Ban on criticism of LGBT and feminism in new French law
Ban on criticism of LGBT and feminism in new French law

Freedom is increasingly becoming a relic of the past. While Russia is introducing a unified federal information register (EFIR), France, once famous for its formula "Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood", adopted a law on Internet censorship, for refusing to comply with which serious fines and criminal liability are introduced.

From now on, messages “inciting hatred based on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, health status, as well as sexual harassment” are prohibited, so any statement about homosexuals, feminists, or even a compliment to a lady can be fined or punished.

Today it is already ridiculous to remember how our political scientists predicted the end of globalism due to the coronavirus pandemic. It turned out just the opposite - while the population was intimidated with statistics and sent under house arrest, the globalists implemented almost all of their ideas: they rocked the American society to a riot against Trump and introduced a digital concentration camp in Russia and France. Moreover, they introduced it almost secretly, without discussion, so that the people did not have time to express their opinion.

So, in mid-May, the French parliament passed the Proposition de loi visant à lutter contre la haine sur Internet bill. Currently, the bill is awaiting signature by President Macron, who will definitely sign it, since he was one of the initiators. The law itself can be read on the official website of the parliament. According to RT, the law was adopted mainly by deputies of the Macron party and liberals, the socialists abstained, which helped to adopt the document. Only the National Front and the lonely communists opposed it.

Why was this law held out almost under cover of night? It's simple, as soon as the law comes into force, then anyone who speaks out against "European values", and at the same time Macron, as the main defender of these values, will immediately receive a year in prison or a fine of 15,000 euros. A website or social network that refuses to remove the "inciting" statement may receive a fine of 1.25 million euros. The law instructed departmental officials from the CSA - the Supreme Council for Audiovisual Media, as well as NGOs and “right citizens” who have the right to complain to the CSA, to monitor those who incite and who “express their point of view”. And they should complain “in essence,” and in order not to bother over trifles, the officials immediately wrote in - “deliberate distortion of information when filing a complaint about the removal of content may entail punishment in the form of imprisonment for a period of one year and / or a fine of up to 15,000 Euro". That is, now it is they and the "correct" ones who will determine who is really stirring up, and who simply "expressed their opinion." Imprisoning people with such a "evidence base" as "at the discretion" of an aunt from the department is generally just a legal fairy tale.

Now about the very essence of this document. First, all online platforms are required to “remove public messages that incite hatred based on race, sexual orientation, gender, health status, or sexual harassment within 24 hours of filing a complaint,” if the complaint is “substantiated” and remove calls to terrorism and pornography with the participation of children within 1 hour from the date of filing the complaint. " With the second part, about child porn and terrorism, there are no questions, although here it would be more specific about terrorism and whether state officials would consider protests against pension reform, tax increases, prices, and cuts in civil servants as calls for terrorism. The temptation to kill all birds with one stone is painfully great.

But if one can only speculate with the second part, then the first is concrete to the point of madness.Knowing that any publication, note or just a post in which homosexuals, transgender people or feminists are not spoken of in admirable tones causes them to become hysterical with shouts of homophobia and incitement, there is no doubt that they are using the current law to the fullest. As a result, we have a law on a totalitarian dictatorship of perverts, where instead of truth or dialogue, there is only the opinion of minorities. However, "freedom of speech" seems to be observed and all opponents of homodictatorship can express their indignation in the bedroom, at night and under the covers. And those who have plucked up the courage are required by law to be reported immediately to the OCLCTIC Cybercrime Police Department.

So that informers from among the "minorities" do not bother looking for pretexts, the law requires the implementation of an "electronic form of filing a complaint and provide the opportunity to provide information on other ways of filing a complaint," that is, to make a button - I complain and must have a legal representative in France so that there is someone to plant or to whom to roll a fine, so that Infowars or RT will be blocked there without any explanation.

In addition, the online platform must provide "an unambiguous understanding of its content verification standards and demonstrate to the CSA in key reporting its internal organization and resources dedicated to fulfilling obligations to remove illegal content." That is, not only to knock on authors and readers, but also to carry out “prevention” by removing or blocking “suspicious” authors. Even Facebook did not think of this.

For those who suddenly do not want to "correct", the law says that users of the online platform must provide information about the facts and reasons for filing a complaint, as well as the location of "allegedly illegal content", while determining such content there will be taught literally from the school benches. For refusal to "cooperate with law enforcement agencies", including by non-release of data that can identify the persons who posted "alleged illegal content", the site will be fined up to 250 thousand euros. If the site has refused to remove "illegal materials" within the established time frame, the amount will be increased to 1.25 million euros.

It is worth noting that the idea of ​​taking over the Internet is not new. Back in 2018, Germany decided that from now on, social media owners will have 24 hours after receiving a complaint to remove posts that openly violate German law, incl. in terms of "incitement to hatred." At the same time, German law, in fact, simply lists in detail the sections of the Criminal Code that detail "inappropriate speech" on the Internet. Various things are recognized as unacceptable, from attempts to "form terrorist organizations" to "slander against religions, religious and ideological associations." The verification of the authenticity of the information was entrusted to the "super-honest" NGO Correctiv, which is known for, for example, in 2015 trying to push through "evidence of the guilt of the soldiers of the 53rd Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade from Kursk" for the Boeing shot down over Donbass.

It is worth remembering our Klishas laws on fake news and on the prohibition of criticism of the authorities. The active use of these acts was hampered by President Putin, who reacted on a “direct line” to the story in Belgorod, where an administrative case was opened against a citizen who called officials the medical term “idiots”.

So under the moon there is nothing new, except perhaps that the further, the new world Reich, more and more flags are being put up in the world so that everyone would repent for the murders of blacks on the other side of the planet, they went to gay prides in formation and in no case thought about who makes the decisions and who benefits from it. And all this is being done on the quiet, accompanied by screams about the epidemic. Welcome to Brave New World.

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