Why are there so many Jews in the opposition in Russia?
Why are there so many Jews in the opposition in Russia?

Two presenters of the famous Israeli YouTube channel ITON-TV discussed the topic "Why are there so many Jews among the opposition in Russia?" Thus, touching upon a topic that we consider to be a manifestation of anti-Semitism. In my opinion, listening to Jews living in their own country and free from moral obligations to Russia is quite interesting.

In fact, I, for example, feel embarrassed to even think about it. Firstly, because he was brought up as an internationalist, not dividing people by nationality or race. Secondly, I have quite a few Jewish friends whom I love and appreciate, and I would not want them to go somewhere. Thirdly, everyone knows the names of Jews - patriots of Russia (which automatically turns them into fighters against liberals), and their very existence, if not nullifies the entire conspiracy, then largely corrects it.

However, Mark Kotlyarsky, who was questioned by Alexander Waldman, speaks of the dominance of Jews in the Russian opposition without any of the complexes inherent in the Russian intelligentsia. For a good reason.

Here's what he said (thesis).

• The reason why the Jews took part in the October Revolution is understandable - they wanted to break out of the Pale of Settlement. But their participation in the new life has become overly determinative. And among the Chekists they were, and among those who organized the GULAG. For which later they paid.

• Jews should be interested only in the problems of their own state. Guys, you have your own country, where you also need to put things in order, where there is also a field of activity for extremist sentiments. If you itch like that, then there is where to swing, what to do.

• But you can't explain it to them. They are tearing at their shirt, they say that they are interested in the fate of Russia. What is the fate of Russia, come to your senses! See how funny you look in the eyes of those same Russians. They say it to their faces, but they do not hear, revel in themselves, like daffodils.

• Russian Jews struggle with the urge for social equality with the survival instinct. A Russian person sees them on TV and chuckles, spitting to the side. The Russians themselves must decide the fate of their country. There is no need to tell them how to do it and how to behave.

In my opinion, Mark Kotlyarsky is overly harsh and categorical - for him the "Jewish question" was resolved long ago, finally and irrevocably. It seems a little more, and he will join the chorus of rabid anti-Semites: "Suitcase - airport - Israel."

However, as for me, our domestic Jewish oppositionists are completely devoid of the survival instinct, which the journalist mentioned. And this makes me happy, because it shows that today in Russia everyone feels completely safe.

And everyone has a craving for social justice. Another thing is that our liberal opposition (in which, after all, not only Jews) are ready to stage another revolution for its sake.

Here we, patriots, will fight mercilessly with revolutionaries, regardless of their nationality.

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