Male "crisis" - estrogen and femininity as a cultural revolution
Male "crisis" - estrogen and femininity as a cultural revolution

In the United States, a real crisis of the male sex is taking place: American men are not only beginning to give way to women on almost all fronts, but even undergoing physiological changes - including a decrease in testosterone levels …

Dry statistics say that in the US there is a real male "crisis": American men are not only beginning to give way to women on almost all fronts, but even undergoing physiological changes - including a decrease in testosterone levels, tells Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson. At the same time, this "decline in men" is hardly spoken about in public, and American politicians continue to spread the idea that women in the United States have a much harder time.

Today you will see the first part of our series, which will be released every Wednesday in March. It will be dedicated to the topic of men in America. Signs can be seen everywhere: if you are a middle-aged man, then you probably knew at least one man who committed suicide in the past few years, and if you are raising children, you may have noticed that your daughter has little business. better than your son's. They (women. - InoTV) have better grades, they smoke marijuana much less, play video games less, and go to more prestigious colleges.

If you are an employer, then you may have noticed that your employees show up on time, while young people often cannot boast of this. And of course, if you live in our country, then you have just witnessed a series of horrific massacres with the use of firearms - much more intense than we have ever had - and they were not committed by women at all: in each case the shooter was a man. Something alarming is happening with the Americans, and anyone who follows the situation understands.

What is strange is that this is rarely spoken about in public. Our leaders promise to create a better environment for women and girls who they say are having a hard time. Men do not need help, they are “patriarchy”, everything is fine with them, even excellent. But is it? Here are the numbers.

Let's start with the fundamental - life and death. In America, the average man dies five years earlier than the average woman. Part of the reason is addiction. Men are twice as likely to become an alcoholic. In addition, they are twice as likely to die from drug overdose. In New Hampshire, one of the states hardest hit by the opioid crisis, 73% of overdose deaths were men. However, the saddest reason for the shorter life expectancy of men is suicide. 77% of all suicides in America are men. Their total number is skyrocketing: from 1997 to 2014, the number of suicides committed by middle-aged American men increased by 43%. Most often, American Indians and white Americans commit suicide - they commit suicide about 10 times more often than Hispanics and black women.

You hear a lot about the "prison crisis" in the United States. And this, by the way, is also almost exclusively a male problem. More than 90% of prisoners are men.

These problems are multifaceted, but we know that they begin at an early age. Meanwhile, in comparison with girls, boys cannot cope with their studies at school. Girls are more likely to graduate from high school than boys, and significantly more likely to go to college and graduate. In schools of all levels, it is boys who are implicated in the vast majority of discipline cases.One study shows that one in five boys in high school is diagnosed with hyperactivity disorder. In girls, this happens in one case in 11. In many such cases, drug treatment was prescribed, and the long-term consequences of taking these medications are not fully understood - but among them, according to some reports, depression appears at a more mature age.

In addition, women outnumber men by a significant margin among graduate and graduate students, they are more likely to receive doctoral degrees, and now there are even more of them among applicants to both law and medical schools.

The consequences of failure in the field of study for men are long-term and extremely serious. From 1979 to 2010, the real hourly wages of working-age men with only secondary education fell by about 20%. At the same time, the salaries of women with secondary education increased over the same period. The decline of the industrial economy predominantly hits men. Today, there are 7 million working-age men in the United States who are not working - they are excluded from the labor force. Almost half of them take pain relievers daily. Today these are the highest rates in the world.

The number of young men entering into marriages has dropped significantly compared to just a couple of decades ago - as, indeed, the number of men who do not dissolve their marriages. Nearly one in five children in the United States is raised by one mother. This figure is twice as high as in 1970. There are several million more boys growing up without a father. Young adult men are now more likely to live with their parents than with a spouse or partner. This is not the case for young women: unmarried women buy their own homes almost twice as often as single men. The number of women also exceeded the number of men among the owners of driving licenses.

Whenever the topic of the gender difference comes up in public debate, the so-called wage gap is invariably the first to be spoken of. You yourself have probably heard: "For every dollar a man earns, a woman earns 77 cents." This indicator is constantly mentioned - it was repeated by both presidents and many candidates … In a word, it is everywhere. But it compares all American men to all American women in all professions. Such measurements cannot be called fair or reasonable by any sociologist.

These numbers do not mean anything, they are deliberately cited in order to mislead - this is just a common thesis. And if we compare men and women with comparable experience, working the same number of hours per week in similar positions and for a similar time - and this, by the way, is the only way to really measure something here - this "gap" practically disappears, or even turns in favor of women. For example, one study based on census data found that single women between the ages of 20 and 29 living in cities currently earn on average 8% more than their men of the same age and marital status. … By the way, most managerial positions are now held by women. And women, on average, score more points on IQ tests than men.

Men are beginning to lag behind even physically: in one recent study, they found that almost half of young people could not pass the basic fitness standards provided for by the course of a young US Army soldier. 70% of American men are currently overweight or obese, compared with 59% for American women.

But what is probably most puzzling and frightening is the fact that men are becoming less masculine at a fundamental level, in the sense that is available for objective measurement: for example, such an indicator as the number of sperm in the ejaculate has sharply decreased in all Western countries - it is almost 60% lower than in the 70s of the XX century, and scientists do not understand why. Testosterone levels in men have also dropped dramatically - for example, one study found that the average amount of testosterone in men decreased by 1% annually since 1987, and this has nothing to do with age. In other words, the average 40-year-old man had 30% lower testosterone levels in 2017 than the average 40-year-old man had in 1987.

And there are no positive aspects in this trend: low testosterone levels in men are associated with depression, apathy, weight gain, decreased cognitive abilities … Nothing like this has ever happened with such a large share of the population - and therefore, it would seem, it is necessary to find out why this process is going on, what is happening and how can we fix it. However, the media ignore this story - for some reason this topic is considered “marginal”. And the research establishment, just imagine, does not consider this as a priority - we specially checked, and we could not find a single study, subsidized by the US National Institutes of Health, of the reasons for the decrease in testosterone levels. But they found a scientific work about, I quote, "the prevalence of the practice of caring for pubic hair among women in the United States and the incentives that encourage them to such practice."

So, these are the numbers, and through them we see a very clear picture: American men are weakening physically, mentally and spiritually. This is a real crisis. But our leaders pretend that nothing like this is happening; moreover, they tell us that everything is exactly the opposite, that women are victims and men are oppressors. Those who question this assumption run the risk of being punished.

Here's another example: while women are well ahead of men in higher education, almost all college leaders are funding a women's studies department whose main goal is to attack men's power. Our politicians and leading entrepreneurs pass this message through themselves and repeat even louder: “Men have a privileged position, and women are oppressed; hire, promote and reward personnel with this in mind."

If it were true, it would be normal - but it’s not true. At best, this is an outdated view of an America that no longer exists; at worst, a pernicious lie. Either way, ignoring male decay is not good for anyone. Men and women need each other, some cannot exist without others, these are the elementary principles of biology. The same is the reality in which we all lived - together with our parents, with brothers and sisters, with friends. When men are in decline, we all suffer. How did it come to this? How do we fix this? We hope these questions will be answered through our TV series, which will air every Wednesday this month.

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