Russia is surrounded by US biological military laboratories
Russia is surrounded by US biological military laboratories

Having pulled out only one line from the large report of the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev "Security of Russia in the modern world", first, and then a number of other publications suddenly rushed to tell that the American military biological laboratories, of which there are more and more around Russia, is okay and almost useful, but our main danger comes from global warming.

An interesting information campaign went online. A number of publications, including the popular, Life24 and even the respectable EurasiaExpert, began discussing American military biological laboratories, unanimously saying that there is nothing wrong with their activities, being located near the borders of Russia and constantly increasing in number and funding, they are aimed only at protection, and the main problem of the country is sanctions and global warming.

The report itself, which was published on the eve of the BRICS summit and was clearly intended not so much for domestic as for international use, was published in the Rossiyskaya Gazeta and the whole fuss began because of Patrushev's words that in Russia “the Pentagon’s activities to create all over the world, primarily in the CIS countries, biological laboratories, where research on infectious diseases is carried out and biological weapons can be created."

According to the media, more than 200 existing American biological laboratories around the world, including on the territory of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan and Ukraine, do not pose any threat to Russians, Ukrainians, Slavs and other ethno-linguistic communities, since, allegedly, it is impossible to destroy a single people in a specific territory exclusively by biological methods, while simultaneously leaving another alive in the same place. “The real danger is global warming, as a result of which viruses and bacteria common in equatorial and tropical regions penetrate into northern latitudes. Successful counteraction to such threats can only be provided with proper prevention, which is impossible without preliminary research into the causative agents of a potential epidemic - exactly what the Americans are doing. To assess the real scale of the problem, it is enough to look at the relatively popular vaccines and drugs currently offered in Russia,” reports.

There is also considerable truth in these words. As if no one argues that we need at least control over the production and use of vaccines and drugs, as well as the responsibility of manufacturers. As no one argues about the importance of research on the causative agents of potential epidemics. But here the cold and green are confused according to the principle, if our mayor is a thief, then NATO tanks, one and a half hundred kilometers from St. Petersburg, do not threaten anyone. A bad official is, of course, more relevant for the townspeople, but the tanks are there definitely not to protect them from corruption.

Here and here, speaking about internal problems, the author does not answer the main question - if the Americans are so kind, then why are the military laboratories of the Pentagon growing like mushrooms after the rain, and not the laboratories of the US Department of Health, as in the countries of Africa, Latin America and Asia? who carry out sanitary and epidemiological monitoring there.Moreover, the financing of these monitoring programs every time passes with a fight, even when the Ebola fever raged, and over a billion dollars is spent here. Is it because the fight against epidemics in Africa is important for the United States solely to prevent this from happening at home?

Actually, in the material itself, the Tape says that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is subordinate to the United States Department of Defense - an organization engaged in the search, development and implementation of the most modern and promising technologies in the military sphere, and not to fight epidemics. This is exactly what in the Russian tradition should correspond to “unparalleled” and “breakthrough” developments. The main work of DARPA is structured around several divisions, among which in this case the Division of Biological Technology (Biotechnology) is of interest. This division is developing advanced defenses against planned biological threats. First of all, by strengthening the human immune system, which makes it possible to activate the production of antibodies, and by biochemical blocking of attempts to edit the genome. It is planned to use such means of protection as soon as they are ready before a biological attack. Moreover, the Pentagon admits that such technologies have a dual purpose, but they add that it is primarily about protecting and restoring human health, and not even insignificantly changing it. One of DARPA's priority programs is dedicated to creating a method of producing a vaccine in an extremely short period of time, such as three weeks. The United States is confident that the conflicts of the future will involve natural or artificial strains of bacteria and viruses unknown to modern science, against which the current means do not work. For the rapid development of vaccines, the US military wants to obtain samples of as many naturally occurring microorganisms as possible - to a large extent, it is precisely the collection and study of the latter that the US military biological laboratories scattered throughout the planet are engaged in.

Everything is clear and beautiful here, except for the clause about "dual purpose", that is, both defensive and offensive, and most importantly, for such an activity it is not necessary to build hundreds of laboratories around the world. It is much more logical to create and develop a single powerful central institution, which could easily be assembled officially, like the US Department of Health, or received from the same Ministry of Health and conduct all the necessary research. Why go to Kharkiv, which is 100 km from Russia and less than half a thousand km from the war in Donbass, which means that there is a real danger that the samples may fall into the hands of, for example, Bandera from Azov? There is even less logic in the construction of laboratories in Central Asia, given the proximity of Afghanistan and the prevalence of the ISIS terrorist movement banned in Russia there. So in general, in parallel, where and how many people they will send to Allah, the main thing is that more. Where is the American prudence, if only in 2019, in accordance with the budget request of the US administration, more than $ 197 million will be allocated for the implementation of research and military-technical projects.

No less interesting is another program that DARPA (Safe Genes) is working on, it consists in preventing the possibility of editing the human genome with CRISPR / Cas9 (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats Associated Protein 9). “The military fears that such technology, once it gets into the hands of the enemy or terrorists, will get out of control and provoke serious or completely irreversible consequences for humans. DARPA says it has made progress in this direction, using anti-CRISPR proteins that prevent the insertion of fragments of foreign DNA into the genome of a particular species. So far, the department is conducting experiments with rodents,”the author of the Lenta informs us. So it is so, although advanced research on this technology is going on in the United States and only from there they can fall into the hands of terrorists. And if they got there, then the special forces are needed, not the laboratory.Regarding the tests on mice, last year, during a press conference regarding the data on the laboratory in Georgia, the chief of the radiation, chemical and biological protection troops of the RF Armed Forces, Major General Igor Kirillov, told whom the Americans mean by rodents. According to the head of the RChBZ troops, the ex-minister of state security of Georgia presented reports on the results of tests on Georgian citizens of the drug Sovaldi by the American company Gilead Sciences (this drug was developed to treat hepatitis C, a severe viral liver disease). According to Kirillov, it is noteworthy that one of the main shareholders of Gilead Sciences is the former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

