The concept of fear of death and the levels of the Universe
The concept of fear of death and the levels of the Universe

The body begins to age at the moment when the level of vital energy drops so much that it is not enough to maintain physiological processes, and some of them are turned off, as a result of which biological systems begin to go out of balance.

In a person, with age, the blood supply to an organ may deteriorate, which at first will lead to a decrease in its activity and will not entail pathologies. However, the difference in the performance of different organs will lead to deviations at the level of the whole organism, as inconsistencies in their work will appear.

Insufficient activity of the heart leads to stagnation of fluid in other organs and muscles, as well as to a deterioration in their blood supply. Deterioration of kidney function can lead to intoxication of the body by metabolic by-products that will not be excreted. Low lung productivity leads to a general lack of energy and anemia, which also leads to a lack of resources for the work of other organs. The human body is a complex chain of interconnections, the elements of which are biological organs, and a change in the work of any of them affects the entire system. To ensure a sufficient level of activity, it is necessary to maintain a delicate balance between all the components, and the violation of this complex picture leads to the accumulation of contradictions and sooner or later leads to breakdown.

The human body has many ways to maintain internal balance, since all organs are interconnected, and a temporary weakening of the activity of one organ can be compensated by the activation of other parts of the body. If the heart has decreased its activity, then the body can switch to a more economical mode, thereby not creating an imbalance. If a blood vessel is injured or clogged, then the blood begins to move along parallel branches, and thus the gentle regime of this vessel is maintained, allowing it to recover. When the body is poisoned, the liver oversaturated with harmful substances experiences an overload, and to support this organ, the body switches to a new diet, removing fatty and high-calorie substances from its diet, the digestion of which depends primarily on the activity of the liver.

Thus, the body has enough tools to maintain internal balance, which allows keeping all systems in harmonious interconnection and resolving contradictions. If none of the organs is knocked out of the general regime, then aging does not occur, because aging is a consequence of a significant breakdown of one of the biological systems. From this point of view, it becomes incomprehensible why aging and subsequent physical death have become a natural process leading to the end of the life of every person.

The aging process is artificial and imposed on the physical body, and it occurs as a result of the imposition of external energy fields on internal physiological processes. The human body is literally forced to grow old, this is done due to disharmonious energetic conditions in which a person or other biological being has to exist. The external energy environment in its parameters does not correspond to the internal environment of the body, and this discrepancy leads to a gradual deviation of biological processes from the norm.

Since a person exists in this environment all the time, he does not notice the undesirable effects, and aging resulting from imbalance is considered a natural law.However, the artificiality of this phenomenon can be traced when comparing the conditions in which people live in different parts of the planet, in which the pressure of the energy fields of the system differs in intensity. We are talking not only about the social system, but also about the natural one, through its phenomena, affecting all biological organisms inhabiting the surface of the Earth.

In large cities, the main source of distortion is electromagnetic fields, which, affecting the activity of the nervous system, keep the brain cells in constant tension, and such an excessive tone is transmitted through the nerve endings to the rest of the organs. In the natural environment, an analogue of technogenic stress is harsh weather conditions, and people who face these difficulties also wear out their bodies, aging even faster than residents of megacities. However, much depends on how accustomed the body is to certain conditions. If several generations of people live in the same conditions, then their bodies adapt to external influences, and it ceases to play a negative role. Moreover, external fields become an additional force that maintains balance, as the body begins to rely on certain energy rhythms and climatic conditions, building its internal processes taking into account these external influences.

The positive tendency of the harmonious influence of external factors on a person's life can be easily seen if we consider the lifestyle of any person who lives like his ancestors. People inhabiting Africa feel most comfortable on their own continent, and when moving to other territories, they experience not only social pressure, but are also exposed to diseases and climate influences that are unusual for themselves. At first glance, the life expectancy of such people often increases in comparison with the life of the aborigines, which is associated with the possibilities of modern medicine available in more developed countries, where such people go to work. However, the prolongation of life due to medications is an artificial process that only delays the aging process and temporarily removes its symptoms, but sooner or later the body gives up, since it is unable to exist under constant energy pressure, unusual for a person who has moved to a city.

The main criterion by which one can assess the exit of internal processes from balance is a decrease in the level of emotional vibrations. If we compare the emotional state in which a resident of Africa lives in their territories, and a migrant who has made his life more civilized, then the advantage should be given to the first. However, the question may arise - why, then, a person who has been living on the land of his ancestors for a long time cannot significantly extend the period of physical life?

