Sanskrit Lead Cubes Discovered in England
Sanskrit Lead Cubes Discovered in England

A man fished mysteriously engraved strange lead cubes from the Sow River, England. The event excited the locals of Coventry as well as internet users. Now many are guessing and suggesting their own versions of what is happening.

Will Reed went on a so-called "magnetic" fishing trip with his children. Experts warn people that this can be quite dangerous, as it can pull objects such as unspent ammunition or grenades from the bottom of water bodies. But the fishermen found their "treasure" not at the bottom, but in shallow water.

At first, Will Reed thought the cubes were just random pieces of rubbish strewn across the bottom of the river, but when he and his sons took a closer look, they noticed the detailed inscriptions.

The fisherman decided to post images of the cubes on Facebook and Reddit to try and find out more about his unusual catch. And immediately received a huge number of responses.

Based on the responses received, he believes that these items are related to Hindu prayer ritual. “The cubes really captured people's imaginations and I got a lot of fictional stories,” Will said. "But then I found out that they are of Indian origin and show prayer spells that work when thrown into the water."

The responses on social networks suggest that the signs on the cubes are written in Sanskrit and show "yantra" - mystical diagrams that are used for worship.

However, the date of the discovery remains the main mystery. No one has been able to date these items or explain why so many were thrown into a quiet river. Will Reed returned to that place twice more and found a silver coin lying next to the cubes.

Now the fisherman plans to return to the river with a shovel to find even more unusual things, and then he is going to give the objects for examination.

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