The general showed documents on the slide, from which it can be seen that the drug trials in Georgia ended in massive deaths among patients. "At the same time, despite the death of 24 people in December 2015 alone, clinical studies were continued in violation of international standards and against the wishes of patients. This led to the death of 49 more people. Even during large-scale epidemics in infectious diseases hospitals, such a number of deaths is not recorded. ", - said Kirillov. He stressed that the drug Sovaldi was registered in the register of medicines of the Russian Federation, and in the course of its clinical study not a single death was recorded. "The almost instantaneous death of a large number of volunteers suggests that a highly toxic chemical or biological agent with a high lethality was evaluated at the Lugar Center under the guise of treatment," Kirillov said.

The general noted that research on volunteers, bypassing ethical requirements, was carried out by Americans in the past. So, in the late 1940s, in Guatemala, almost one and a half thousand people were infected with the causative agents of syphilis and gonorrhea. In the course of the experiments, American researchers deliberately infected the patients of local psychiatric clinics with these infections. As a result, almost half of the patients died. The fact of carrying out these illegal experiments was recognized by US President Barack Obama in 2010, Kirillov recalled. According to Kirillov, the priority of such laboratories is the collection of information on infectious diseases and the export of national collections containing strains of pathogenic microorganisms, including those that overcome the protective effect of vaccines and are resistant to antibiotics. Funding for this activity in the period from 2017 to 2019 will amount to about one billion dollars, moreover, Kirillov said. "The choice of the locations for the laboratories, in our opinion, is also not accidental - many of them are located in the territories adjacent to Russia and China, being a constant source of biological threats for our states," he said.

Between 2005 and 2015, the US Army Testing Center (at the Dougway Proving Ground) dispatched viable anthrax spores in violation of security requirements. "Pathogenic biomaterials were sent to one hundred and ninety-four addressees in ten countries of the world," the general added. "Taking into account the published information, we are not sure that the United States did not send the specified formulations for further testing to the Lugar Center and other biological laboratories created by the Pentagon on the territory of states bordering on Russia," said the head of the RChBZ troops. Kirillov noted that, contrary to its international obligations, the United States retained the norms in national legislation that allow for the possibility of work in the field of biological weapons. In particular, the United States accompanied the ratification of the 1925 Geneva Protocol "On the Prohibition of the Use of Asphyxiant, Poisonous or Other Similar Gases and Bacteriological Means in War" by the United States with a number of reservations, one of which allows the reciprocal use of chemical and toxin weapons, the general recalled.

In addition, in accordance with the US federal law "On America's Unity and Cohesion in the Fight against Terrorism," research into the creation of biological weapons is permitted with the approval of the US government, and participants in such research are not subject to criminal liability for the development of such weapons, Kirillov said. At the same time, since 2001, the United States has been blocking any international initiatives that would allow checking the activities of American laboratories, he added.

Why did our media “forgot” to tell about this? Is it because it does not at all correspond to their idea of ​​an "empire of good" that spends a billion dollars to save unfortunate Russians from flu and genetic changes. And everything that does not meet the requirements - into the furnace. However, the material indicates that research conducted under the auspices of the Pentagon sometimes causes quite certain concerns. First of all, we are talking about the Insect Allies program implemented by DARPA, which German and French scientists actually accused of a potential violation of the "Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on Their Destruction." According to experts, a project involving the active use of horizontal gene transfer - editing the plant genome with the help of viruses carried by insects, is too dangerous and does not justify the stated goals. But this cannot threaten Russia in any way, because it works on the territory, and not on individual peoples. And here, even leaving behind the bracket last year's scandal with the collection of genetic data from Russians for some purpose by the United States and a strict ban on doing the same with them, who said that the US military is generally interested in choosing between a Russian, a Buryat, an Ossetian or a Tatar? In most cases, an offensive weapon is precisely what works on squares, and for the soldiers, the main thing will not be protection from viruses, but the presence of just the very antidote, the work on the creation of which was mentioned by the tape above.

The only thing that can be agreed with without reservations is with the words of the author of the Lenta that in the statements of Russian officials that the United States in the CIS countries is allegedly working on biological weapons against Russians, an important nuance skips. “If the United States has a network of foreign biological laboratories, designed, according to Moscow's assumption, to create biological weapons and threaten Russians (although, according to Washington, these stations provide relatively rapid monitoring of potential sources of biological hazards around the world), then what is being done in Russia for security citizens and soldiers? Generally speaking, very little,”the newspaper reports. And the speech here is not even about the reciprocal developments of the military and doctors, in many respects the data here are classified and it is difficult to talk about successes or failures.

The main thing here is that these laboratories have been working quietly for more than 10 years, and even after the former Minister of State Security of Georgia Igor Giorgadze was able to bring to Moscow and declassified documents on experiments in the Georgian laboratory, including experiments on humans, there were no notes on the part of Russian diplomats, no demands from the United States immediately, under threat of destruction, data on the work of other laboratories, no information noise. Just imagine that the British found similar laboratories next to them or the United States of America in Cuba - it would be a scandal in comparison with which Salisbury was not lying around, Russia would receive a wave of sanctions, and the laboratories themselves would be good if it were simply captured, not demolished by bombs with napalm. We sit and discuss, or maybe they are good and kind, they just don’t want to tell everything to “stupid Russians”. I remember that the Jews also believed to the last that the Germans were such a cultured nation that they would never allow people to be burned in ovens. Oh well.

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