TOP 5 coronavirus fakes that frighten Russians
TOP 5 coronavirus fakes that frighten Russians

Vodka as a cure for coronavirus, masked nanoworms and chipping through a vaccine. These are far from all the fakes about COVID-19, which, unfortunately, Russians believe.

The Russian service of answering questions Yandex.Q, as well as specialists from the Russian Academy of National Economy under the President of the Russian Federation (RANEPA) and the World-Level Scientific Center “Center for Interdisciplinary Human Potential Research” have revealed the main rumors about the coronavirus.

The study participants analyzed more than 6 million fake posts and reposts in social networks among Russians from the beginning of 2020 to mid-May 2021, and here are the popular fakes they identified.


1) In February 2020, instructions from the non-existent Russian doctor Yuri Klimov, who, according to legend, worked at a Shenzhen hospital, began to appear in social networks, messengers and forums, and then he was transferred to study the virus in Wuhan, where he allegedly learned how to fight the coronavirus. The posts claimed that the coronavirus allegedly dies at a temperature of 26-27 degrees - so the fake doctor recommended drinking more hot water, and after contact with an infected person, wash things with ordinary powder and dry clothes in the sun.

2) Russians in social networks from coronavirus were also offered to drink a popular antiviral drug, eat ginger and breathe vodka vapors. People especially believed in the power of ginger - in the spring of 2020, demand for it increased sharply, and its price tripled.

3) The Russians believed that the masks that make citizens wear to fight the spread of infection contain black nano-worms that penetrate the human skin and harm the entire body. Users sent videos with non-existent worms to each other in What’sApp. In fact, these turned out to be ordinary fibers that moved from heat, static charges or air vibrations.

4) The Russians held particular anger at China, where the coronavirus came from. In Vladivostok, there were false rumors that the Chinese allegedly intentionally infect people with a virus using a special "white powder", and also supply bananas with an infection to Russia, and the parcels themselves from Chinese online stores, for example Aliexpress, are also infectious.

5) Social media users also questioned the benefits of vaccination - many spread fakes that vaccination against coronavirus can lead to infertility, or that through vaccination, people are implanted with chips, with the help of which the world government can allegedly control every person, and, if necessary, kill his. And the whole idea is attributed to Bill Gates himself, who invested tens of thousands of euros in the search for a cure for coronavirus.

In addition, in the southern Volga region and Rostov-on-Don, there were rumors that local doctors were falsifying the diagnosis of coronavirus, and in Moscow and St. Petersburg users of the Yandex search engine were looking for a poem about life in quarantine, the authorship of which was attributed to Alexander Pushkin.


“The most tenacious fakes are associated with vaccination, interest in them has been preserved almost since the beginning of the spread of coronavirus in Russia. The rest of the fakes are characterized by sharp ups and downs: for example, interest in folk remedies and pseudo-medical advice was high only just before and during the first and second waves of coronavirus,”the study said.

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