Thought is the main active force in the Subtle World
Thought is the main active force in the Subtle World

For a person living on Earth, his inner world becomes for him the external, objective, visible world, during the transition to the Subtle World.

A person passes into the sphere of his own mental creations. What he wanted, what he strove for on Earth, he has around. At the moment of death, in the mind's eye of a person, his entire earthly life flashes in the smallest detail. He has no control over the course of such a process. And what sounded especially intense in his life will sound the strongest for him even in his posthumous state. At the moment of the Transition, the consciousness of a person dies out for some time, plunging into sleep, from which he awakens, clothed in a subtle body. And the fight begins.

All the thoughts created and thought out by him during his life on Earth and from which he was not free, appear before him in bright, colorful, real and inviting images. These mental images surround a person and require interaction with them. A person revels in the ghostly realization of his desires, at the beginning not yet realizing the torments awaiting him. In fact, he is deprived of the opportunity to satisfy earthly desires due to the lack of a physical body. And desires create more and more new images, which are reinforced by consonant mental images from the surrounding space. A lot of determination and resilience must be shown in order to pass by seductive forms without reacting to their magnetism. It is almost impossible if, during life on Earth, a person is used to indulging in them.

The highest in man enters into a struggle with the lowest. The struggle is not for life, but for death. From what wins the victory, it will depend on which layer of the Subtle World a person finds himself in, whether he ascends into the light spheres, or his mental generations will carry him away into the hopeless darkness, where darkness reigns.

The main active force in the Subtle World is thought. The subtle body follows thought in its movements. It is enough to think about a distant object or person, as they are already in front of your eyes. On Earth they act with hands and feet, in the Subtle World - with thought. A thought that is freed from the limitations of the dense world creates and reigns there undividedly. The inertness of the matter of the dense world requires many purely physical actions in order to clothe a thought in a dense form. The plasticity of subtle matter makes it possible for thought to put on form instantly.

In the physical world, a person is accustomed to the fact that he needs to eat, drink, dress, put on shoes, go to work, experience a feeling of cold or warmth, move with his feet, and do work with his hands. All this is inapplicable there. No need for home, drink, food. Thought moves, you can fly, you can create any clothes for yourself with your thought. Everything, once thought out by people on Earth, exists in the Subtle World in the form of mental images. These mental images unite by affinity and create layers of space. The layers of space differ from each other by their luminosity, and the inhabitants of the Subtle World fall into a layer that exactly corresponds to the radiation of their aura.

The basic law of the Supermundane World is the law of conformity. In the physical world, people with different luminosity of auras can come into contact even against their will. In the Subtle World, such confusion is impossible. A person dwells in a certain layer of the Subtle World until the energies that attract him to them are exhausted. When the lower attractions are overcome, a person rises higher, following the higher attractions. Above, you can visit any layer below, but from below you cannot go higher if the luminosity of the aura does not allow.

There is no state in the Subtle World, but there are communities of people who are kindred in spirit. There is love and hatred between the disembodied, there is everything with which a person left the earthly world inwardly.

Thought-creativeness is a property of the inhabitants of the Subtle World.It is distinguishable from the earthly in that the mental images immediately become visible to the person who created them, and to those around him. Such sensations and experiences of a person are immediately reflected in his aura and are visible to others. Even here in the physical world, different senses change facial features. In the same place, thanks to the plasticity of the matter of the subtle body, they immediately reflect the real essence of man. The outer masks are removed, and each one shows his true face. Often evil and dark creatures are disfigured there to an incredible degree, since their inner ugliness is freely expressed in their external appearance.

The forms of people living in the lower strata of the Subtle World are terrible, but the faces and radiance of people from the Higher Spheres are beautiful. The Higher Worlds are based on Beauty. To achieve them, one must fall in love with Beauty and affirm it in thoughts, feelings, actions, in relations with people, in everything around.

The posthumous state of the disembodied is very different. Ranks, distinctions, position in society and all other details of earthly existence do not matter in the Subtle World. But thoughts, feelings, aspirations and attachments matter. An almighty earthly ruler can become poorer than a beggar in the Subtle World if he has not accumulated the values ​​of the spirit. The only power that is possible to take with you into the Subtle World is power over yourself, over your shells.

