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About the worldwide mess and revolution. Part 1-2
About the worldwide mess and revolution. Part 1-2

Video: About the worldwide mess and revolution. Part 1-2

Video: About the worldwide mess and revolution. Part 1-2
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Going around. Many have decided that this is a revolution, some consider it a spontaneous movement, the collapse of empires, hellfire devouring itself. How many people, so many opinions, ranging from absolute inspiration to complete depression. What's going on? Very briefly.

It all started not so long ago. A hundred and fifty years ago, as capitalism devoured the planet, it became clear that its main principle is the predatory plundering of everything that came to hand sooner or later rests against the end of the availability of this all.

There they also decided to redistribute it, but under this noise the son of a German hell of a vocal composed an opus, generally competent, but pursuing one goal. Since everyone does not have wealth, then everyone does not need them. All in the industrial armies. Nature and productive labor. This he called socialism.

But since we never call anything in their own words, and we liked the word, another son, already a state councilor, creatively reworked the opus - he threw away all the horror that this opus was setting up for, added quite practical things - that opus was so theoretical that some concepts were at the sepulek level.

And already he called his editorial office with the same word. Moreover, devoid of the initial senseless and merciless "industrial armies, especially for agriculture", the plan worked and ended …

The problem was different. Initially designed for the masses of labor armies deprived of property (obviously in favor of labor generals) and veiledly promoting a special ideological form of economic slavery (we are poor for a reason, but because we are building something there, no one knows what, but it is important to start, yes), the new plan, led by a graduate of the theological seminary, unexpectedly gave an unprecedented increase in both production and mass welfare (which was not planned at all).

It turned out that the goal of developing a person's personality inspires and enthuses him unprecedentedly. Who would have thought. These you know who again did not understand anything from the great theories and changed everything in their own way.

Either you give them a religion, with all your might directed at humility - they go into battle with it, then you slip them the theory of sophisticated mass slavery - they made a massive growth of personality out of it. Well, how, where? Where do they get it?

Anyway, today the third circle has come. Modern man is physically incapable of independent mass actions. His consciousness is paralyzed. He can only follow leaders and theories. He is already ready for this most massive slavery, which was designated by the very son of a lawyer.

Attention, question. Is any, any "revolution" possible in a situation where the masses are self-organizing. Of course no. Hence, all these "revolutions" are carefully planned and directed.

Someone might argue - how can such chaos be managed. You know, recently the tendency of precisely controlled social chaos has been quite noticeable. It is very difficult. It makes no sense to predict people's reactions - some are in the forest, some for firewood. Therefore, the reaction is organized, educated and directed. And this valuable organized and managed asset is the icebreaker of what our original author wrote about. It only looks like chaos on the outside. Internally, it is quite structured.

For one hundred and fifty years, there has been a controlled program of translating those very original provisions. There are not enough resources for everyone. Consequently, their consumption will be limited in favor of those very generals. Those who consume the most are satisfied with perestroika. Arranged by the method of controlled chaos.

Moreover, in parallel, there are processes organizing this future formation. Colleges bring up the topic of "socialism." This is not socialism, which was built on one-sixth. This is our favorite what? That's right, the substitution of meaning under a long-known word.

At the same time, in every possible way (I love this word), the individual abilities of the participants in the crowd go down. Joint races, crowdism and other eges. Social structures are being destroyed, from work collectives, trade unions and ending with the family. Atomization of society. The ideal individual has turned his attention to his phone and scrolls through Instagram, liking bloggers.

Actually, the prerequisites and background preparation are almost complete. The matter is small - a small shock, for which the epidemic will do, and after that all the moves have already been scheduled. The most prosperous class is chosen and taken out nafig. Their funds are requisitioned and, as a result, the bulk of the population is uniformly beggars.

And then all in white and Karl Marx comes out. With the scarlet corals of their tablets. New commandments have been written long ago. Why do you think he suddenly became so massively popular? We still remember that nothing massive among the masses simply does not arise. A new round of application of these ideas has just come.

Already much closer to the original and hiding behind it in every possible way. So that the masses, dulled by the races, crowdism, television and sitting at home, do not guess where this is all going.

Thus, all the mess that we see is aimed at a simple redistribution of power to those who promote progressive democratic values based on the teachings of Karl our Marx. This teaching requires everyone to be poor. Well, almost everything:) So, all this mess is aimed at ruin, bankruptcy, controlled decline in welfare.

This has happened before, capitalism even came up with a theory that there is no way without crises. A crisis is simply a moment of redistribution of wealth from the have-nots to the have-nots. Now the crisis simply has a more global goal - to ruin everyone. And then all in white …

So I don’t see any revolutions, and this mess will continue exactly until the moment when the democratic progressors see that the deed is done. And then "dramatic transformations" will begin. Now the flowers are coming. The berries will be red later. Otherwise why all this boron cheese. Certainly not for social justice.

In general, we sit and watch this movie.

And we all the best and health to digest them:)

About the mess 2. Network

In the last article "About the mess" we examined the origins of the ongoing processes. They are pretty transparent. But since there is still no understanding among the masses of what and how it turns there, let us consider in more detail how this happens.

Let me remind you briefly that in America there is a systematic lumpenization of the population. This is a long process, it did not start yesterday, it was lucidly reported about unemployment, bankruptcy of mortgages, lack of demand and total consumer over-debt of "the richest society on the planet." Well, as they think.

Food queues full of food, food stamps and other blockade cards have long been a reality for many Americans. The crowds of homeless people on the streets across the street from Hollywood have long been a surprise.

