How did the Russian knights fight the corrosion of their chain mail?
How did the Russian knights fight the corrosion of their chain mail?

From ancient times to the first third of the New Age, chain mail remained the main protective tool for a huge number of peoples of the world. Russia in this respect was no exception. Chain mail was used by vigilantes practically everywhere. She was loved and appreciated. That is why it is strange to find out that periodically knights in Russia put their chain mail in barrels of sand. What kind of ritual is this?

At all times, military equipment required care

Today your chain mail is rusty, and tomorrow you will lose the war! Surely something similar to his subordinates could have said Dmitry Donskoy during the next inspection of the troops, having noticed rust on someone's chain mail. It so happened that from time immemorial, military equipment is the thing for which constant and very specific care is needed. Otherwise, it simply ceases to cope with its duties and, as a result, can destroy its negligent master in the very first battle. For example, there is a legend that King Henry V of Germany stabbed one of his knights during a meeting just because he had rust on his sword.

The military class has always tried to look brand new

Actually, no matter how correct the care for a thing is, however, over time, it has a custom to deteriorate. Chain mail is no exception in this regard. Sooner or later, her rings start to rust. Since ancient times, people have realized that it is possible to fight corrosion with the help of abrasive agents. And the simplest abrasive material is, of course, sand.

Interesting fact:chain mail tried to be lubricated with oils or grease so that they were better protected from aggressive environments. Plus, the oily metal shines beautifully in the sun!

Chainmail is an AK-74 from the world of ancient and medieval armor

Actually, it is for this reason that Russian warriors periodically put their chain mail in barrels, along with a certain amount of sand. The barrel was closed, after which the faithful servant began to roll this barrel for some time down the street. This simple procedure made it possible to protect an expensive item from premature damage. After all, if the rust is started, then several rings will have to be changed, and this is a much more complicated and expensive procedure that requires the services of a master blacksmith. Moreover, if you do not notice a rusted area, then it will become a vulnerable spot in defense and can cause sad consequences in battle.

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