In memory of S.V. Zharnikova. TV transmission
In memory of S.V. Zharnikova. TV transmission

Perhaps the only program on one of the central TV channels where they would talk about Svetlana Zharnikova. She was one of those who proved the northern origin of the Aryans, whose culture formed the basis of many civilizations. Among academic science, this most important issue is deliberately clouded over by the crafty term "Indo-Europeans".

The Russian language is closest to all other languages ​​of the world to Sanskrit - the language of the most ancient books of mankind, the Vedas. If our Russian language has existed for millennia, then why does the official history recognize the emergence of our statehood and our people only from the moment of the adoption of Christianity?

Another interview that was filmed one of the last:

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Trace of Vedic Russia



This book contains the main evidence for the emergence of white peoples in the north of Eurasia. It is in this book that a set of strictly scientific facts in Russian is presented for the first time. The book is based on the data of the author's Ph.D. thesis (Archaic motives of North Russian ornamentation (on the question of possible Proto-Slavic-Indo-Iranian parallels), which was defended in 1988 at the Institute of Ethnography and Anthropology of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

S. V. Zharnikova - candidate of historical sciences, art critic and ethnographer, for 20 years she has been studying traditional folk cultures of the Russian North. Member of the Russian Geographical Society, and the International Club of Scientists. She examines the traditions, rituals and folklore of our North from the standpoint of LG Tilak's "polar hypothesis", the essence of which is that in the most ancient period of its history, up to the turn of the 4th millennium BC. the ancestors of almost all European peoples and some peoples of Asia (Indo-Europeans) lived on the territory of Eastern Europe - their ancestral home. Some of these peoples, who are the ancestors of the Iranians and Indians, who called themselves "Aryans", lived in high latitudes - in the Polar and Polar regions.

Zharnikova contributed to the further development and confirmation of the polar hypothesis of the outstanding Indian scientist B.G. Tilaka and its transformation from a hypothesis into a "theory of the polar ancestral home of the Indo-Europeans." The book tells about the things that developed in deep antiquity in the north of Eastern Europe and were carried away by the Aryans in the III-II millennia BC. to the territory of Iran and Hindustan, rituals and customs that have survived to this day in the same forms both in India and in the north of Russia.

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