In Germany, for almost 30 years, the authorities secretly gave orphans to pedophiles
In Germany, for almost 30 years, the authorities secretly gave orphans to pedophiles

In Germany, the University of Hildesheim published the final report on Kentler's controversial project - a horrific social experiment in which children were given up for adoption to pedophiles for about 30 years, calling molestation "socialization" and "sex education," writes Deutsche Welle.

In the 1960s in Germany, people in some circles viewed sex with children not as taboo, but as something progressive. One of the key figures in this thinking was Helmut Kentler, professor of psychology and pedagogy in Berlin. For a long time he was considered a visionary and one of the most prominent sexologists in Germany. His books on education sold well, he was a popular expert and commentator on radio and television, and held a leading position in the Berlin Center for Educational Research.

The psychologist founded the theory of "emancipatory sex education", assuming that children have the right to express their sexuality. Beginning in the 1970s, he conducted clinical trials in which pedophiles were allowed to adopt homeless teenage boys between the ages of 13 and 15 for their "mutual benefit." According to Kentler, pedophiles could become especially loving foster parents.

By 1988, the professor summed up the results of the first stage of the experiments, calling it successful. He argued that sexual relations between foster fathers and minors are harmless and help adolescents quickly adapt to society and facilitate the process of growing up. The fact that boys entered adulthood with a broken psyche did not bother Kentler.

The experiments were covert, but carried out with the full approval of the West Berlin authorities. In his papers, the psychologist wrote that he "managed to enlist the support of responsible local officials": from academic institutions to state social services.

For many years, the professor managed to convince the authorities of the normalcy of his ideas, so he was never prosecuted in court. By the time his victims made their statements, the statute of limitations for his actions had expired. The scandal only erupted in 2015; Kentler himself died in 2008.

When a full-scale investigation began, it turned out that there was a whole network that involved officials from the Berlin Office for Juveniles, the City Senate and a number of educational institutions. They all “accepted, supported, and defended” the experiment and its adult participants. In addition, it was possible to establish that among the adoptive fathers were, including eminent scientists from the Max Planck Institute, the Free University of Berlin and the Odenwald School, who are now suspected of pedophilia. (By the way, the Odenwald school was already the subject of litigation in 2014, when a child molestation case was initiated.) According to Marko and Sven, who were the victims of the experiment, one person suspected of involvement in the system is the former head of social services young people are still alive. However, there has been no investigation into this so far.

The first report on Kentler's experiment was published in 2016 by the University of Göttingen. The researchers then stated that the Berlin Senate did not appear to be interested in finding out the truth.

Berlin Senator for Youth and Children Sandra Sherez called the findings of the University of Hildesheim's investigation "shocking and appalling."She openly expressed her sympathy for the victims and condemned crimes, which she calls "simply unimaginable." Although the statute of limitations for these crimes has expired, Sheres has promised financial compensation for the suffering.

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