Part of the reason lies in the pressure of natural factors, because being in nature, a person has to survive, acting in very tough programs similar to biological instincts, and such a life keeps a person in fairly low vibrations. In addition, many aborigines die prematurely in order to reincarnate faster, that is, they start the aging process prematurely for the sake of their own renewal. Such people feel the gradual penetration of the fields of modern civilization into their lives, the vibrations of which enslave the perception, making their emotions more ponderous and inflexible. In order to maintain emotional balance at the level of the entire tribe, such people compromise, and deliberately shorten their physical life in order to be in high vibrations most of the time. By imposing restrictions on individual life, representatives of such a tribe make their people more free at the state level.Thus, the short life span of people who support the original traditions is a forced measure taken by them subconsciously, in order to preserve the capabilities of their people.

Compared to aborigines, city dwellers no longer support their ancestral traditions, and are almost completely captured by the trends of modern civilization. Such people leading a progressive lifestyle extend their life by artificial methods that do not affect the emotional state and can only temporarily support the biological body. Pacemakers help the heart perform its physical function, but the vibration in which the organ is located is not considered. Athletes who eat steroids activate rapid muscle growth, but do not pay attention to the stress in which their bodies are traumatized by too rapid muscle growth. Any drug that makes the physical body perform a certain process has a similar effect, without taking into account the general condition.

Modern medicines literally capture vital energy and direct it in the required direction, which allows you to effectively raise the tone of a particular organ or cope with a disease. This does not take into account the complex chain of cause-and-effect relationships of the entire biological system. Artificial drugs take a separate link out of context and strengthen it, but at the same time other links are deprived of energy support and are deactivated. Such a local increase can lead to subsequent deviations that have to be eliminated by other drugs that also solve a particular problem and do not support the overall balance. As a result, the body is in constant stress, feeling how any impact deprives it of a fulcrum and forces it to resist, but at the same time it is unable to cope with this biochemical influence. We can say that modern medicine constantly proves to the physical body that it is not able to solve its problems on its own, which diminishes the inner confidence of a person and makes him dependent on the benefits of civilization, which artificially support his life.

At first glance, every single influence on a person from the social system gives a positive and obvious effect, which is manifested in the release from diseases and in the general extension of the period of physical life. However, depriving the human body of points of support, the system literally takes it into its own use, making it an instrument in its hands and not allowing a person to consciously use its capabilities. The extension of the lifespan of modern people is an unnatural process, and each person is a forced subject for research undertaken by the system. The main result that the system seeks is to break the will of a person and force him to transfer his physical body to her personal use.

It may seem that the system cares about the well-being of a person, but the question arises - what exactly is supported in this case?

The system, of course, contributes to the existence of a biological body, but not of a person living in it and manifesting at the level of an emotional body, that is, in the form of feelings that fill the physical body. To understand how the biological body is the property of modern people, you need to pay attention to their emotional state. The decrease in the level of vibrations that occurs over the years is evidence that the human body, which was originally his property, is transferred to the use of the system, but that, not knowing how to handle the delicate device of this device, quickly puts it out of action.In fact, the system is not able to harmoniously maintain the structure of the biological body of a person, and it is much easier for it to provide its vital activity with the help of more primitive programs, devoid of the manifestations of life characteristic of a person.

We are talking about replacing organs with their artificial counterparts, made using electronic microcircuits, the functions of which are similar to biological tissues, however, in their structure and properties, they are sharply different from real organs. Electronics is that form of existence of physical matter, which is under the total control of external fields through which they are controlled. If the maintenance of the physical body occurs by replacing organs with electronic counterparts, then the person will become a completely controlled being and will lose the remnants of inner freedom.

Mankind is actively advancing towards such an outcome not only by medicine, but also by any electronic devices used by people, since they replace a person with his own body capabilities. The pressure of modern civilization is aimed at making a person surrender to the mercy of man-made fields and limply floated with the flow of his life, showing no initiative and relying on the opportunities that are provided to him.

Looking from the outside at the life of the average person, one can assume that he has already given up, since he does not seek to resist artificial conditions. The only discrepancy is that an organism existing in greenhouse conditions starts to get sick and dies even earlier than a person living in nature. The reason is that city dwellers subconsciously resist the capture that spreads to them through electromagnetic fields, and although they are forced to agree to unnatural ways to support their life, sooner or later they provoke a failure at the level of the whole organism in order to free themselves from the energy trap.

