Millions of people lose their jobs, incomes, relationships are broken, uncertainty of the future arises, mass sitting for months in isolation has not been studied and is a medical experiment, which is prohibited by the Constitution of the Russian Federation without the consent of people.

Physical inactivity increases depression, diabetes, obesity, massive assistance is not provided for other diseases, except pneumonia … The number of suicides is increasing. He is to blame for all this. Or is it still not? Let's figure it out.

The population of Russia is seriously frightened by the information about the coronavirus. This is due to the fact that every day in all sources of information we see the number of new cases, presented as if a summary from the scene of hostilities. Each case of the disease is presented as a threat to life. Information about the horrors of the coronavirus is everywhere - TV, media, internet. For example, on the first page of Yandex there is a permanent information block of this type, where the number of cases is indicated:

The coronavirus monitor website lists the number of infections. Everywhere we see the words "sick" or "infected". This is false information. Disinformation. Fake. Which we now, by the way, are criminally punishable.

The given figures reflect only the identified patients, and not their total number in Russia. They show only a small fraction of people who have been tested for the virus. There are many more sick people, and this changes EVERYTHING. For example, about 5 million tests were carried out in Russia by the beginning of May. And the population of Russia is 145 million. You can make up the proportion of tests performed to the number of cases detected and extrapolate it to the entire population of Russia. Then we get that the total number of cases is about 30 times more than we are shown.

That is, if we assume universal testing of the entire population, the total number of cases in Russia will be about 5 million. But then the mortality rate will also decrease by about 30 times, approaching the very low values ​​of ordinary ARVI, which in no case should cause panic. Obviously, the panic is being created on purpose. If the media may not know this, then the persons from whom this information comes are perfectly aware of the true size of the numbers during seasonal epidemics.

So, according to the Rospotrebnadzor report on the results of the epidemic season for influenza and SARS three years ago, for 2016-2017, “the number of cases weekly was kept at about 1 million people, the incidence rate increased to 66-75 per 10 thousand, the number of hospitalized people increased to 23 - 26 thousand a week …"

That is, in the specified epidemiological season of 16-17, 120 thousand people fell ill in one day. This is as much as the total number of cases of the new virus was detected in the span of three months - from January 31 to May 4. But neither Rospotrebnadzor nor any other official source of information reported these figures during the coronavirus pandemic. The media didn't even ask about them - isn't that strange?

This silence is part of the misinformation to create panic.

Meanwhile, a considerable number of doctors, not only abroad, but also in Russia, expressed their bewilderment with what was happening. We have presented some of them in this issue.

But here's another: Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Viktor Zuev:

“Don't panic! This virus is less dangerous than viruses of previous years, such as SARS-CoV (sars-cov), MERS-CoV (mers-cov) and others. In SARS, the mortality rate was 30-50%. The current COVID-19 is less pathogenic and causes less serious illness. With him, the mortality rate is 2-4% in general. I do not take exceptional cases - old people who have God knows what kind of diseases."

The Soviet and Russian virologist, director of the Ivanovsky Institute of Virology, Dmitry Lvov, adds, for his part: “Infection with the 2019-nCoV type occurs rather slowly, in principle, it has a low infection capacity. Compared to the same flu. It is not a deadly virus, it is not a tragedy, it has always been, is and will be."

Russian scientist-virologist, author of the work "History of Virology" Felix Ershov calls everything that is happening today madness: “This is the madness that is happening now, it is amazing for me. I think it is based on economic and political affairs. It is very easy to manipulate the mindset of the masses with viruses. Compared to infections of the past: smallpox, polio, rabies - coronavirus infection - this is kindergarten. Those who have at least one and a half gyrus should understand."

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