In the physical world, a person is very dependent on people, housing, wealth and many different circumstances. In the Subtle World, all this loses its meaning. Any material dependence disappears, but all feelings remain: love, hate, sympathy, antipathy, friendship, enmity, and they magnetically bind people. Aspirations, desires, desires, passions remain. Hatred and intense enmity bind people no less tightly than love.

In the physical world, the environment for good and evil can be the same: the sun, air, clothing, food are all the same. At the same time, the circumstances for the wicked can develop even better than for the good, while creating the illusion of impunity. But the picture changes dramatically when released from the body. Each sphere of the Subtle World takes its own, that is, that which is magnetically attracted to it.

For every word, thought and deed, a person will have to give an account. This means that everything that is accepted into consciousness on Earth will be brought to its logical conclusion in the Subtle World, in the world where thought creates the environment of a person, in accordance with his aspirations and desires. Knowing what a person is striving for on Earth, one can accurately determine the conditions for his stay in the Subtle World. On this plane, a person is surrounded by the mental images he generates. Through them, he looks at everything around. If a person believes that everything ends with the death of the body, then he really plunges in the Subtle World into a state devoid of any signs of external life. His own mental images hide the pictures of the Subtle World from him.

The Subtle World is a place where all aspirations, good and bad, voluntary and involuntary, are realized. On Earth, a person sometimes can only dream of seeing or experiencing something. In the Subtle World, thought and desire will instantly attract him to the desired conditions. Acquisition of knowledge becomes more accessible in the Subtle World, but goals must be set on Earth. There one can move only in those directions along which thought was directed on Earth.

For an inquiring mind in the Subtle World, the field of research is very wide. There is no perspective in its earthly expression; things are visible from all sides, both inside and outside; the permeability of objects of a completely different order; the proximity and distance of people and phenomena is determined by the magnetism of thoughts; contact with phenomena is by consonance or affinity.

After the transition to the Subtle World, new opportunities open up only to those who strive for them. The inhabitants are immersed there in their ordinary affairs and thoughts, and the wonderful features of that world remain unconscious and unnoticed.An ordinary inhabitant of the Subtle World can stop in front of a wall, as in front of an obstacle, but the one who knows will pass through it. He can just as freely move objects by will, changing their shape, as well as the shape of his subtle body.

An inhabitant of the Subtle World creates his appearance with his own thought, unconsciously or consciously. The ignorant automatically clothe himself with the form to which he is accustomed on Earth. The one who knows can take whatever appearance he wants. Life in the Subtle World is brighter, fuller, sharper and freer than life in the earthly world. Only people who have lived by the desires of the body will not find there ways to satisfy them.

Inner wealth, so little appreciated on Earth, becomes real wealth in the Subtle World for the one who has it. Refinement and sensitivity are magnetically carried to the Higher Spheres. The brighter and cleaner the subtle body, the lighter and more mobile it is. Refinement or coarsening of the subtle body occurs on Earth when a person is in a physical body. Everything influences: food, drink, feelings, thoughts, actions and all human behavior.

In the physical world, beginnings and aspirations can be hindered by other people. In the realm of thought, this is impossible. In the Subtle World, everything depends on the brightness and accuracy of presentation. The population of the Subtle World is many times greater than that of the earth. The overground sojourn is much longer than on Earth.

The Subtle World takes the most ardent part in the affairs of the physical world. People on Earth are surrounded by inhabitants of the Subtle World, many of whom strive to impart their thoughts and feelings to the embodied. Obsessive images, thoughts and hard feelings are often sent from there. The Subtle World has a universal language. It is not words that are conveyed, but the essence of thought. As well as on Earth, the inhabitants of the Subtle World need help. Having thrown off the physical body, they do not become wiser.

A person who has fallen into the lower layers by consonance cannot get out of there until the time when his aura brightens and his consciousness rushes up. The Hierarchy of Light could have helped, but one must have faith in its existence and consciously call at least someone belonging to it.

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