The combination of all methods of technogenic impact on a person creates a closed space around him, from which it is almost impossible to escape, and over time people are deprived of the last opportunities for liberation. A century ago, people had the opportunity to retire in nature, which, although it put pressure on them with its conditions, allowed them to remain free at the level of the state. Such a life was spent by many yogis and hermits, who specially subjected themselves to physical tests, as due to this they were distracted from the thoughts of the persecuting civilized people and avoided the influence of social fields. Currently, this tool, which consists in placing oneself in extreme conditions, is still effective, but its effectiveness decreases due to the parallel exposure of the human body to electromagnetic fields, the intensity of which has increased significantly. Wherever there is a yogi or a hermit, his consciousness is exposed to radiation coming from satellites and cell towers, the influence of which is spreading everywhere. Therefore, the life of people living in the wild is less and less different from the living conditions in big cities, and a modern person literally has nowhere to hide.

Most people, sensing the hopelessness of the situation, subconsciously start the process of self-destruction, incapacitating the physical body and allowing their consciousness to be freed from the limitations of a particular embodiment. Reincarnating again, a person lives a period of childhood and adolescence, during which an excess of vital energy allows you to ignore external conventions and be in a fairly harmonious state. However, the young man does not notice how his body constantly resists external conditions, and gradually the supply of vital energy dries up, turning every step forward into a real test.

As a result, a mature person acts more prudently than before, and in old age limits himself from many interests, feeling a lack of strength to achieve the desired goals. At some point, a person begins to feel that this incarnation has exhausted itself, since the set of available opportunities no longer corresponds to real needs. Of course, a person can live to maintain a physical body, and the system provides him with the necessary nutrition and medications that prolong life. However, all this makes life completely mechanical and conditioned by the influences of external factors, and the person himself, who is the sensual filling of the physical body, ceases to exist.

Faced with a similar situation, some people choose to continue physical life, while their being falls asleep in the depths of the body, waiting for this incarnation to finally end and death comes, starting the process of renewal. Such a life can turn out to be very long when a person externally maintains a high level of activity due to the support of the system, while performing the strict tasks assigned to him by egregors that ensure his life processes.

Such an artificial extension of life is characteristic of many politicians, public figures and high-class specialists who turned out to be necessary for the system to ensure its work. As soon as such people fulfill their mission and retire, their body immediately experiences a breakdown due to the lack of external support, since the egregors, which previously energized individual physiological processes, disconnect the human body from the energy source.

Another outcome chosen by most people is to die at a time when the range of available opportunities is significantly reduced due to a lack of energy resources. In this case, despite the healthy lifestyle of such a person and external well-being, the body can force death by initiating a serious and incurable disease. In addition, the release of a person from the shackles of a separate incarnation can be achieved through an accident, which makes it easy to interrupt the cause-and-effect relationship that is an external obstacle.

From this point of view, death that befalls people is a favorable phenomenon, since it allows a person to restart the process of his life, again feeling a surge of strength in the young years of the next incarnation. However, such a positive attitude towards death is not typical for people, and in everyday life there is a negative view, according to which death personifies all the troubles that can fall on an individual person. This distorted perception of death makes people cling to a specific incarnation, which ultimately entails the development of artificial ways of extending life.

It is worth noting that traditional medicine, which was used by different peoples several centuries ago, had a completely different character compared to the current methods of healing. Any medications used in the past were aimed at improving the emotional state and helped to raise the level of vital energy. These internal changes allowed the body to cope with any physical ailment on its own. In fact, the healers of the past left the sick person with a choice - to be cured and continue incarnation, or to use the disease as a chance to free himself.

This approach helped people to stay in fairly light vibrations that balanced the turbulent events that filled the world in ancient times and the Middle Ages. During the renaissance and modern times, the process of urbanization gained momentum, scientific and technological progress also influenced medicine, making it a stronghold of technology.As a result, medicine began to develop towards eradicating the symptoms of the disease, but by depriving a person of his own choice, it makes him more dependent on the system.

This situation leads to the fact that in modern times there are new diseases, which are not yet able to cope with medicine, which are ways of free withdrawal of people from life. These diseases include cancer and AIDS, as well as many completely new viral diseases that may appear in the near future. The reason for the emergence of such dangerous infections and pathologies is the reaction of the human body to the impact of man-made fields, which has intensified due to the rapid spread of cellular communications.

Influence is also exerted by computer devices, dragging the perception of a person into virtual reality and imperceptibly capturing his consciousness, which becomes a significant complication for the unhindered end of the incarnation. A person trapped in virtual reality runs the risk of hanging between lives, and even when his physical body ceases to exist, his consciousness will continue to travel in the astral worlds in which he stayed during his lifetime, watching colorful films or playing computer games.

