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10 unusual weapons from the past
10 unusual weapons from the past

Throughout history, humanity has constantly invented a variety of weapons. And if literally everything is known about some because of their popularity, then others are practically unknown to anyone. Moreover, it is just right to call them exotic, which means that they certainly deserve to be learned about them.

We bring to your attention "ten" original, but little-known types of weapons of the past.

1. Haladi

The deadly weapon of medieval Hindus

Haladi represents two blades united by a handle, which in some cases could itself act as a brass knuckle. These weapons were used by Indian kshatriyas who are members of the Rajput clan. The weapon was quite multifunctional: it could be used to deliver both stabbing and cutting blows. The only problem with the Haladi was that it was difficult to master.

2. Skissor

Ancient Roman gladiator weapons

Weapons of such an interesting appearance were actively used during the gladiatorial battles of the ancient Roman era. The skissor consisted of a kind of steel sleeve, at the end of which a sickle-shaped blade was attached. This design allowed the gladiator with his help both to attack the enemy, and at the same time to defend.

3. Urumi

The most flexible blade

A fairly original weapon from India, also known as a whip sword or belt sword. The main feature of this blade is the amazing flexibility of the metal from which it is made. The merit of the urumi was that it was able to bend around shields and traditional swords. True, in order not to become a victim of the whip sword myself, it was necessary to train for more than one year.

4. "Swarm"

Interesting Chinese weapon of dozens of arrows

The ancient Chinese can be called great inventors in the design of weapons. And a striking example of such an original invention can be safely called the so-called "Swarm", which in fact can be considered a weapon of mass destruction of the distant past. The device is an elongated case, in which thirty arrows were packed, but the tip was replaced with small missiles.

The latter were set on fire just before launch. Among the disadvantages of this weapon is the lack of hitting accuracy, but this is offset by the number of shells fired at the same time.

5. Atlatl

Atlatl, modern replica

Many people know what an antique sling is, but the fact that a weapon of this principle of action was invented even earlier is not known to everyone. We are talking about an atlatl, or a computer-thrower - a weapon, which is a stick made of flexible wood, into which small darts were charged, and then fired with them according to the principle of a lever. Thus, the ancient people could throw them much further than just with their hand.

The Atlatl is considered one of the most ancient weapons used by mankind: the first traces of it date back to the late Paleolithic era, 15 thousand years BC.

6. Kakute

Kakute with different number of thorns

Weapons of Japanese ninjas are always of interest, largely due to the fact that they had to have the ability to disguise themselves as ordinary things, because their owners worked in secret and often looked like ordinary passers-by.

A striking example of their arsenal is the kakute, which was a metal ring reinforced with spikes, in the manner of a modern brass knuckle. The advantage of this weapon was not only ease of disguise as an ordinary accessory, but also ease of use: ninja usually smeared thorns with poison and only a couple of blows were enough to neutralize the enemy.

7. Fire spear

Another ancient Chinese weapon

Quite a few types of weapons in ancient China appeared after the discovery of gunpowder.At the same time, in addition to the invention of new self-defense devices, the existing ones were also improved. This is how the fire spear appeared: a bamboo tube filled with gunpowder was tied to the shaft of a standard weapon. To light the fuse during the battle, the Chinese soldier only had to hit the fuse and blind the enemy with a flash.

8. Yawara

Japanese weapon for self-defense

Ordinary Japanese in the past also had to think about self-defense, so the jawara appeared in the history of weapons. The gadget was amazingly simple both in design and in application: an ordinary cylindrical stick made of wood or metal up to 15 centimeters long. Accordingly, if you squeeze it in a fist, then its ends will protrude from both sides. Jawara was used to strike painful points such as tendons, ligaments, or bundles of nerves.

9. Flamberge

The sword called flaming

European swords can also be original. A striking example of such a weapon can be considered a flamberg, which is distinguished by an unusual blade shape. Moreover, initially, researchers considered such swords only as decorative, but later it became clear that this was not the case. It turned out that the flamberg is capable of inflicting wide cut wounds that healed poorly, and this discovery made it not only a full-fledged, but also a truly deadly weapon.

10. Chakra

Chakra is not only about human energy fields

This Indian weapon is a prime example of how ingenious is simple. The chakra is a metal circle sharpened at the edges. It was used as a flying weapon. It was used in several ways: for example, the chakra was unrolled on the index finger, and then, with a sharp movement of the wrist, it was thrown towards the enemy.

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