Letter to V. Putin from a Russian nationalist
Letter to V. Putin from a Russian nationalist

Mr. Putin, I am speaking to you as a Russian. Not as a "Russian", but a Russian. I speak on behalf of the Russian people, this right was given to me by Russian blood, Russian soul, and a sense of responsibility for my people.

I do not hope for your understanding, but just want to ask a few simple questions that you will never be asked during any straight lines. Every Russian wants to ask them. And rest assured that sooner or later you will have to answer them.

So, let's begin.

When, in 1999, a group of people striving for the collapse of Russia appointed you to the post of President of the Russian Federation, how did you feel? Shame in front of the country or joy at the prospect of a career?

In the same 1999, the FSB was pierced by the explosions of residential buildings. Were you afraid for your fate, or did you believe in your own impunity and omnipotence? Have you felt pity for those people who, on your order, were blown up in their homes?

In 2000, an American submarine sank the Kursk nuclear submarine. What were you afraid of? Aggravation of relations with the United States or the anger of your own people for your inability to stand guard over the fatherland? And how did you look into the eyes of the relatives of the submariners, knowing that you were in no hurry with the rescue operation? After all, they could tell a lot.

In 2001, at the request of the United States, intelligence centers in Vietnam and Cuba were closed, and the Mir station, which provided 100% of intelligence information, was flooded. Then you explained this by the lack of funds, and offered to send them to the construction of residential buildings. Tell me, have many Russian families moved into new apartments built with this savings?

Tell me, why did you sell the islands on the Amur and Argun rivers with a total area of ​​367 square kilometers to China in 2005? And who gave you the right to trade the land that our ancestors collected for centuries into a single whole?

Tell us why, as a result of the declared struggle against the oligarchs, their number has sharply increased, as a result of which, in terms of their number, Russia has come out on top in the world. Provided that most of the population is not able to afford even a minimum …

How do you explain the fact that according to the data of the analytical center of the Civil Registry Office of Russia on June 1, 2010, there were only 89.654.325 people in the country, and not 142 million as indicated everywhere? During the period of your rule, the average annual population decline is about 5 million. At this rate, for 10-20 years, references to the Russian people will remain exclusively in history textbooks. Who else, besides you, is to blame for the creation of such inhuman conditions, which leads to the mass disappearance of an entire people?

On empty lands, you are actively settling representatives of the Caucasus and Central Asia, as a result of which there are numerous interethnic conflicts and the displacement of the titular nation from its ancestral lands.

You explain the active attraction of migrants by the lack of labor for the growing economy. And why do we need a growing economy if there will soon be no Russians left with such a level of demography at all? For whom, then, is this economy growing? You speak beautifully about the growth of GDP and the increase in the purchasing power of the population, but you are silent about the genocide of the Russian population, which constitutes the majority of the inhabitants of Russia.

In May 2007, you signed a criminal treaty, according to which the troops of NATO countries, in the event of man-made disasters or civil unrest, have the right to enter Russian territory to conduct military operations. Who is this treaty for? Or do you expect NATO soldiers to save you from the just reckoning of a desperate people?

Everyone is tired of the Jewish authorities.You are trying to retain power in your own hands by attracting immigrants from the republics of the Caucasus to the internal affairs bodies. Yes, they will not hesitate to shoot ordinary Russian people. But only as long as they feel that their master is strong, and the enemy does not pose a danger. During a real Russian revolt, they will be the first to betray you. Their whole foul nature is built on flattery before the strong, and contempt for the weak.

Do you know that alcoholism is flourishing in the country? During your tenure, beer consumption has increased by 60% annually, resulting in the fact that three out of five young men of military age cannot have children.

In 2010, you, together with Medvedev, put forward the idea of ​​creating a "Russian nation", is this really all that you could suffer on the issue of the national idea? If your zeal, which you show to your kagal masters, were used to protect the interests of the Russian people, then it would be difficult to find a leader better than you, only you are ruining your own people. The anti-Russian orientation of modern state policy is so obvious that soon the Russian people will cease to endure bullying and will rise to their own defense.

For some reason, you only remember Russian nationalism, and try not to pay attention to the antics of Caucasians and representatives of Asian peoples. Why on Russian soil it is the Russians who are the most disenfranchised and disadvantaged? At the expense of Russian territories, you are investing billions in the development of Chechnya, South Ossetia and other "bottomless barrels".

Tell me, was your military reform, which led to the inability of the army to effectively defend its country, was it a deliberate move or just a stupid idea? No less efficiently you have dealt with the science and education that eke out a miserable existence.

The hatred of the Russian people for your power knows no limits. I do not know a single person who would vote for United Russia in the elections, nevertheless, your party was able to gain 70%. Was it the 50 million missing souls that cast their votes for your party?

You are just a pawn put on the chessboard by your Jewish masters. Your power exists only because the Russian people recognize it, but you have no right to it. But soon the people will understand all this, and then the days of your reign are numbered.

You have no forgiveness for the girls raped by Caucasians, for the soldiers driven to suicide, for the poor and hungry workers, for the dead young people, for the unemployed, for engineers leaving abroad. For everyone, everyone, everyone!

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