11 world problems of the Bilderbers club
11 world problems of the Bilderbers club

This club, which has long attracted the interest of journalists, is not a formal organization. It is an unofficial annual conference of approximately 130 participants - influential people in politics, business, banking, media. The composition of the participants changes every year (although there is a narrow circle of people who come to the meetings regularly). The organizing committee every year carefully prepares the lists of participants for the next meeting, participation in the meetings is possible only by invitation of the organizing committee.

Problems # 2 and # 3

Transatlantic Relations: Options and Scenarios; Transatlantic Defense Alliance: Bullets, Bytes and Dollars;

Has the problem of transatlantic relations and the transatlantic defense alliance been resolved in the intervening time? Yes, the “transatlantic split” is already a “medical fact”.

Problem # 4

Direction of EU activity.

Has the problem with the direction of activity of the European Union been resolved? Yes, we are witnessing the consolidation of the European "elites" with the prospect of the formation of a new-old geostrategic entity, which is "detached" from the "collective West" led by the United States.

Problem # 5

Can globalization be slowed down?

Is the globalization process slowed down? Yes, it has practically been destroyed and in a sense has gone backwards.

Problem number 11

Nuclear proliferation.

Has the issue of nonproliferation of nuclear technologies been resolved? The past meeting of US President Donald Trump with the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-un, put an end to this issue - as well as the withdrawal of official Washington from the multilateral "atomic deal" with Iran.

Problem # 12

China. China also agreed with America on the possibility of changing the "rules of the game" in bilateral relations.

In the group of "unsolved" problemsthat were also present on the 2018 Bilderberg agenda, there are also six positions:

Problem # 1

- Populism in Europe - Why is populism growing? A year ago, the same problem was posed in a general way and was listed under No. 8. Under "populism" in the Bilderberg Club they mean the very right-wing conservative socio-political structures, which the Austrian host Armin Wolf recently accused Vladimir Putin of promoting in order to split the European Union. Consequently, it can be assumed that Europe is facing a total "cleanup" of politicians like Marine Le Pen and Victor Orban.

Problem number 3

- The future of work - Jobs, income and unfulfilled expectations. Mass unemployment in Europe, the USA, other countries of the "collective West" and in the "global economy" in general. The situation in this area is exacerbating both "here and now" and in the foreseeable future. Over the year, the priority of this topic for the Bilderbergers has increased - with the inevitability of further growth.

Problem # 5

- USA ahead of the midterm elections - Trump administration: performance report. The “Trump factor”, which was “problem number 1” a year ago, apparently managed to “tame”, but only partially, its predictability and controllability remain in question.

Problems # 8 and # 10

- Russia in the international order. Saudi Arabia and Iran. Russia continues to be perceived as annoying, but only a regional factor. and the Middle East conflict, apparently, should be channeled into the Iranian-Saudi (possibly Shiite-Sunni) confrontation, with the exclusion of Israel from it.

Problem number 11

- The world of "post-truth" - Warrior about information.After the Skripals case, it became clear that the difference between truth and falsehood in the world communication space was successfully erased by the efforts of globalists both at the international and interstate levels. Apparently, now this problem remains to be solved at the local levels, so that its rank for Bilderberg has dropped significantly.

Third groupdenotes new conflict spaces.

Problem # 2

Inequality. For the preservation and development of the "global peace" a new ideology of inequality is needed, since the former liberal concept of "equality in everything except wealth", measured in dollars, no longer works. The reason is that it contradicts the sanctions practice and legal mechanisms for the seizure of "wrong wealth", which, apparently, will have to become the dominant trend after the elimination of the factor of "populism" in Europe.

Problems # 4 and # 9

Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computer are closely related, since quantum technologies in the rapidly advancing "digital civilization" threaten to make "artificial intelligence" uncontrollable and deadly for the "matrix" of globalism. Therefore, research in this area, most likely, will be limited, and in the countries of the "third world" - cut at the root.

Likewise, issues # 6 and # 7 are interconnected: "free trade" and "US world leadership." Today, one thing no longer predetermines, but excludes the other: freedom of trade is impossible provided that the world leadership of the United States is preserved, and world leadership of the United States is impossible when freedom of trade is preserved. It is still impossible to say in whose favor the decision was made and in what final format it will be implemented.

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