In Kamchatka, fish are thrown into the forest due to the impossibility of processing
In Kamchatka, fish are thrown into the forest due to the impossibility of processing

Video: In Kamchatka, fish are thrown into the forest due to the impossibility of processing

Video: In Kamchatka, fish are thrown into the forest due to the impossibility of processing
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Videos from Kamchatka are gaining popularity in social networks. It shows that tons of salmon are scattered on the roads, in the forests, along the tracks and on the seashore. The fish is opened - it is full of caviar. Local residents are sure that salmon and pink salmon are thrown away so that their prices do not fall.

Tons of salmon rot in the forests and on the roads of Kamchatka. At the same time, it is impossible to pick up the discarded catch on pain of a four-year prison sentence, users of social networks write.

The fish are eaten by bears. According to Regnum, hungry animals have occupied the forest belts. They lack fish, and they attack summer residents and mushroom pickers. Local fishermen record their reaction of what they saw on video.

This year the most successful fishing season in Kamchatka over the past 110 years … Fishermen catch up to 15 thousand tons of salmon per day. Nobody expected this.

Alexey Aronov, director of the Association of Manufacturing and Trade Enterprises of the Fish Market: “Schooling fish, shy, comes somewhere, for example, near Alaska, suddenly there is some small earthquake, the fish gets scared, turns and swims from America to Russia. This capricious behavior makes the catch forecast unpredictable."

But to do this with the catch is barbaric, according to users of social networks. Fishermen recall that this already happened in 1989. Salmon and pink salmon on Sakhalin were buried with excavators right in the coastal strip. However, then an investigative group from Moscow was working on the spot, there was a criminal case. Now there is no such thing, and the fish are thrown away for the same reasons - there is not enough processing capacity, says the editor-in-chief of the Kamchatskoe Vremya newspaper Yevgeny Sivaev:

“The catch is colossal this year. Factories cannot cope with processing, or they only take caviar, the rest is thrown away. But this is not so bad. A large number of fish will soon reach Vladivostok and get stuck in a traffic jam. Vladivostok does not have enough capacity to store this particular raw material, even frozen. Naturally, the fish spoils very quickly. There will be colossal losses."

Due to the record volumes of Kamchatka salmon catch, fish prices may fall, which producers do not want at all - so they throw the fish right on the shore, notes the Regnum agency. At the same time, many regions of the Far East were left almost without fish. In the Khabarovsk Territory, for example, science was mistaken - salmon simply did not come. Sergei Mironov, owner of the Myaso & Ryba restaurant chain, speaks about the fall in prices and how to deal with the surplus:

Sergey Mironov, owner of the Myaso & Ryba restaurant chain: “Nobody wants prices to fall. Too many fish caught means the price will inevitably fall. This means that it will be sold cheaper, and, unfortunately, the suppliers do not need it at all. If a chinook salmon today costs 800 rubles per kilogram in Moscow, and in Kamchatka, with such a frenzied catch, it will cost 30-40 rubles per kilogram - this is physically possible, then no one needs to sell at such a low price. I am afraid that they simply will not be taken to her, that the extra one will be thrown away, and they will no longer be caught. How to proceed? Yes, just do not catch her, let her go to spawn, spawn and bring out the fish. There is no need to fish it out with seines and throw away the surplus."

Fishermen are looking forward to the Eastern Economic Forum, which will take place in Vladivostok. They hope, against the backdrop of enthusiastic reports from local authorities on the development of the fishing industry, to ask a question of concern to them: Why is a fish full of caviar that no one wants to rot on the coast of Kamchatka?