Russian School of Russian Language. Lesson 18
Russian School of Russian Language. Lesson 18

The genuine, and not a substitute real Russian language, today, is hardly the only source that can return and explain to us much of what we have lost, both deliberately and violently, and through stupidity, and through negligence.

And we very, very hope that it helps to reconcile armchair scientists and enthusiasts of alternatives, and inspired writers, and gullible readers of social networks, from ill-mannered boorish commentators (cowardly hiding behind nicknames and pictures) to encyclopedically educated, thinking analysts, patiently waiting for the next clarifications); from depressed skeptics to enthusiastic fans of any theory …

And most importantly, the MAIN THING! that the MANIFESTED Russian language will certainly contribute to reconciliation - pagans, Rodnovers, Old Believers, atheists and Orthodox Russian people, mystics and materialists, adherents of Hinduism, Buddhism, and other old and new isms … Derivative meanings of Russian words, concepts, metaphors, images, symbols, meanings, images … which, being transformed at different times, in different territories, for different reasons, today, are not a unifying principle, but increasingly often a weapon of all the named categories of Russian-speaking people among themselves. Each, for or against everyone else. And this is not a permissible misfortune for us and the most cherished dream of our enemies!

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