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The solar system is a living cell of the universe
The solar system is a living cell of the universe

As direct participants in the milestone events in the history of mankind, we all together and each separately will have to voluntarily or forcibly make our own existential (final) choice.

This article shows the possibility of a conscious, and by virtue of this, voluntary choice of both your own path and the fate of human civilization and the well-being of our home - planet Earth.

At present, crisis phenomena of a socio-economic, military-political and environmental nature are widespread and have reached the dimensions of a planetary scale.

Realizing that all social and social phenomena and processes, including those of a crisis nature, are interconnected, we can conclude that such a scale of cumulative crisis phenomena should be designated as a global crisis that affects not only biological species (living organisms), but and the whole global ecosystem of the Earth - the Biosphere.

At its core, the global crisis has an essential civilizational and ideological reason for its occurrence, which is expressed in the objective inability of humanity to live with outdated ideas about the Universe and its own purpose, with lost and perverted life goals and with life support systems destroying the planet.

The modern moment is unique in that for all mankind it is a bifurcation point (a critical moment in the life of mankind, after which changes take place in its life), a milestone in its history. We are witnessing a process that many, depending on the level of their understanding, call differently: a financial crisis, a catastrophe, a paradigm shift, a civilization crisis, etc. In reality, it is a process of transformation of human civilization, its transformation.

Transformation - transformation (from Latin transformo) Transformation, transformation, change of appearance, shape, essential properties

In transformation, both the result and the process itself are important, which is not random and chaotic, but has a natural conformity and nature-like nature of transformation. It is important to understand that as a result of the transformation process, despite the present and future trials for humanity, life on the planet will not disappear or stop, but what it will be depends on us who live today.

Stages of the transformation of humanity

Human civilization in the process of its "maturation", by analogy with any living organism, is in a constant dynamic process, as a result of which its own changes occur.

At certain stages, the dynamics of qualitative changes is not linear, spasmodic. And before humanity fulfills its functional mission - to become one of the civilizations of the Universe - it will also go through the stages of internal transformation.

The closest illustration to this process is the life cycle of a butterfly.

First, a caterpillar is formed from the eggs. Its main purpose is to gain weight. It devours the leaves and grows. The meaning of her uncomplicated existence, harmful to the environment, is only one - in the future she will be able to turn into a beautiful creature and begin to live in a different environment. Born to crawl, she can fly.

To do this, she needs a process of internal transformation, which takes place in the pupa stage. At a certain point in time, the caterpillar winds a cocoon around itself, stops feeding and falls asleep.The biological substance accumulated at this stage is transformed and further, after a certain time a butterfly appears from the cocoon. She has completely different tasks and a completely different habitat.

Similarly, according to the principle of similarity to nature, the situation is with humanity. Born from an “egg”, a proto-human civilization, modern mankind is in the “caterpillar stage”, immensely absorbing all possible resources of the planet Earth, causing irreparable harm to it.

By the beginning of the XXI century, the negative social and parasitic influence of humanity has become so great that it can no longer be tolerated for the planet. Accordingly, the “caterpillar stage” for modern mankind has ended and human civilization will be actively, including under pain of death, “prompted” to enter the “pupa stage”, i.e. completely abandon social parasitism and plunder of the planet's resources.

It is appropriate to note here that, contrary to the modern scientific concept, the full-fledged life activity of mankind in a closed resource exchange mode is possible, and moreover, today it is already known how a similar life cycle is carried out without the consumption of resources.

In the future, being at the final stage in the "pupa stage", humanity will master the entire solar system.

When human civilization becomes a symbiont for planet Earth, reviving the human culture of social relations and looping its life cycle into a self-sufficient and wasteless circulation of substances, it will be able to enter Space (in a broad sense) as an intelligent human civilization without posing a threat to other cosmic civilizations.

Only being in the “butterfly stage” will humanity be able to explore the Universe and establish interaction with other civilizations.

Soviet scientist, philosopher, science fiction writer, outstanding social thinker Ivan Antonovich Efremov predicted the development of human civilization in his works.

In his novels "The Andromeda Nebula" and "Hour of the Bull" Ivan Antonovich Efremov described the world of the future, where humanity continues to conquer space, the Human worldview won on Earth, technologies, art, science were developed and peace reigned in a highly developed intellectual society.

Growing up of human civilization

Not all caterpillars turn into butterflies

No longer able to be in an infant state, human civilization is forced to mature, which is why this path does not promise to be simple and conflict-free, rather thorny and complex in terms of the level of the tasks to be solved. Currently, we know little about the possible difficulties and dangers that lie in wait for human civilization in the process of growing up.

Almost nothing is known about the life and hierarchy of other civilizations, about our enemies and allies among them. Also, the question of who and how influences the beginning of the transformation process has not been studied.

But there is also something that we understand, from which we can make a start on our research path. Objectively, we are observing a rapid change in everything that has become familiar to the majority, that is, the process of dismantling the current world order is underway. It is also clear that there are no forces on Earth capable of stopping this process, but there are forces that are capable of providing significant resistance to its implementation.

