The terminally ill with cancer volunteer worked until the last
The terminally ill with cancer volunteer worked until the last

In recent decades, Hollywood films about "heroes" have become popular among young people. But what is the meaning of these or those "heroes" from abroad? In fact, it is zero. Fictional characters in a fictional world that young people are simply wasting their time on.

2020 brought a difficult test to our country - the COVID-19 virus pandemic. And we can already say with confidence that we are coping. We cope thanks to the selfless work of people like Svetlana Borisovna Anuryeva. This is a 19-year-old girl from the Ulyanovsk region, who began to help those in need of the covid pandemic, knowing about her deadly disease.

Sveta Anuryeva is known all over the country today. She was a fourth-year medical student: she dreamed of becoming a doctor since childhood. The girl went to the red diploma and planned to enter the medical institute and continue her studies. “Sveta never sat at home for a single day: she performed in concerts, and was engaged in social activities, and was a volunteer, helped people, and was the first in her studies, that year she was even awarded a governor's scholarship for her academic success,” recalls her mother Natalia. In the winter of 2020, the girl began to feel bad, she developed abdominal pains. Anuryeva was sent to the Ulyanovsk Regional Clinical Hospital, where an operation was performed in February. As the girl's mother said: then, for some reason, histology did not reveal cancer. After the operation, Sveta returned to her studies.

When the coronavirus came to the Ulyanovsk region, Svetlana without hesitation joined the ranks of medical volunteers of the We Are Together! Project. In the midst of the pandemic, an excellent student decided to help the elderly and disabled - those who were simply mortally dangerous to leave the house. Sveta understood that everyone needed help now. She put on all protective equipment and ran to fulfill requests for the delivery of medicines and food to the residents of the village. I worked more than all the addresses, and all this with a friendly smile … through the pain. Svetlana tried to be in time everywhere, to do a lot, to help everyone. She delivered groceries to lonely elderly people: in just one month, she independently completed more than 30 applications. Her mother confessed to reporters that she practically did not see her daughter at home all April: she tried not only to smuggle food, but also to give the old people droppers, injections, and just to cheer them up.

At the beginning of May, the situation changed. Svetlana again felt unwell, she was again admitted to the hospital, where doctors discovered that the girl had inoperable cancer of the fourth degree. In mid-May, the girl was discharged from the hospital and continued her volunteer journey until her last breath. On pills, perhaps experiencing incredible pain, Sveta went to those who needed her so much. And she told my mother that everything would be okay. On May 22nd she was hospitalized again. A young, beautiful, kind and dreamed of devoting her life to helping other people, the girl died unacceptably early: Svetlana was only 19 years old. She died on May 31, the last day of spring. The whole village mourned her swift departure, that day it was pouring rain … Natalya, Svetlana's mother, is trying to hold on: she has three more children. There is enough trouble in large families, but it is very difficult for a woman to endure such grief.

In memory of her, her friends from the movement "We Are Together!" asked the management of the medical college to name the educational institution after the brave and selfless girl. The authorities supported the idea - now the medical school will bear the name of Svetlana Anuryeva.

On June 29, Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded the Order of Pirogov to volunteer Svetlana Anuryeva posthumously.“For the dedication shown in the fight against coronavirus infection (COVID-19), to award the Order of Pirogov to Anuryeva Svetlana Borisovna - volunteer, Ulyanovsk region (posthumously),” the text of the presidential decree says.

At the age of 19, Svetlana Anuryeva has done what many do not have time for in their entire life. She will be remembered as such - a touching girl who healed with the warmth of her heart.

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