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Magic mirrors and their witchcraft properties: superstition and reality
Magic mirrors and their witchcraft properties: superstition and reality

Different peoples endowed mirrors with different properties, but they all believed that these objects were endowed with special magical energy. In ancient times, people believed that mirrors were able to remember everything that was ever reflected in them. This theory is supported by many modern scientists, however, no way has yet been invented to reproduce mirror memory.

For many centuries, people have believed that mirrors have powerful magical properties. Young girls tried to see their betrothed in the reflection, and magicians and sorcerers wanted to get answers to their questions from the mirror. It is customary to close these objects if there was a deceased in the house, so that his soul would not get lost in the looking glass.

The magic of mirrors is witchcraft based on working with mirrors. Such rituals can have a different focus: from attracting the attention of a beloved, to getting rid of the evil eye and damage.

Mirror properties

Different peoples endowed mirrors with different properties, but they all believed that these objects were endowed with special magical energy. In ancient times, people believed that mirrors were able to remember everything that was ever reflected in them.

This theory is supported by many modern scientists, however, no way has yet been invented to reproduce mirror memory.

But in addition to the memory of what they saw, mirrors can also show what has not yet happened. One of the most famous magicians of the Middle Ages, Cornelius Agrippa, became famous precisely for the fact that, at the request of people, he caused images of their beloved in the mirrors. Surprisingly, mirrors were able to show existing loved ones, as well as deceased and not yet met.

Vampire mirrors

In addition to the many positive properties of a mirror that a person is able to use, there are also negative features. For example, for many centuries there has been a belief about the existence of vampire mirrors.

Various sources say that in no case should you hang someone else's mirror in your own house, as this could lead to the most unpleasant consequences - damage and curses. This is also explained by the memory of mirrors, which could well have witnessed various scandals, quarrels, misfortunes and deaths.

Such mirrors can only bring troubles to a new home, negative energy, which will certainly affect the owners.

It is these mirrors that are usually called vampires, because because of the negative influence, they will suck the vitality out of people. Fortunately, the most dangerous mirrored objects are easy enough to recognize. Due to the presence of a large amount of negativity, it is as if it will physically blow from them with cold, candles (especially church ones) may go out near them. In some cases, mirrors are able to manifest their memory in the form of displaying former owners or remembered events.

It is also worth remembering that no matter how the mirror is made, it will never have a perfectly flat surface, there are always small irregularities and roughness that will not allow all the light to be fully reflected. Thus, at least part of the information received by the mirror is not returned, but is remembered.


It is always advisable to have your own personal mirror in the house, which did not have other owners before you, and after the purchase, the mirror needs cleaning

Mirror and man

Many traditions say that a person has a unique information and energy matrix, which is often called an aura or biofield. There are often cases when this matrix manifested itself on the material plane, it could be seen with the naked eye, in addition, it often appears in photographs.

Mirrors are capable of reflecting not only the visible part of the spectrum of a person - his body, but also any other energy emitted by a person, including the most subtle energy of the matrix. In addition to displaying, the mirror can also memorize this energy level, because of which it itself becomes "alive" in a sense.

Folk omens

A huge number of folk signs and beliefs are associated with mirrors.

The most common signs:

  • If you break the mirror, then seven years you will be haunted by misfortune. This sign is based on the belief that the mirror absorbs a particle of a person's soul, thus, the mirror itself becomes a part of a person - his double. If you harm your counterpart, you attract misfortune to yourself. To avoid negative consequences, all the fragments of the broken mirror had to be collected, painted over with black paint and immersed in running water.
  • In no case should you look into a broken mirror, as you can see the devil. In fact, it is impossible to see a feature in a simple broken mirror, however, such actions lead to severe losses of energy, which can have an extremely negative effect on the well-being and the entire fate of a person.
  • If you show a mirror to a small child, he will become shy, will not speak for a long time and his teeth will be cut badly and slowly. In some cases, it can also cause various diseases. All parents need to listen to this sign, since children under one year old practically do not have their own protection from negative energy and any negative impact (which can come from the mirror) can become fatal.
  • Women during their period, as well as during pregnancy and immediately after childbirth are forbidden to look in the mirror, as this can lead to the "opening of the grave." This sign appeared due to the fact that all these events significantly weaken the protective energy of a woman, and because of the mirror, the vitality will become even less. That can lead to the emergence of various diseases, physical and spiritual.
  • If you suspect a certain person is up to something evil against you or your family, you need to bring this person to a large mirror and carefully look at the joint reflection. If your suspicions are justified, then you can see on the face of this person his true intentions.
  • Every morning you can carry out a simple ritual to protect yourself from negativity with a mirror for the whole family. To do this, you need to go to the mirror, hold your hand in front of it at a distance of less than a centimeter, but without touching its surface, and say the words: “Mirror, mirror, reflect all bad things that this house will go. Protect my whole family, save it from illness and misfortune (list the names of all household members).
  • Do not hang mirrors in the bedroom, especially above the bed and at the head. This arrangement of mirrors is now considered fashionable, but these design solutions do not lead to anything good, moreover, they are able to destroy even a strong union between a man and a woman.
  • All mirrors in the house should have frames or frames so as not to injure household members.
  • All mirrors should hang no lower than the height of the tallest family member, no one should look in the mirror, where his image is cropped at head level.

Mirrors in Russia and other countries

In our country, for many centuries, people have been suspicious of mirrors and often called them "a gift from the devil." People believed that through a mirror you can not only receive a strong charge of negative energy, but also transfer it to your loved ones.

Today it is known for certain that Tsar Ivan the Terrible not only believed in various damages and curses, but was also very afraid of them. Documents have survived indicating that he ordered only mirrors made by blind craftsmen to be delivered to his wife.


The mirror is a rather complex subject that many people do not attach importance to.

In China, the mirror was endowed with strong protective magical properties, people believed that these objects were capable of casting out evil, since this evil looks in the mirror, sees and realizes its own ugliness, and ceases to pose a danger to humans.

In Japan, the mirror was of great importance and was considered a symbol of imperial power, along with the throne, sword and Three Pearls, symbolizing courage, knowledge and mercy.

The magic of mirrors

The magic rituals in which mirrors are used are very diverse, with their help you can solve various life problems. At the same time, before using any mirror, in magic or everyday life, it must be cleansed of any possible stored negative.

Cleaning the mirror

The main purifier in magical art is considered to be fire, but practicing fire cleaning techniques in relation to a mirror is not the best idea, since the flame has too strong and bright energy. The element of water is closer to the mirror surface. Ideally, a special lunar water, called lunar liquid, should be used to clean the mirror. To make such water, you need to take a small amount of running water, put it in an open vessel under the moonlight so that the moon itself is reflected in the water.

It is best to charge the liquid during the full moon period. Leave the water outside overnight, wake up before sunrise, and put the liquid in a dark room out of the sun. In the same room, you need to thoroughly rinse the mirror surface with charged water, concentrating on your desire to rid this object of any negative energy.

If there are any difficulties with this method, you can use a simpler technique - place the mirror under a stream of cold water for 10-15 minutes and express your desire to clear the mirror from the negative.

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