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TOP 7 wrong predictions about 2020 that never came true
TOP 7 wrong predictions about 2020 that never came true

A person always gravitates with the imagination of something unknown to him. And the desire to know the future is one of the most popular and interesting manifestations of such curiosity. And if some of the predictions of the people of the past have really come true or are about to be realized, then the majority still remain just fantasies. Here are 7 predictions that never came true by 2020.

1. No toes

It was assumed that you won't have to do a pedicure today

British surgeon Richard Lucas, back in 1911, during a lecture at the Royal College of Medicine, announced that in one hundred and ten years people will have only one solid toe instead of the usual five. The doctor called the reason for this transformation the fact that we simply do not use the fingers on our feet and therefore they will grow together over time.

2. Underwater algae fields

Ears would be no worse than wheat

We have thought in the past about how our nutrition will change. So, according to the authors of the essay "Futurists: A Look at the 2000s" in Times magazine, a large part of our diet will be shredded algae. But they were to be grown in special underwater fields under the control of divers. By the way, this also applied to fish - it was supposed to be raised like cattle, in wagons.

3. Total robotization

Only one in ten people will work

In the same essay, futurists suggested that robotics in the 21st century will reach ubiquitous levels. Thus, robots and artificial intelligence will replace humans in most professions, and only 10% of the seats will remain for Homo Sapiens, primarily in leadership positions.

4. Salary for … beautiful eyes

You don't have to do anything to get money

Further, the authors of the essays fantasized about salaries … no way. After all, if you don't need to work, but you still have to live on something, then it makes sense to pay for downtime. In fact, a person would receive finance for the very fact of his existence. Even figures were given: for example, in the United States, the income of one citizen would be 30-40 thousand dollars a year.

5. Monkeys driving

Chauffeur with a banana in the glove compartment

But this funny forecast is only a quarter of a century old. In 1994, one of the American centers for strategic research predicted that by 2020, humans will be breeding trained primates. Monkeys must become taxi and public transport drivers. Apparently, robots, in the opinion of the authors of the forecast, robots are not suitable for this work.

6. Robots for cooking

In the kitchen, a person will also have nothing to do

For the sake of fairness, it should be noted that this forecast partially came true. After all, many automated gadgets can be found in the kitchen today. But the authors of the prediction argued that today the whole process of cooking should be entirely devoted to work. And this has not happened yet.

7. Tea and coffee will be in disgrace

Favorite drinks were supposed to be taboo

Back in 1935, a proposal was put forward that mankind would give up coffee and tea after their harm to the body was proven. However, this forecast seems almost the most unrealistic. After all, the years go by, and the culture of consumption of drinks loved by millions is only expanding and acquires more and more new features and traditions.

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