"Saints and Dashing Nineties". Part 2. 1992
"Saints and Dashing Nineties". Part 2. 1992

Only then anything could happen to you. A person could both fly up to the skies and fall to the very bottom. You could die in the prime of your life or become a superstar. There were absolutely no patterns according to which life was built.

1992.7 January. Hundreds of shoppers line up for butter and milk while a cat waits at an empty counter in a Moscow grocery store on Taganka. Food supply remains limited in the city, but markets are flourishing, albeit with much higher prices

1992. "Liberalization" of prices did not achieve the availability of goods in Moscow stores, January

1992.1 February. In the orphanage.

1992.9 February. Moscow OMON

1992.11 April. Supporters of Russian President Boris Yeltsin demonstrate in front of the Kremlin in Moscow. The sixth Russian Congress of People's Deputies is taking place in the Kremlin

1992.12 May. A group of doctors and nurses take part in a demonstration outside Red Square in Moscow demanding a tenfold increase in the salaries of medical workers. Health workers have threatened to go on strike on May 14 if the authorities do not comply with their requests, which also include increased government funding for hospitals and improved supplies of medical equipment.

1992.15 May. Russian President Boris Yeltsin speaks at a press conference after the close of the Commonwealth of Independent States summit. Yeltsin reacted to the fact that Gorbachev, speaking in the United States, called himself a "world-class" politician. Yeltsin said that Gorbachev promised that he would not return to politics, but now he travels around the world, "in the guise of a hero."

1992.31 July. US animal rights activists picket in front of Moscow's McDonald's, trying to prove to the Russians that meat is bad for them. They hold posters that read "McDonald's came here for your money - we want you to be rich" and "Tolstoy says: forget the meat, eat wheat." The picketing was organized by two US members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and was joined by a dozen Russians representing various environmental groups. Free vegetarian burgers were served out to Muscovites

1992. Two models in identical suits filming a music video, Moscow

1992. Teens in the Youngsters' Zone

1992. Psychology workers try to cope with the patient

1992.1 August. In a Moscow nightclub

1992.18 August. Waiting for the buyer. A year after the coup d'état, economic reforms in Russia led to a sharp drop in production and an increase in unemployment. Many personally accuse Russian President Boris Yeltsin of rampant inflation, rising prices, rising crime and social instability in the country.

1992.17 September. Participants shout their demands for lower prices for basic foodstuffs during a rally outside the Government House in Moscow

1992.7 November. About 10,000 people marched to Manezhnaya Square to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the October Revolution

1992.24 October. Trudovaya Rossiya supporters argue with police during a demonstration by the Trudovaya Rossiya movement. At least 5,000 people gathered in Oktyabrskaya Square, calling for a vote in favor of the resignation of Russian President Boris Yeltsin.

1992.3 November. A man walks away from a bakery with several loaves of bread. The US dollar is currently worth 398 rubles, and the average monthly salary in Russia is approximately 5,000 rubles ($ 12) per month.

1992.4 November. Airport employees vote for the privatization of Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport during a rally. Airport employees hope to become shareholders after the privatization is complete.

1992.4 December.Workers at the construction site of the Rosinka housing construction company, about 15 kilometers from Moscow. Rosinka is a growing property on the outskirts of Moscow offering townhouses with garages

1992.7 December. A woman holds a photograph of Joseph Stalin as she shouts slogans against Russian President Boris Yeltsin to deputies on their way to the Kremlin to attend the Congress of People's Deputies. President Yeltsin’s cabinet threatens to resign if Yegor Gaidar’s candidacy for prime minister is rejected

1992. On the Tishinsky market

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