Why WHO is fanning the pandemic and scaring the world's population
Why WHO is fanning the pandemic and scaring the world's population

According to the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) Tedros Ghebreyesus, the dangerous pandemic raging across the planet will not end soon. The organization is very concerned about the disappointing trend in morbidity and mortality in many countries due to low testing rates.

There are a lot of similar statements in recent weeks, but not everyone agrees with the assessment of the situation and with the conclusions of the WHO, first of all, about the enormous danger of the new virus. Leading experts and scientists conclude that the official information about COVID-19 is not true, that the current outbreak is not even one of the twenty deadliest epidemics in history. According to Deutsche Bank, the current virus can enter the top five most deadly diseases with only 210 million victims. In terms of this indicator, today's pandemic can be compared with the swine flu of 2009-2010. Then 0, 003% of the world's population died - 203 thousand people. Virology professor John Ioannidis of Stanford University believes that "the data collected to date about how many people are infected and how the epidemic is developing is highly unreliable." In his opinion, the only time a large group of people was tested was the Diamond Princess cruise ship, on which all passengers were quarantined. There, the mortality rate was 1.0%, and they were mainly elderly people.

The mortality rate of COVID-19 does not differ significantly from those ARVIs caused by known coronaviruses, French doctors agreed with such conclusions of Ioannidis. In an article by the most authoritative medical journal Nature Medicine, virologists from the United States and China presented data on the Chinese city of Wuhan, in which the virus was first detected. The risk of death for the city of Wuhan is 1, 2–1, 4%, and in areas outside Hubei province it was 0.85%, which correlates well with the data of Professor Ioannidis. A special investigation was published by the Swiss Propaganda Research (Switzerland) research group, which tells about numerous cases of unsupported dramatization of the coronavirus epidemic in the world media. Returning to the experience of past global diseases, it is absolutely possible to imagine that everything will happen according to the familiar aphorism that there are lies, blatant lies and statistics. We are talking about the statistics that the WHO constantly produces "on the mountain". However, the reputation of this international organization is tarnished pretty much, but when now they give us medical prescriptions, referring to the WHO, they are perceived as very authoritative. They are usually duplicated by the ministries of health of countries and Russia is no exception.

I remember the story of the bird flu, then the WHO urgently warned of a world wave of infection - "up to seven million deaths"! In response to this forecast, the governments of the countries purchased the most “effective” flu medicines Tamiflu and Relanapp. In 1996, the Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche acquired a license from the American biotechnology company Gilead to manufacture Tamiflu. Its former chairman and major shareholder was former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Roche earned over CHF 1 billion from the sale of Tamiflu. Avian flu, of course, did not claim millions of lives: a total of 152 people died worldwide. Klaus Stoer, who played a pivotal role in WHO's strategy, stepped down from his post after the pandemic subsided to take over as director of the Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis. In 2009, during the swine flu, WHO hastened to call it an epidemic, the infection turned out to be weaker than expected.Again, on the recommendation of WHO, many states spent huge sums on the purchase of a vaccine against a non-existent pandemic, the organization also insisted on mass vaccinations of the population. Then Russia lost 4 billion rubles. In the United States, 138 million doses of vaccine were unclaimed. In the European Union, the profit of pharmacists reached 7 billion euros, and the WHO was suspected of collusion with pharmacists Roche Holding. It turns out the following - for someone a pandemic is a disaster, but someone makes good money on this. At the height of the coronavirus, this happened, for example, with paracetamol, which was swept out of pharmacies around the world, because the WHO declared its effectiveness for those infected with COVID-19.

Another curious fact about who the WHO Director Gebreyesus is. Tedros Ghebreyesus became the first African (Ethiopia) to head a world health agency in 2017 without being a doctor. There is interesting information from his biography. When, after more than 10 years in the UK, he returned to his homeland, he was appointed Minister of Health (2005 - 2012) and it was at that time that he met with former US President Bill Clinton and began cooperation with the Clinton Foundation. He has developed a close relationship with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. As Minister of Health, Tedros led the Gates Foundation's Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. In 2006, 2009, 2011, Gebreyesus was engaged in hiding information about outbreaks of cholera in Ethiopia. Interestingly, in the 2000s, some interesting changes were made to the WHO charter. Previously, WHO could only issue recommendations to the international community. Since 2005, an amendment has been introduced that allows this public organization in emergency situations (for example, during pandemics) to issue orders that are binding on all countries. In the context of epidemics, WHO recommendations with its system of regional representations can catch up with such fear on humanity that it will not seem like little.

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