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Few have seen such Niva
Few have seen such Niva

Video: Few have seen such Niva

Video: Few have seen such Niva
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One of the most interesting and respected creations of the domestic auto industry is the Niva car. This Soviet and then Russian SUV was very popular and even exported to other countries of the world. On its basis, a considerable number of modifications were created, many of which are little-known, but very interesting.

The first Niva rolled off the assembly line in 1977 and immediately won the hearts of motorists. Under the hood was an in-line engine with a capacity of 80 horsepower per 1.6 liters. It was equipped with a four-speed gearbox. Slightly different models were sent for export - with a 1, 3-liter engine.

1. Lada Niva iKRA

In most cases, visible changes are made during the modification. This was the case with an SUV called Lada Niva iKRA. These cars were produced for a short time from 1993 to 1995, and they were supplied to the Spanish car market. To attract foreign buyers, it was decided to make the interior of the car more comfortable and use a bright body kit.

2. Lada 4 × 4 Niva Plein Soleil by Poch

The official importer of domestic Niva cars in France was Poch. Back in the early 80s of the last century, she was presented with a modification called Plein Soleil. Its peculiarity was the absence of a roof in the rear of the car and the strengthening of the entire power structure of the car.

3. Deutsche Lada Niva California

When creating this modification, some interesting changes were made. One of them was the installation of a cloth hatch in the roof of an SUV. Such a car was also developed in the early 80s of the twentieth century and was interesting to buyers, as evidenced by the fact that such VAZ models could be bought back in 2009.

4. Lada Niva Special

This is a modification of the classic SUV, created by the Czech society Autolada CZ. Cars were modified in Prague in very small series. The craftsmen changed the classic version by extending the rear protrusion and installing the wings. Such a car could be purchased in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Interestingly, the buyer could choose a cargo version called Praktik, which had only two seats and a simple passenger version.

5. Lada 4 × 4 Niva "St-Tropez"

Soviet cars Lada in France were actively promoted by the dealer Jean-Jacques Pock. He developed a considerable number of interesting modifications of the Niva, among which the model with the name St Tropez stands out. Lada Niva Saint-Tropez. You could buy it in the period 1984-1987. and was distinguished by a peculiar design of the body kit.

6. Deutsche Lada Niva Cabrio

German craftsmen were interested in changing the Soviet Niva. So in 1983, on the basis of this SUV, the Deutsche Lada Automobil GmbH company, which was the official importer of these cars, presented a convertible, where the side struts and power elements of the roof were completely absent. But a tubular frame appeared, with which they decided to strengthen the body.

The new version features front seats with head restraints, reinforced lateral seat support and seat belts. Additionally, plastic fender flares were used, which were painted in the color of the car and gave it a more spectacular look.

7. VAZ-21213 "Laura"

NIVA Laura is an armored car with hinged doors based on hidden armoring technology. The car was intended mainly for collectors, but could be used for other purposes. Full-size curved glass allowed the crew to get a high degree of visibility, and swing doors made it possible to quickly load or unload the crew and valuables.

8. VAZ-2131 "Antel"

This very interesting model was shown in 2001. The peculiarity of this modification lies in the presence of a power plant, which was engaged in the conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy. This approach resulted in a quiet car that did not emit any fumes. Special pressure cylinders were used to store oxygen and hydrogen.

9. VAZ-2121 Auviga

The peculiarity of this modification was that the car began to look more like a camping on wheels. Such a model was presented by the Latvian company Auviga in the late 80s and early 90s. The residential superstructure, if necessary, can be disconnected from the machine and installed on a special support. The project was interesting, but it did not get any further development.

10. Bronto-212182 "Force"

Niva cars are often used as the basis for unusual modifications by Bronto. One of the interesting solutions is the armored car, called "Force", in which the armor and glass are able to withstand a burst of Kalashnikov 5, 45 mm. and 7, 62 mm. This model was developed for collectors. Additionally, an air conditioner, another storage battery, and a fire-and-explosion-proof fuel tank were installed in it.

11. Bronto-212183 "Landole"

This model was also presented by Bronto. The classic Niva has been heavily modified. The upper part of the body was completely removed and a power roll cage was installed in its place. The doors were completely removed, and instead of them, small plastic restraints appeared. The usual trunk is also missing here, which has been replaced by an open side. This model was produced in 1998-2009.

12. Bronto-1922-55 "Marsh-Combi"

This is a newly modified Niva car, which the specialists from "Bronto" worked on transforming. The basis of the transport was the bridges and frame of the UAZ-3151, but the body was used from the VAZ-21213. The first thing that catches your eye is the huge pneumatic wheels that allow this car to move on soils with low traffic, hence the name "March", which means "swamp" in French. From the Niva in this seriously updated SUV, there is still a gearbox, engine and transfer case.

13. VAZ-2121 Niva "Sahara"

Niva "Sahara" was released in 1991 in only 6 copies. The wheelbase of the conventional "Niva" was lengthened by 30 cm, due to which it was possible to move the rear seat out of the area of the rear wheels, thus providing a comfortable seating for three passengers. The roof at the rear of the car has been made removable

14. Niva Trailer

The Niva Trailer, great for outdoor trips, was created from two halves of the regular Niva. In fact, this is not a house on wheels, but rather a gazebo on wheels - inside, opposite each other, there are two seats, between which there is a table.

15. Niva of the future

Niva 4x4 NG
Niva 4x4 NG

Taking into account the needs of consumers, AVTOVAZ decided to release a mass crossover. It will replace the obsolete Lada 4 × 4.

As a basis for the new generation of Niva, it is planned to use the inexpensive and time-tested platform B0 (Global Access), which is used in the production of such cars as Renault Logan, Sandero, Duster. The Togliatinsky auto giant plans to refine the chassis of the 2nd generation Renault Duster and bring its crossover throughput to the level that has become familiar to the Niva 4 × 4.

AVTOVAZ will not use domestic engines and transmissions in its new car. The HR16DE engine, developed by Nissan, will be the base engine of the new model. The volume of the power unit is 1.6 liters, the power that it is capable of developing is 114 horsepower. The new car will be equipped with a controlled all-wheel drive system. The rear wheels are connected to the differential using a Duster clutch.

It was also decided to divide the model into urban and off-road versions. The latter will have improved geometric cross-country ability and a unique all-wheel drive system. AVTOVAZ plans to develop a new transmission for the new generation of Niva independently. When choosing the optimal technical solution, the cost of components will be taken into account.