Perhaps the fascination with virtual reality allows some people to forget and not feel discomfort due to the lack of opportunities for development, but subconsciously they feel the threat that it is impossible to carry out reincarnation. If a person's consciousness has experienced a seizure, the biological body can offer the strongest resistance and initiate the process of self-destruction. Given that the rapid development of electronic technologies literally put humanity in captivity, such an outcome may become natural and the most common.

Leaving a concrete embodiment can occur not only with the help of diseases, terrorist acts and wars, which claim hundreds and thousands of lives, are more effective. A similar tool, consisting in physical confrontation between people, was used earlier, but was used for other purposes. The wars that took place in ancient times and the Middle Ages allowed the system to easily regulate the process of human development, destroying civilizations that had reached too high vibrations and, from its point of view, were excessively ahead of the rest.

At present, the level of human development is completely controlled by electronic technology, and the possibility of any discoveries depends on trends in the field of electronics and virtual communications. In this regard, war as a means of blocking the possibilities of people loses its relevance, and the social existence of people can become more peaceful. However, wars can continue for another reason, and armed conflicts can be subconsciously provoked by people themselves, seeking to die. A similar role can also be played by epidemics and global emergencies, which in the past were the methods of the system to regulate its processes, but now they will become spontaneous phenomena triggered by the collective consciousness of people. At the same time, the outer side of life will become calmer, and the system will not give prerequisites for indignation.

External comfort can manifest itself in improving the quality of life and material income, in benefits for medical procedures and operations aimed at extending biological existence. However, the more the system maintains the safety of the physical body, the more the human subconscious will resent this, which will lead to failures at the level of the entire civilization. Despite the effectiveness of medical technologies in the near future, new diseases will arise that are not able to cope with the latest equipment and drugs.A similar situation can occur in other spheres of life: a high material income will no longer please a person and make him go headlong into virtual reality, becoming either an involuntary instrument of the system, or starting the process of self-liquidation.

Likewise, the system will not be able to provide a sufficient level of security inside any country, since the increasing frequency of terrorist attacks will become a way of leaving the lives of people who do not agree to be in artificial conditions. We can say that in the near future death may become the only way for people to escape from the numerous restrictions of social existence.

To prevent the self-destruction of mankind, the system will further aggravate the situation, increasing in people's minds a negative attitude towards the phenomenon of death and at the same time making mechanical implants as accessible as possible, the massive use of which will not allow human biorobots to die. From the point of view of everyday perception, a person will finally gain the long-awaited immortality, but in fact he will be deprived of his last freedom and become a slave to social processes.

Given the prevalence of a negative view of death, people in the near future will begin to view the end of physical life as a terrible ailment and will do their best to avoid this, agreeing to replace healthy organs with implants in order to block the aging process.

In part, the need for such people will be natural, since it will be dictated by the desire to extend the period of active life and ensure freedom in action. The reason for this desire is the desire to get away from aging, which is an unnatural process provoked by the system. In the future, the external fields that provide the aging process can be further activated, which will make aging a kind of scourge of humanity, urging people to surrender faster to the mercy of technology and replace their body with an artificial analogue.

In parallel with this, the system can intensify the impact of fear vibrations, exaggerating the negative attitude towards death, fueled by the fear of the unknown, which people feel without knowing the processes that occur to them after the end of their physical life. In fact, the fear of death is far-fetched, and it comes from a misunderstanding of this phenomenon, and is also supported by the lack of information about what happens to a person after the end of the incarnation. In the event that people have information about the processes that their being undergoes during the period of reincarnation, then they will begin to relate to death more consciously and be able to free themselves from baseless fear.

It is worth noting that the system deliberately keeps a person in the dark regarding this issue, and the most common point of view is supported by the materialist concept, according to which death is an exclusively biological process. An alternative point of view is promoted by some religions, which gives people hope for continued existence, but not in the physical body, but on the subtle plane in the astral worlds, one of which is heaven or hell. Other religions that allow people to believe in the possibility of reincarnation do not allow their perception of the concept of karma, according to which the limitations of a particular life pass with a person into the next incarnation and force him to work off his previous debts. Thus, the religious concept, like the materialistic one, does not allow people to see death as a process of liberation, and although such a thesis is common in some spiritual teachings, it does not find wide acceptance due to the imposition of other points of view that are more convenient for the system.

At the same time, already today, humanity faces a choice - to become a primitive biological material for egregors who control their consciousness, or to take advantage of the chance for liberation presented by physical death. And at first glance, the second outcome means complete self-destruction at the levels of the entire civilization, because this can happen if people take the opportunity to die unconsciously by running one of the negative scenarios. From this point of view, any action leading to death can become desirable for a person if social conditions do not give him hope for the realization of his deepest aspirations.