It is clear that now and in the medium term, all military-political and socio-economic processes are due to the confrontation between human and anti-human forces. Society needs to learn this information in order to make an informed choice for everyone, for what it is worth living and, if necessary, to fight.

It is also clear that modern science is not able to describe the processes actually occurring and develop adequate behavioral strategies.For her, this is, in principle, impossible, since science, generated by modern social culture, as a source of objective and relevant knowledge to meet the needs of mankind in conditions of social transformation, has lost all relevance, this source of knowledge has dried up.

Now, at the turn of the epochs, we find that science, which is quite successfully applied in local areas of human life, can tell us nothing about the process of transformation that has begun.

If we consider the earlier period of the life of mankind, before the appearance of the so-called "scientific method", it turns out that during a long historical period for the survival and formation of human civilization, the knowledge and the accuracy provided by the religious picture of the world were enough.

However, historically developed modern beliefs do not contain adequate recipes and behavioral scenarios. Humanity, in its time, having rejected the standard of error-free behavior offered by religion, perverting and distorting it, no longer meets the criteria of not only its own development, but also its own survival.

In addition, a powerful mechanism of compulsion to sin has already been created in society, which is built into the systems of our life, without which it is unthinkable for most of society to live.

Objectively, we realize that the global civilizational crisis of modern mankind has already begun and is steadily gaining strength. In these conditions, the survival of each individual representative of the human race and human civilization as a whole depends on the level of understanding of current events, on the accuracy of the perception of reality.

In the modern period, in order to increase the level of understanding by society of current events and their interrelationships with ongoing processes, new knowledge is required that will be adequate to the conditions of the current and future periods of the transformation of human civilization. Modern humanity needs knowledge that will be able to ensure not only survival, but also the sustainability of social development in a new era.

At the turn of the XX-XXI centuries, some of this knowledge was given to mankind in the form of a dialectical methodology of cognition and creativity. This knowledge provides humanity with a conceptual and terminological apparatus adequate to modern living conditions, it describes the objective laws of the social structure and gives a mechanism for dialectical cognition of the world for objective recognition of various processes with the possibility of stable and predictable control of them.

The methodology is designed to identify and recognize particular processes (objective differences in quality) in their mutual nesting in the encompassing processes. The methodology deals with processes - events in the aggregate of events in Life.

Post-scientific knowledge as a new science

Taking into account the current situation, the task of transferring the acquired conceptual knowledge from the static state of theoretical works to the state of dynamics, their practical application seems to be extremely urgent.

The effective dialectical methodology of cognition used in this case, as a research toolkit, allows you to identify processes and study them in order to obtain new knowledge that gives an understanding of the a priori essence of the principles and laws that underlie the current transformation of humanity.

Moreover, new post-scientific (as applied to traditional science) research and knowledge will encompass what is now commonly referred to as fabulous concepts and called "magic", when a person can come into informational contact with the integral intelligence of an object considered "alive" or not, changing its physicochemical properties or behavior.

In this case, the reverse process is also possible, when "living" or inanimate objects, through their integral intelligence, entering into informational contact with a person, affect his behavior.

Valery Alekseevich Legasov, an outstanding Soviet scientist, inorganic chemist, spoke about this in his interview. He was a member of the government commission to investigate the causes and liquidation of the consequences of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, for which in 1996 he was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of Russia.

He was the founder of the "Security Institute".

The potential of the traditional scientific method is far from being exhausted and could be applied further, allowing for modernization and innovative development scenarios, but in accordance with the Law of Time, the current changes in the social structure are not linear and in the near future will have an exponential growth (when the growth rate is proportional to the value of the magnitude itself), which will lead to significant changes in the existence of mankind.

Such a scenario predetermines the dynamics of decreasing the effectiveness of the traditional scientific method and in the near future will make its use irrelevant.

The growing crisis processes in their manifestation correspond and confirm the objectivity of the Law of Time, being the main driving force of the global crisis, and their exponential growth can put humanity on the brink of survival.

The illusion that the crisis will end soon and everything will be as before are instilled in those countries and social strata of society that it was decided to donate, thereby reducing the population of the planet.

Such a policy is pursued by supranational administration in the person of a few but rather influential elite groups, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that such illusions are broadcast by the governments of various countries and the mass media of world importance.

From different sides, through "talking heads", informational influence on society is carried out, they say, humanity has no choice and it is doomed. This opinion is imposed in order to deprive us of the will of divine choice. But in fact, modern human civilization has a choice and its implementation is relatively free.

One of the sources of valuable knowledge is fairy tales, epics, myths, etc. Our ancestors, trying to convey vital information to us, put it into these sources, encoding it in images, symbols and plots.

Today the time has come to decrypt it in order to obtain the necessary and useful information. By correlating it with the realities of modern life, one can get answers to many urgent questions for mankind.

In many tales, myths and epics of the peoples of the world, there is a symbolic principle of choice among fairy-tale heroes. So in the famous fairy tale about Ilya Muromets, humanity on its historical path stumbled upon a roadside stone, and in fact - the Prophetic Stone.

