General sponsor: how Jewish bankers created the Third Reich
General sponsor: how Jewish bankers created the Third Reich

Jews and Hitler are one of the most secret topics in the media. Although it is no secret that the Fuhrer and the NSDAP were sponsored by such influential Jewish industrialists as Reynold Gesner and Fritz Mandel, Max Warburg, Oskar Wassermann and Hans Privin …

Jews and the creation of the Third Reich

Usually, when they talk about the reasons for the coming to power of Adolf Hitler, they recall his outstanding oratorical gift, charisma, political will and intuition, the difficult economic situation in Germany after the defeat in the First World War, the offense of the Germans for the shameful conditions of the Versailles Peace, but in reality it is all are only secondary prerequisites that contributed to his coming to the top of the political Olympus.

Without regular, serious funding for his movement, payment for a number of expensive measures that made the German National Socialist Workers' Party (in German transcription NSDAP) popular, the Nazis would never have reached the pinnacle of power, remaining common among dozens of similar local movements. For those who have seriously researched and investigated the phenomenon of National Socialism and the Fuhrer, this is a fact.

Hitler's main sponsorsand his parties were made by the financiers of Great Britain and the United States. From the very beginning, Hitler was a "project". The energetic Fuhrer was a tool for uniting Europe against the Soviet Union, other important tasks were also solved, for example, the field tests of the "New World Order" were carried out, which they planned to spread throughout the planet.

Sponsored by Hitlerand German financial and industrial circles associated with the global financial international. Hitler's sponsors included Fritz Thiessen(the eldest son of the industrialist August Thyssen), since 1923 he provided significant material support to the Nazis, in 1930 he publicly supported Hitler. In 1932 he was part of a group of financiers, industrialists and landowners who demanded from the Reich President Paul von Hindenburgto appoint Hitler as Reich Chancellor.

Thyssen was a supporter of the restoration of the estate state - in May 1933, with the support of Hitler, he established the Institute of Estates in Düsseldorf. Thyssen planned to provide a scientific basis for the ideology of the estate state. Thyssen was a supporter of the war with the USSR, but he protested against the war with Western countries and opposed the persecution of Jews. As a result, a break in relations with Hitler followed. On September 2, 1939, Thyssen left for Switzerland with his wife, daughter and son-in-law. In 1940 in France he wrote a book "I financed Hitler", after the occupation of the French state, he was arrested and ended up in a concentration camp, where he stayed until the end of the war.

Financial aid to the Nazis was provided by a German industrialist and financial magnate Gustav Krupp… Among the bankers, money for Hitler was collected by the President of the Reichsbank and Adolf Hitler's confidant for relations with his political and financial sponsors in Western countries Hjalmar Schacht… Since 1916, this talented organizer headed the private National Bank of Germany, then became its co-owner. Since December 1923 - the head of the Reichsbank (headed until March 1930, and then in 1933-1939). Had close ties with an American corporation J.P. Morgana… It was he who, since 1933, carried out the economic mobilization of Germany, preparing her for war.

The reasons that forced the German financial and industrial elite to help Hitler and his party were very different. Some wanted to create a powerful strike force against the internal "communist threat" and the workers' movement. They were also afraid of an external danger - the "Bolshevik threat".Others were reinsured against Hitler's rise to power. Still others worked in the same group with the global financial international. AND everyone benefited from military mobilization and war- orders poured from a cornucopia.

After the defeat of the Third Reich in the war and to this day in the mass consciousness of people Jewry Is a victim of Nazism. Moreover, the tragedy of the Jews was turned into a kind of brand, profiting from it, receiving financial and political dividends. Although many more Slavs perished in this massacre - more 30 millions (including Poles, Serbs, etc.).

In reality, Jews - Jews are different, some were exterminated, persecuted, while other Jews financed Hitler themselves. The "world community" prefers to remain silent about the contribution of influential Jews of that time to the formation of the Third Reich, the growth of Hitler's influence. And people who raise this issue are immediately accused of revisionism, fascism, anti-Semitism, etc.

Jews and Hitler - this is one of the most closed topics in the world media. Although it is no secret that the Fuhrer and the NSDAP were sponsored by such influential Jewish industrialists as Reynold Gesner and Fritz Mandel… The famous Warburg banking dynasty and personally Max Warburg (Director of the Hamburg bank "MM Warburg & Co").

