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Heroes of New Russia
Heroes of New Russia

Video: Heroes of New Russia

Video: Heroes of New Russia
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Heroes of Novorossiya: the story of the Ussuri samurai

It turned out to be not enough for Alexander Mamoshin to be just a politician, and he took up an extremely difficult task - the revival of the Cossacks in the Far East. And when the war began in Novorossiya, Alexander Mamoshin, together with several brothers-in-arms, went to the South-East to fight.

Heroes of Novorossiya: The Story of the Brave Nastya

At first, nothing foreshadowed that the bright, beautiful girl Anastasia Pyaterikova would choose the difficult path of political struggle and head the Luhansk Anti-Maidan. As a political activist, Nastya was dangerous for the Kiev junta that came to power, which did not disdain to persecute a young girl.

Heroes of Novorossiya: The Story of the Brave Journalist Sergei Dolgov

Sergei Dolgov was not a military man. His main and only weapon was the word. Journalist, editor-in-chief of the newspaper "I want to go to the USSR!" The Kiev junta does not tolerate dissent and therefore cracks down on anyone who thinks differently. Punishers who seized Mariupol tortured the brave journalist to death.

Heroes of Novorossiya: a story about a writer who predicted war

Fyodor Berezin, who changed several professions before becoming a popular writer, did not shy away from the heavy duty of any real man, referring to the fact that the place of a writer is not in the trenches, that his weapon is a word that Donbass needs to protect its elite … He went and enlisted in the militia - a simple rifleman, standing shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of other, much less famous, Donetsk people, who were not allowed by conscience and a sense of duty to stay on their favorite couch - while others were dying for them.

Heroes of Novorossiya: The Story of a Courageous Doctor

Sergey Matasov has already turned 70 years old. Seeing the footage of the murders of women, children and the elderly, Sergei Matasov could not sit still in calm Riga - and made the most important decision: his almost half a century of medical experience should still serve people! And he went to the Donetsk People's Republic.

Heroes of Novorossiya: Military Commandant with the callsign "Veles"

Before the war, Sergei Iochkov headed the Artyomovsk department for combating corruption. After the outbreak of hostilities in Novorossiya, becoming the military commandant of Artyomovsk, he cleared most of the city from the "Right Sector". He was tricked into negotiating peace with the military and shot in the back.

Heroes of Novorossiya: The Story of a Hereditary Cossack - Alexei Mozgovoy

Alexey Mozgovoy was born in the Luhansk region, in a family with Cossack roots. After the armed coup in Kiev, Aleksey Mozgovoy became an active participant in Anti-Maidan and one of the organizers of the People's Militia of the Luhansk region.

The story of an archaeologist in love with Novorossiya

Nikolai Tarasenko is a famous archaeologist, Stone Age specialist who has conducted research all over the world. For more than twenty years he led a hermitic lifestyle, he built churches in the Luhansk region on his own. After the coup in Ukraine, at the age of 66, he joined the people's militia and, with arms in hand, protects Lugansk from punitive forces.

Heroes of Novorossiya: The Story of a Real Doctor - Natalia Arkhipova

Natalya Arkhipova was a doctor by vocation, and although she did not fight in the trenches, she gave her life as a real hero and soldier, helping to save the lives of others.

Heroes of Novorossiya: The Story of a Counterintelligence Officer Taking the Side of Good

When the shooting at civilians began in Donbass, Sergei Zdrilyuk could not sit still. In the early days of the confrontation, he arrived from western Ukraine to the Donetsk region and enlisted in the people's militia, choosing for himself the sonorous call sign "Abwehr".

Heroes of Novorossiya: The story of a real rescuer with the call sign "Motorola"

Motorola realized that war awaited Ukraine when the first Molotov cocktails flew to the Berkut employees. And when the Nazis carried out a coup and began genocide in the South-East, he just got on a train, went to Novorossiya and joined the militia, where he became the commander of an anti-tank special unit.

Heroes of Novorossiya: Igor Strelkov

Tragic events associated with the events on the Maidan, the coup in Kiev and the genocide of the Russian-speaking population in the South-East of Ukraine. They could not leave indifferent a Russian officer, an Orthodox patriot and a man of honor - Igor Strelkov.

