Lesson to all Slavs: the bombing of Yugoslavia
Lesson to all Slavs: the bombing of Yugoslavia

This was stated in The Hague by the vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, General Leonid Ivashov, speaking as a witness for the defense at the ongoing process against Slobodan Milosevic at the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY).

In this regard, the ex-president of the FRY expressed in the courtroom the opinion that "the decision on aggression against Yugoslavia was made in advance." According to Milosevic, the failure of the 1999 peace conference in Rambouillet and the shooting of civilians in the Kosovar village of Racak were only a pretext for NATO's bombing of Yugoslavia.

1999. According to the American newspaper International Herald Tribune, during the bombing of Yugoslavia, Western leaders clearly demonstrated their undisguised cynicism

NATO planners presented a document to Clinton, Blair and Chirac that planned the bombing of the Serbian Socialist Party's Belgrade headquarters.

It was planned in advance to kill 50-100 party and government officials of the country and about 250 civilians. The plan was immediately approved. The foreign ministers of the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy regularly discussed military action plans among themselves.

During one telephone conversation between Albright and her "green" colleague from Germany, Joschka Fischer, the latter suddenly uttered a heart-rending cry. Concerned, Albright asked what had happened. Fischer replied that he was watching a football match on TV at the same time as the conversation, and now a goal was scored.

The formal pretext for the aggression, in which another 18 NATO member states took part under the leadership of the United States, was the failure of negotiations on the Kosovo problem in Rambouillet (France) and Serbia's refusal to sign a "peace plan", one of the points of which was the deployment of foreign troops in Kosovo. that is, the de facto military occupation of the region. The last missing trump card for the United States and its allies was provided by a falsified "incident" with the help of Western special services in the Kosovar village of Racak, where a mass grave site of civilians of the Albanian population shot by Serbian troops was allegedly discovered.

The overwhelming majority of those buried were militants of the "Kosovo Liberation Army" who died in various parts of the province in clashes with Yugoslav law enforcement forces and were then taken to the Racak area. Moreover, Finnish materials submitted to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia were soon declared “missing”.

Depleted uranium was used by the Americans in Yugoslavia

This highly toxic substance, as you know, is actively used in the United States in the construction of shells: they get rid of debris, and they strike a double blow at the enemies: people in the area of ​​bombing with the use of such weapons can no longer live, because in most cases, freak children are born (67%), there is a total extinction from leukemia and cancer, and the decay of this substance will end in many billions of years.


In the course of this aggression by the USA and NATO, which lasted from March 24 to June 10, 1999, 35,000 air sorties were carried out against the FRY, in which 1,000 aircraft and helicopters were involved; more than 10,000 cruise missiles were fired, 79,000 tons of explosives were dropped (including 156 containers with 37,440 cluster bombs prohibited by international law).

Prohibited cluster bombs that NATO has successfully deployed in Yugoslavia:

Image Image

After the barbaric NATO attacks on chemical and petrochemical facilities, millions of citizens were exposed to gas poisoning

Water, soil and forests were also affected.All of this can have long-term consequences for the health of the entire population and the environment, not only in Yugoslavia, but throughout the region.

The prolonged bombing of civilian targets in the FR of Yugoslavia showed the real nature of the aggressors; they did not stop even before the bombing of refugees and humanitarian convoys.

Trucks with Greek humanitarian aid were clearly marked, their movement was known, so this act cannot be a "mistake", it is just a new planned crime against the civilian population in the FR of Yugoslavia.

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