Among other Jewish bankers who did not spare money for the NSDAP, it is necessary to single out Berliners Oscar Wasserman (one of the directors of Deutsche Bank) and Hans Privin… A number of researchers are sure that they participated in the financing of Nazism RothschildsThey needed Hitler to implement the project to create a Jewish state in Palestine.

The persecution of Jews in Europe forced them to look for a new homeland, and the Zionists (supporters of the unification and revival of the Jewish people in their historical homeland) helped in organizing the creation of settlements in the Palestinian territories. In addition, the problem of assimilation of Jews in Europe was solved, the persecution forced them to remember their origin, to unite, the mobilization of Jewish identity took place.

It is interesting that in fact Hitler and his party financed and prepared the ground for the Nazi seizure of power in Germany the same forceswhat the revolution was preparing 1905, 1917 years in Russia, sponsored the party of Bolsheviks, Socialist-Revolutionaries, Mensheviks, worked closely with all Russian revolutionary forces. This is the so-called "Financial international", the owners of banks in the United States, Britain, France and other Western countries, the American Federal Reserve System (FRS).

In addition, it should be noted that top leadership of the Third Reich itself largely consisted of Jews or people with Jewish roots. These facts are stated in the work of Dietrich Bronder "Before Hitler came"based on 288 sources (he was the general secretary of the association of non-religious communities in Germany), Henek Kardel "Adolf Hitler - the founder of Israel" (during the war he was a lieutenant colonel and knight of the Iron Cross). Many facts about Jews in the Third Reich can be found in the works of Willie Frischauer Himmler, William Stevenson "Brotherhood of Bormann", John Donovan Eichmann, Charles Whiting "Canaris" etc.

Adolf Hitler himself had Jewish roots, such famous Nazis as Heydrich (after Suess's father), Franc, Rosenberg… One of the authors of the plan "On the Final Solution of the Jewish Question" was a Jew. Eichmann… The extermination of Poles and Jews on Polish territory was led by the Jew Hans Michael Frank, he was the Governor-General of Poland in 1939-1945. One of the most famous adventurers of the 20th century Ignaz Trebic-Lincoln, an ardent supporter of Hitler and his ideas, was born into a family of Hungarian Jews.

Third Reich funded and created by Jews

A Jew was the editor-in-chief of the anti-Semitic and anti-communist newspaper "Sturmovik", the ideologue of racism and an ardent anti-Semite Julius Streicher (Abram Goldberg).He was executed in 1946 at the Nuremberg Tribunal for anti-Semitism and incitement to genocide. Reich propaganda minister Joseph had Semitic roots Goebbels and his wife Magda Berend-Friedlander. Rudolph had Semitic origins Hess, Minister of Labor Robert Lei… It is believed that the chief of the Abwehr Canaris came from Greek Jews.

Before the war, up to half a million Jews lived in Germany, up to 300 thousand of them freely left. Those who did not leave were partially injured, but the Jews of Poland and the USSR suffered the most, they were significantly assimilated, and they were "put under the knife" as having lost their Jewish identity… Many Jews fought as part of the Wehrmacht, so only about 10 thousand people were captured in Soviet captivity.

Thanks to Hitler personally, a category of more than 150 "Honorary Aryans"which included mainly major Jewish industrialists… They carried out the personal instructions of the leader to sponsor certain political events. The Nazis divided the Jews into the rich and everyone else; there were benefits for the rich.

Third Reich funded and created by Jews

Thus, we see that through the efforts of the Western media, official historians, politicians, many interesting pages have been cut from the history of World War II and its prehistory. Jews funded the creation of the Third Reich, Hitler personally, were in the leadership of Germany, participated in the "solution" of the Jewish question, the destruction of their fellow tribesmen, fought as part of the German armed forces. And after the collapse of the Reich, the German people were blamed for the genocide of the Jewish people and forced to pay an indemnity. Until now, Germany and the Germans are considered the main culprits in inciting World War II, although the organizers of this massacre remained unpunished.

The USSR and its political leadership are fond of accusing them of anti-Semitism, but Saiko in the book "Crossroads on the way to Israel" and Weinstock at work "Zionism against Israel" give very interesting data. Of the Jews who were persecuted by the Nazis and who found salvation abroad between 1935 and 1943, 75% found refuge in the totalitarian Soviet Union. England sheltered about 2% (67 thousand people), the United States - less 7% (about 182 thousand people), left for Palestine 8, 5% refugees.

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