Currently, the system does not provide people with opportunities for self-realization, but at the same time it feeds them with the hope that such an opportunity will be available in the near future. In general, any religious or philosophical worldview has the right to exist in society if it helps a person to hope for the best. The information presented in this article, on the contrary, can destroy the usual points of support, which means that in the usual sense it is antisocial. However, if you look at death as a source of liberation, then information that debunks the usual points of support can become salvation, since instead of imaginary hopes it can give a person real faith in his own strength.

The ability to die is the only thing that has not yet been taken away from a modern person, and he is able to resort to this technique at any moment, except for those cases when his consciousness is finally captured by the fear of the unknown, or a physical condition like a coma or paralysis is an obstacle. In all other cases, a person is free to end life at the moment when he wishes, including to carry out this process consciously.

It is worth noting that the attitude towards suicide is specially aggravated by the influence of religions, because in the absence of such an impact on the minds of people, this act would become very common. At the same time, my statement is not aimed at persuading the reader to the possibility of a sudden death. It is about gaining a clearer perception of the very phenomenon of death and freeing yourself from many limiting points of view, one of which is a negative attitude towards suicides. A person can easily get away from such a judgment by putting suicide on a par with other phenomena such as terrorist attacks, accidents, or fatal diseases, each of which is a way to end physical life.

Moreover, the death of most modern people as a result of aging is also a way of early departure from life, since the human body initially has enough energy resources to exist for many thousands of years. The aging process is specially accelerated by a human being in the event that it feels the meaninglessness of existence, and then it begins to help external fields to destroy the body. Based on this, a person can choose any method of leaving life, and for his deepest being he is liberation.

In the event that modern people can look at the phenomenon of death from a positive point of view, they will cease to be afraid of it, and may even love this opportunity. Most likely, the creation of harmonious relations with the phenomenon of death will not accelerate the process of dying, but, on the contrary, will prolong physical life, and that phase in which a person is in the most resourceful and free state. The main reason for the withering of the physical body is subconscious fear, which keeps the body in constant tension and does not allow a person to relax.In the event that a person feels the favorableness of a fatal outcome, then he will free himself from most fears and transfer himself to a completely new level of vibrations, which will make him immune to most manipulations by social egregors.

Fear of death is the main emotion that feeds any disharmonious feelings of people, including guilt, resentment, jealousy, anger and desire for revenge. The fear of the end of life is refracted in a person's perception of many particulars, and almost any fear can be considered a derivative of this fundamental distortion. On the one hand, the fear of death stimulates a person to be realized in society, and liberation from it will lead to the loss of the usual points of support, making the usual whole that most people aspire to become irrelevant. On the other hand, by reviewing the phenomenon of death, people can find new meanings of existence that allow them to develop more consciously both on a personal level and at the level of the entire civilization.

Perhaps a positive attitude towards death will form the basis of a new teaching that will be able to harmoniously complement all existing religions and help people find a new foothold. Thanks to this, the usual faith of a religious person will become more objective, and the hope for a posthumous transition to other worlds or for reincarnation will acquire a new meaning. If a person ceases to treat death as a punishment and pathology, then he will be able to soundly look at the process of transition to a new incarnation and prepare in advance for it. In this case, many obstacles that usually lie in wait for a person during reincarnation, it will be possible to overcome and free the next life from many of the limitations that were present earlier.

Perhaps the new teaching that helps people to harmoniously carry out the process of reincarnation will become the main source of positive emotions, as this will help them get rid of the main negative experience leading to aging - the fear of death. This fear is strong only if the transition to the next life is dark and incomprehensible, and then it really becomes a ground for fear. If the veil of the afterlife is finally lifted, a person can satisfy one of his main interests, connecting him with the subtle plan.

Of course, when creating a new concept of reincarnation, it is worth paying special attention to new information that becomes the foundation for this teaching. The truth of the information that comes from the subtle plane and helps a person to reconsider the usual point of view about death plays a key role. The main criterion that can become a litmus test for the reliability of information is the feeling of strength and inner freedom that can come in contact with real information. If an entity transmitting information about death seeks to place a person's consciousness in new restrictions, then such sayings can only give rise to new fears and shake confidence.

Therefore, creating a new concept of death, a person can base it on a sense of unshakable faith in their own strengths, which can become the sensory content of any information and reveal its true meaning. The same sensation can become the energy that will help a person easily overcome any obstacles separating him from the next incarnation in a physical body, or move to those levels of the Universe where he would like to find himself.

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