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How info-war specialists breed fakes against Russia
How info-war specialists breed fakes against Russia

Three messages from the United States at once on the topic of information wars waged against Russia converged within the last 24 hours - May 5-6.

First. The US State Department will allocate 140 thousand dollars for "assistance to the Balkan states in the fight against" disinformation ", primarily from Russia."

It is about training specialists in information warfare in the Balkan region. The State Department did the same when it dealt with "enthusiasts" of Ukrainian and Arab origin, preparing them according to its own programs - some to warm up the "Arab spring", others with "correct coverage" of the events on the Maidan.

Now, as specified in the tender documents posted on the State Department's website, the budget will be allocated through the US Embassy in Kosovo Pristina for the implementation of the TechCamp in Kosovo: Combating Disinformation in the Balkans program. - "TechCamp Kosovo: Countering Disinformation in the Balkans". Where they found there "disinformation" other than their own is a mystery for independent observers.

The involvement of such "tutorials" for fake operators has been known for many years. In 2010, the author himself faced the recruitment of bloggers at one of the training centers. They teach fairly "one-celled" - there are training manuals, there is payment for work. And then on the most popular sites in Russia, for example - "Continentalist", there are groups of interpreters who cannot squeeze out a single article - they have only zeros in their publications. But they famously comment on and interpret in the most negative way those truthful materials that are not to the liking of their owners.

Now this "school of zeros - school 00", as I began to call it to myself, continues to educate its Internet agents in the Balkans.

Churchill would not approve of this

American diplomats (diplomats?) Write frankly: “The goal of the TechCamp Kosovo program is to strengthen public confidence in a free press and democratic institutions, to help program participants better identify and fight fake news, as well as disinformation and related threats., such as fake accounts, "- says the text on the website of the State Department. Although - according to the scheme - such work should be carried out by propaganda services, and not diplomatic - in the person of the US State Department. But there, for a long time already, everything was mixed and merged …

The event in Kosovo is planned to be regional. Its "target audience" is listeners from Kosovo itself, unrecognized by Serbia, but which is the "fulcrum" for Americans in the Balkans. Note that the Prime Minister of Great Britain during the Second World War, Winston Churchill, would have been very unhappy with the appearance of anyone - even Yankee allies - in the Balkan region, which he called "the soft underbelly of Europe" and considered the zone of influence of England.

Nevertheless, the Yankees are here and now in Kosovo, and do not hesitate to invite to this self-proclaimed, contrary to international law, information war activists from neighboring countries - Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Slovenia. The Americans are even waiting for representatives from Serbia, since it is very important for the Yankees to have their own information agents there.

The State Department clearly defines the candidates who are desirable for the TechCamp Kosovo. Among the listeners of the courses are called “officials of local governments”, “journalists”, as well as “media influencers”, which is a new word for “influencers in the media” and top bloggers.

The training course for such propagandists is aimed, in particular, at teaching them how to “counteract Russian disinformation”. The requirements are formulated: “At least half of the journalists trained under the TechCamp program should take, in the long term, after training, direct participation“in local or regional initiatives to strengthen journalistic networks,”including within the framework of“active opposition to Russian disinformation ", as well as measures to combat this disinformation." That is - to launch "circles on the water". If, of course, this is not a swamp …

About disinformation pouring from the West - not a word. On the other hand, in the Balkans, the Yankees are already feeling Russian influence, if they are so excited. I have noticed more than once that every hit by our articles "to the point" causes hysteria on the part of Westerners, who are sure that only they have the "ultimate truth." Although in order to protect their decrepit "truths" they often cannot do without lies and fakes. They well understand that in the fragile brains of poorly trained schoolchildren - “qualified consumers”, even fakes will be perceived as facts of real life, and not as inventions of propagandists hired for dollars.

“Representatives of non-profit and non-governmental organizations, think tanks, civil society organizations and educational institutions” from the above-mentioned countries of the Balkan region can take part in the competition for a grant from the State Department in TechCamp.

The public there, judging by the orgy around the discrediting of our Victory in the Second World War, is very pliable, and from these youngsters they can grow a "soldier of fortune" for the US information front in the Balkans.

This is the first news.

"Mandatory Amendments" from US National Intelligence

Second piece of news. The United States intends to release 53 documents on "Russian interference" in the 2016 presidential election, as Acting Director of US National Intelligence Richard Grenell has just announced.

They, apparently, do not understand well the outcome of such a campaign - the outcome is that the alleged "role of Russia in determining the results of the American presidential elections", as already stated at the level of the US National Intelligence (!), Will eventually lead the American people to an understanding of the immutable truth: “He, the people of the United States (We the People), without Russia, cannot even choose POTUS”. This means that Russia has such a Power that … And so on - to the best of their imaginations.

So, at first, Mr. Grenell said that "all documents proving Russian interference in the US presidential elections in 2016 can be made public." But he said somehow ambiguously, to which we draw the attention of readers:

"All of the transcripts, with our required redactions, can be released to the public without any concerns of disclosing classified material ". - "All transcripts with our obligatory editioncan be published without any fear of disclosing state secrets,”Grenell said in a letter to the chairman of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff.

The letter was sent on May 4, and it became known to the press a few hours later. A spokesman for the Committee on Intelligence confirmed that the decision was made "after more than a year's unnecessary delay." And the delay was due to the unwillingness of the White House to publish materials for fear that they "may contain state secrets." Trump, apparently, had other reasons not to let this report go to the public, but in the end, exactly as Grendell formulates it, before the voters, who are assured - on their own head - of the omnipotence of Moscow, and explained. Americans love and respect the Force - how can they not understand this in Washington?

And now the documents will still be made public with mandatory editions on behalf of the special services … Therefore, so that the special services do not correct these texts there - either they will remove something or add something - this paper can be perceived as a forgery and an act of another information attack on Russia. We look forward to a new wave of highly likely accusations.

Fake from the bowels of "sources in the UN"

And one more - the third fresh news in the framework of the same information roll-over to Russia. AFP's news release from New York says that "the UN report discloses that the Russian PMC Wagner has deployed about 1,000 fighters in Libya."

A significant source is this "UN report". Only does this paper exist?

It turned out - there is no such paper now. And the French were given a "dummy".

When clarifying the source of this stuffing, the following details emerged. First, the French do not name their informants at the UN: "The UN report says, according to several diplomats who spoke to AFP on condition of anonymity as the document has not yet been made public." "A UN source says the document has not yet been released, according to several diplomats who spoke to AFP on condition of anonymity."

It turns out: first, such a document was not voiced in the UN.

Second, all evidence is from anonymous sources.

Third, the fake is not based on a UN document, which is included in the headline and in the lead of the AFP material, but on numerous publications about Wagner in the American press, which you can trust about the word “never”.

But, the information wave has already been raised, although a new fake, which is now picked up by the media, appeared from rumors and stuffing. Rather, information waste.

Perhaps the authors of this fake "from the depths of UN sources" underwent the same training at an American school where they train Internet agents. And the main thing for them is not truthful information, but hype and Russophobia under any pretext and sauce.

There is only one way to deal with this - not to react to every injection and, moreover, not to replicate it like this in our country - to check the information. And beat-beat-beat on their "vulnerable points", which is what, for example, the RT channel is doing. I know that many people in the Arab world watch it and believe the information from Moscow. Although news services that do not sympathize with us are active there, RT was able to find its very wide audience.

It is clear that you don’t cheer on every one of the manufacturers of Western information stuffing, so let's say for all of them at once: “Bon appetit, don’t choke on your fakes, gentlemen.”

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