutely no patterns according to which life was built.

1992.2 January. Price rise in Moscow

1992.3 January. The faces of worried older women queuing for eggs reflect their concern that food prices have more than doubled in one day

1992.7 January. Engels. Boris Yeltsin's visit to the Saratov region

1992.14 January. Saint Petersburg. Russian President Boris Yeltsin visits the store

1992.17 January. Saint Petersburg. People queue up for bread

1992.19 January. A rally of communists near the Lenin Museum

1992.27 January. Maria Zubatkina delves into a garbage dump near Moscow. She collects food for herself and her pets.

1992.30 January. Anna Veselova and her boyfriend are going to open an upscale clothing store. The spouses have already invested 900,000 rubles

1992.9 February. Trudovaya Rossiya protest against Yeltsin and price hikes

1992.19 February. Children eat sandwiches with Delmonte products. EEC food aid supplies have begun

1992.20 February. Sale of Irish, French and German beef in the central market at a price of 30 to 59 rubles.

1992.1 March. Typhoon class submarines in Murmansk

1992.2 March. Portrait of Alexander Karelin

1992.15 March. A pro-communist, anti-reform rally in Red Square led by a group called "Labor Russia"

1992.17 March. Youth counter-demonstration during a pro-communist demonstration

1992.11 April. Kazan. Protesters demand independence of Tatarstan from Russia. President of the All-Tatar Public Center Marat Mulyukov

1992.15 April. Serial killer Andrei Chikatilo behind bars in Rostov-on-Don

1992.19 April. Pro-Yeltsin demonstration

1992.29 April. Funeral of Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich Romanov, head of the Imperial House of Romanov. He was buried in the Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg. In the picture: Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna's daughter, Grand Duke, and her son, Grand Duke Georgy Mikhailovich

1992.30 April. Vendors sell Soviet military uniforms at a street market in Moscow

1992.7 May. Moscow. Soviet pilot, colonel, the first woman to be awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union Valentina Grizodubova

1992.8 May. Russian President Boris Yeltsin meets with war veterans in Gorky Park

1992.19 May. Free dining room for the poor

1992.22 May. Visit of the President of Poland Lech Walesa to Russia. Meeting with Russian President Boris Yeltsin

1992.28 May. Boris Yeltsin in Buryatia

1992.17 June. Start of the working day on the market

1992.17 June. US President George W. Bush and Russian President Boris Yeltsin pose together on a boat while cruising on the Severn, Maryland

1992.24 June. Anatoly Chubais, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation in his office

1992.24 June. Boris Yeltsin greets Eduard Shevardnadze during their meeting in Dagomys. The two leaders met for talks on the situation in Ossetia. Shevardnadze's arrival was delayed by several hours due to an attempted coup d'├ętat in Tbilisi earlier in the day.

1992.30 June. Guards Major General A. I. Lebed on a tank. On June 27, 1992, A.I. Lebed, by order of the General Staff of the Russian Federation, was appointed commander of the 14th Guards Combined Arms Army, stationed in Transnistria.

1992.1 September. Tatiana Borisovna Dyachenko at a picnic

1992.6 September. Elena Bonner and Pamela Cohen, President of the Union of Councils in Support of Soviet Jews, take part in a symposium on Russian-American cooperation in the field of human rights

1992.11 September.Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy, Mikhail Gorbachev and his wife Raisa at the Albert Schweitzer Awards

1992.12 November. Queue for bread

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