That is, the process is underway.

Not fast enough, as someone wants. I have said many times that the world is not ruled by the Rothschilds, but by personal networks. These networks bring together people by interests, business partnerships, territories, etc. The most widespread and most active such network in America is wasp. They have money, they are businesslike, they interact cheerfully, there is a high degree of trust (for regular partners and clients, of course). This network is not homogeneous, of course, it intersects with others.

But many members of this network disdain to accept into it either a native of Latin America, or Southeast Asia, or a black American. They mostly fall in love and marry their own people. In trading partners, too, basically only their own. They also help to earn money mainly for themselves. There are even more radical subnets, such as Mormons or Scientologists. There is generally darkness.

Of course, there are also parasites in such a network. Fraudsters are one of the landmarks of America. Where there is money, there are always scams. So, we found out that the main uniting point of such a network is money, or rather the possibility of earning it, with preferences mainly only for members of the network. Without getting into such a network, you can earn something, but how (not) lucky.

This is the same as the Armenian diaspora in the market. Or gypsy - at the station. Just a little more businesslike and advanced.

So, this network stubbornly does not want to lumpenize. She voted for Trump because the Democrats made it clear that they would strangle everyone with taxes to socialize America. What business America really dislikes. Chileans and Mexicans - with a bang. But this same Wasp network quickly cut through who will pay all the bills according to the plans of the Democrats. That's why Trump came.

What did he do the first time he came? That's right, closed illegal emigration, because they are the electorate of the Democrats. Because as soon as the critical mass of emigrants exceeds a certain number, the Wasps will have no chance. Direct voting - that's all. They are in the minority. One person - one voice. It doesn't matter if you are a bum or the director of factories, newspapers, ships.

This is the main strong point of the Democrats. For their unconditional victory, it is necessary to increase any emigration, then legalize, no matter what they then roll on the streets. It is important that they vote for donkeys (if someone does not know - this is a symbol of the Democrats).

At the same time, it is necessary to simultaneously weaken the electorate of elephants (Republicans). And this is basically the same Wasp network. The clue here is simple - the wasps are mostly white (who would have thought). Therefore, it is necessary to create an anti-Vaspov network, which would work on it as an icebreaker, of black ones.

This is how the black antifa appeared in 2014. How many years she slept, but then she woke up and opened her eyes in 2020, in connection with the events in Minneapolis. Then there were the official pogroms and robberies, the sculptural dump of the history of the Confederates, all sorts of marches that are in full swing.

The idea of this process is not a revolution at all, but a consolidation of the black population of America organized from above and beneficial to the democrats, under the motto "pay and repent" wasp (such a fresh slogan), since there is something to cling to.

And organized not for social justice at all. And for the destruction of this very Wasp network. People are forced to move, lose property, go broke, quarantine has destroyed many economic ties. These are all links in the same process of socialization and lumpenization of America.

Is this a revolution? Yes and no. Revolution is a fleeting process. The task here is more fundamental - to remove the whole class. And since the Americans have not studied Marxism, let alone Leninism, they have no understanding that they are being destroyed as a class in principle. Therefore, it is not so much a revolution as a very rapid devolution (the reverse process of evolution). And as quickly as possible, until they figured out the driving reasons and goals of the process.

Plus, modern man is inert. In the states, this is less noticeable, but the trend is the same. Therefore, they have no way of organizing any organized resistance to this process in principle. That is, they have no opposing ideology other than self-defense. Therefore, sporadic kicks will take place, mainly based on the "good old" kolt laws.

But the further into the forest, the thinner the partisans will be, and everything will end with a new constitution, from which the democrats will clean up all this Wasp-like Koltovism.

Everything will be China. Not in the state sense, but in the social sense. Total surveillance, AI facial recognition, government buns obedient and ostracized by the rest. A sweatshop for a penny. She can already be seen in private American prisons. A very profitable business.

The public sector will strengthen, there will practically be a merger of large corporations with the state, all sorts of Google-Amazons will absorb the remnants of this Wasp network and become the main employers. Since capitalism has nowhere to expand, it will devour itself. Until it slips into infantile oligarchic state capitalism.

So the Russian Federation, ironically, is ahead of the rest of the planet - it already has it all:) But no, China is ahead.

Soon, the economic model of China - when the Democrats come to power in the states - will be actively studied and from there they will push a lot, although they deny it all:)

Thus, if everything goes on and there is no enlightenment in the minds of the Republicans, then it doesn't even matter who wins the elections in October. Even if Trump scores more, he will be swept away by protests. And since his supporters are not organized in any way, he will receive nothing but friendly sympathy.

Another thing is, if a miracle happens and the wasps realize what is really going on, a movement with at least some kind of ideology such as "all power to Trump's constituent assembly" stands out, then they will kick around.

Although, Democrats are already ahead of the curve and have taken two companies of black panthers to the streets in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

So why believe in this miracle? Do not know. So in a certain sense and with certain reservations, Soviet Russia of the 1921 model may well appear in the states. Here is such a joke. But this is still very far away. Wasps are strong and will fight.

In my humble opinion, they will soon begin the process of stratification into fighters, mimicrists-opportunists and emigrants, as it happens every time with social disturbances. We have already gone through all this, but now the states will also go through it.

Will America Lose Hegemony? He is emaciated, yes, from where they will leave, but they will not stop being dirty to America. While Franklins are accepted for payment, they have nothing to worry about.

Something like this.

Health to us and our loved ones.