And on it is written: "If you go straight, you will disappear yourself; if you go to the right, you will be rich; if you go to the left, you will lose your horse." Someone could not make a choice and remained in front of the stone.

So, almost directly, in the fabulous epic, information was given that the time has come when we all have to make a choice of our path in life.

Projecting the “fairytale lie” onto the real options for the path ahead for humanity, it turns out that these options are formulated in a similar way.

The choice of one of the paths is to test a person and society for the sustainability of management, whether society will be able to overcome the trials or not and enter a new stage of its development.

Refusing to choose is also a choice. Without doing anything, humanity will continue to move along the existing path, directly to the death of its civilization.In this case, one can only hope that someone will still manage to survive and, having degraded to a wild state and biologically mutated, will subsequently lay a new round and make a new attempt to create a new civilization.

All those arrogant relying on reason and referring the scenarios described above to phantasmagoric ones should know that in the distant past, before modern humanity appeared, several attempts had already been made, which ended in the death of protocivilizations.

There is a powerful force that actively compels modern mankind to commit suicide in the same way, which is realized through an attempt to subordinate all mankind to the power of a narrow group of supranational financial elite under the guise of a so-called world government.

Humanity has to choose one of two paths. The differences between them lie in the collateral damage incurred in the process of moving towards the transformation of humanity. Ultimately, both paths will lead to the creation of a new society with a new social culture that forms the Human Creator, living in harmony with Divine Providence.

The truth of choice lies in the fact that each person, individually, does not have the necessary resources to influence the general choice of humanity, but at the same time the general choice is made with the participation of everyone.

Humanity, in the process of its transformation, has to carry out a lot of research work, which will allow to form a conscious attitude to what is happening around in order to find an answer to pressing questions. Questions about how the process of choice takes place, what it consists of, how to implement it, what forces will facilitate or oppose it - these questions are extremely relevant for society and require answers.

The fate of everyone will depend on the answers to them, since the main challenge of the new era is in the questions. The transition strategy and the possibility of minimizing civilizational losses will depend on how we react to it.

In almost all aspects of social life, there is a global mechanism of coercion to social parasitism, directly or indirectly. This is what is called supranational administration. It is required to study the possibility of its identification, the variability of its impact on a person, and behavioral characteristics.

This must be done to develop means to neutralize it. Today, at the turn of the epochs, it has become obvious: either humanity will refuse the "services" of this "management", or it will abandon itself.

The role of Russia in the transformation of humanity

It is interesting that in the testimonies of almost all well-known forecasters, Russia should play a key role in the transformation of humanity. Such statements are close to the truth, since they have found their objective confirmation.

The fact is that the Russian civilization at the unconscious levels of the psyche by the beginning of the twentieth century overcame the idealistic atheism of the church, and by the end of the twentieth century also overcame materialistic atheism.

The reality is that the Russian people are the only people on Earth who have left these processes behind, "grinding" them. Therefore, it is the Russian people who are most prepared and close to transformation in the new era.

This is the peculiarity of the Russian people and Russia. And the point here is not in racial superiority, which does not exist, but in the historical manifestation of the conciliarity and civilizational community of the Russian people.

When other peoples realize that they cannot survive on their own, then to whom will they turn for help: the Jews, the Americans, the Chinese? They will turn to Russian civilization, come and say: "You are Russian …". And we Russians must know what to answer.

To understand the immediate and distant goals of the transformation that has begun, it is necessary to form an image of the future human civilization, its ideals, the culture of social relations and means of life support.

This is the most important task, in solving which each person can determine the acceptability and desirability of the future for himself personally, as well as his direct participation in solving this problem, so that the collected image of the future is realized with the least losses and mistakes.

The civilizational transformation that has begun is accompanied by a massive loss of life. Some of these are innocent victims, and some are those who made a conscious suicidal choice, being, due to internal convictions, unable to abandon the usual conditions of existence as a social parasite.

In this regard, one of the important tasks is to formulate in an accessible form the necessary amount of knowledge about parallel processes, their properties, methods and conditions of survival within them. At the same time, it is necessary to reduce the risks of suicidal ideation.

For this, it is extremely important to dispel the deliberately disseminated deliberately false information regarding Russia, its possible future, internal potential, purpose and ways of transformation. Taking into account the key role for the present and future events of this state-territorial entity and the peoples inhabiting it, all questions about the past, present and future of Russia should be stated and covered as much as possible and objectively as possible.

In the process of transformation, we all have to make a moral choice between two opposing sides, which represent two existentially (in their essence) irreconcilable world projects: satanic and human. The first will try to maintain social parasitism with the hierarchy of social parasites.

The second will assert social and divine symbiosis. The choice between them will not be easy, despite all its obviousness. At the same time, according to God's ordinance, the choice will be voluntary, i.e. conscious.

The conqueror is predetermined and the path to Truth is one. The only question is the number of mistakes made along the way and the number of victims of these mistakes.


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