They were ready to "break" grandpa, but something went wrong TOP-7 Weirdest Rich People on the Planet
They were ready to "break" grandpa, but something went wrong TOP-7 Weirdest Rich People on the Planet

Video: They were ready to "break" grandpa, but something went wrong TOP-7 Weirdest Rich People on the Planet

Video: They were ready to "break" grandpa, but something went wrong TOP-7 Weirdest Rich People on the Planet

In the daily news bulletins, we can see these people in expensive and beautiful suits, the mere cost of which to an ordinary person seems simply transcendental. They move exclusively in luxury cars, and spend their leisure time in prestigious resorts. The cost of watches alone for most of them exceeds the cost of an apartment, while some have entire collections of such watches. Huge villas, dozens of apartments and properties scattered around the world. Well, and, of course, millions in the accounts of relatives, children and friends.

But sometimes…

Sometimes it can all be very, very different.

And this is so amazing that it really amazes to the core. As if it were some kind of parallel reality.

Now you will see the stories of these simple, or, conversely, very difficult people who are hard to believe.

It seems that all this is some kind of Hollywood movies. Although, in fact, this is the most documentary reality. Let's take a look at it.

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0:56 Jose Alberto Mujica Cordano

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Let's start with this pensioner from the Russian hinterland …

Of course not, this is not a pensioner, but the president of an economically developed country in Latin America in his kitchen. Jose Alberto Mujica Cordano is the 40th President of Uruguay, holding this post from 2010 to 2015.

His lifestyle bears little resemblance to how the mighty of this world usually live.

El Pepe, 78, (as the locals call the president) donated nearly all of his presidential salary to charity, making him the poorest (or most generous) president in the world. The president earned 263,000 Uruguayan pesos (about 400,000 rubles) a month.

He kept only a tenth for himself, 26,300 pesos (40,000 rubles). He refused the palace and still lives in a small rural house. The president takes water from a well in the yard. Together with the first lady of the country, she works on the land, grows flowers. Jose Mujica was a member of the partisan movement, received several wounds, and spent 14 years in military prisons due to the struggle for independence.

The biggest personal purchase during his presidency was an old 1987 Volkswagen Beetle.

The Russian proverb immediately comes to mind: The rich is the one who can share, and the poor is the one who is not enough.

HERE IS HIS WORDS: “Either you are happy, having very little and not overloading yourself, because happiness is within you, or you will not come to anything. This is not an excuse for poverty. This is an excuse for restraint. But we have invented a consumer society that is constantly looking for growth. When there is no growth, it is a tragedy. We have come up with a mountain of excessive needs.

You have to constantly buy, throw away. These are our lives that we break. When I buy something or when you buy it, we don’t pay with money. We pay with the time of our life, which we had to spend in order to earn this money. The only difference is that you cannot buy life. Life goes by. And this is terrible.”In fact, wise Jose is not the only such leader.

There are other examples, for example, look at this shepherd. This man's name is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. What is surprising is that this man was President of Iran from 2005 to 2013. We do not undertake to judge his effectiveness as president. We will just convey information that was recently told to many of the media and managed to make a lot of noise in a short period of time.

And that's why.

According to many sources, as the president of a country with a population of almost 80 million people, Ahmadinijad traveled to work by shuttle bus and paid for travel like everyone else, buying a ticket. At the same time, his wife all this time worked as an ordinary cleaner: she washed the floors in one of the educational institutions of the capital.

Little is known about his personal life, but here are some details. Amazing, if not shocking. Once a journalist from the American Foxnews TV channel asked the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinijad: "Tell me, when you look in the mirror in the morning, what do you say to yourself?" …

After a little thought, the man replied: "Always remember that you are no more than a simple servant of the people." His actions as president were surprising from the very first day, when Mahmoud Ahmadinijad first entered the cabinet of the state. He surprised many by ordering the expensive Persian carpets hanging there urgently to be handed over to one of the Tehran mosques, replacing them with the most ordinary cheap carpets.

But that's not all.