Heroes of Novorossiya: The Story of Peacemaker Spartak Golovachev

Spartak Golovachev hoped to the end for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in the country and kept people from violence. But the junta is not interested in a peaceful solution. The police and the SBU grabbed Spartak and put him in jail. He was not broken by the arrest, Spartak continued his struggle by going on a hunger strike.

Heroes of Novorossiya: the story of the Orthodox warrior Nikolai Leonov

When a fascist coup d'etat began on the Maidan in Kiev, a cleric and an outstanding athlete, Nikolai Leonov decided to defend the South-East with weapons in his hands, leaving for Donbass. It just so happened that six and a half centuries later, not far from the place of death of Peresvet, Leonov repeated his legendary feat, giving his life for his homeland.

Heroes of New Russia: Mozhaev Alexander - Babay

Thanks to his exploits and epic appearance, Babay became a folk hero, practically a hero of the South-Eastern "heroic epic". But the bearded militia is not a super agent, but an ordinary Kuban Cossack who protects the Russian people in Slavyansk.

Heroes of Novorossiya: a story about journalist Konstantin Dolgov

Konstantin Dolgov became one of the leaders of the militia in Donetsk, and his publication "Verb" turned into a mouthpiece of truth. The militants of the junta beat the rebellious journalist on, and then sent him to prison, where they tried to break him morally with bullying. After the liberation, Dolgov went to Donetsk, where he joined the ranks of the militia. For Konstantin Dolgov, the moment of truth has come - when it is no longer enough to just tell people the truth, but it is necessary to fight with arms in hand until complete victory.

Heroes of New Russia: The Story of a Deputy on the Barricades Oleg Tsarev

Oleg Tsarev, a successful businessman, and today a well-known politician, put everything he had on the line in the fight against the Ukrainian fascists. But he does not regret his choice and continues to work on the creation of Novorossiya.

Heroes of New Russia: People's Governor of Donbass Pavel Gubarev

Until recently, Pavel Gubarev worked as Santa Claus and was involved in organizing children's matinees. Today he became the people's governor of Donbass and the leader of the People's Militia of Novorossiya. Having survived all the horrors of captivity, he did not stay away from the defense of the Motherland, took a submachine gun in his hands and stood up to defend Donetsk from the Nazis.

Heroes of New Russia: the head of the LPR Valery Bolotov

In Soviet times, Valery Bolotov served in the Vitebsk airborne division, took part in military conflicts in the Transcaucasus. After demobilization, he was engaged in business. But the Nazi coup in Kiev and the repression that followed forced him to take up arms and defend his native Luhansk region. Valery Bolotov freed the administration, the SBU, the police, the prosecutor's office from the Nazi henchmen and organized a referendum, which resulted in the creation of the Lugansk People's Republic. An attempt was made on Valery Bolotov, but despite this he does not retreat, carrying out reforms in the LPR and protecting it from the Nazis.

Heroes of New Russia: Edward, nicknamed "Petersburg"

Edward before the outbreak of hostilities, he was a builder. He took part in the pursuit of bandits from the "Right Sector", who shot a peaceful rally in Kharkov, when he received a gunshot wound to the face.

It was only by a miracle that he managed to survive, having undergone four operations.

Getting to his feet, he realized that it would not be possible to negotiate with the Nazis peacefully, and enrolled in the self-defense squad of Donbass, took under protection the city of Slavyansk on the strategic route "Rostov-Kharkov".

Heroes of Novorossiya: commander of the people's militia Igor Bezler

Igor Bezler served in the Airborne Forces of the Soviet Army. Participated in the war in Afghanistan, was awarded the Order of the Red Star. A few years ago, he retired and settled in Horlivka, Donetsk region. The life of a retired lieutenant colonel was changed by the Nazi coup in Kiev. When, after the establishment of the Junta, the ultra-right rushed to rehabilitate Nazism and ban the Russian language, Bezler joined the protests in the South-East and led the Horlivka self-defense. He managed to capture at once three officers of the most elite special forces of Ukraine "Alpha", abandoned in Horlivka for a punitive operation.

Heroes of Novorossiya: military doctor Yuri Yevich

Yuri Yevich: not long ago he was a doctor at the Gorlovka city hospital and the most important thing in his life was writing a Ph. D. thesis and scientific research. Today he became the commander of a medical unit in Donetsk and saved hundreds of lives during the fighting.

Yuri Yevich proved by his own example that everyone can be a hero!