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This is how, with a 100% Jewish government, the Slavs in Ukraine "wash themselves with blood"
This is how, with a 100% Jewish government, the Slavs in Ukraine "wash themselves with blood"

Video: This is how, with a 100% Jewish government, the Slavs in Ukraine "wash themselves with blood"

Video: This is how, with a 100% Jewish government, the Slavs in Ukraine "wash themselves with blood"
Video: Protect Yourself Rules - A Friendly Stranger 2023, November

On the blood of these people, Jews A. Turchinov, V. Groisman, A. Yatsenyuk, P. Poroshenko, V. Klichko, O. Tyagnibok, D. Yarosh and hundreds of others came to power over Ukraine on February 21, 2014.

It is possible that I would not have written this article today if yesterday I had not received this comment on my previous article. "The unjust judgment was being held, and it was snowing outside the window in June …"


Someone "Olinth", one of the members conto synagogues, only in the know "Jewish pogroms" (expulsion of dangerous newcomers-Jews), which happened quite often in the history of the peoples of the world. But he allegedly does not know when the Jews killed the Slavs!

Well, there is a reason to remind!

Whenever the Jews, led by the Jews (the so-called "Jews"), seize power over a Slavic country (in which the Slavs are the state-forming people), they behave like wolves in a sheepfold!

In modern history, this was the case in 1917 in Russia after the 1917 revolution, and it was so in Ukraine after February 20, 2014. Both then and now (in both cases) they were Jewish coupsaccompanied by the mass murder of the Slavs!

The Jews, of course, strive to convince everyone that the revolution of 1917 was carried out in the Russian Empire by the state-forming Russian people, and the revolution in Ukraine in 2014 was made by the state-forming Ukrainian people. However, since both of these revolutions were prepared and carried out by Jewish Jews, who represented at the time of the crime organized crime group, then these revolutions were Jewish by definition!

By definition, ethnic criminals - these are groups, communities (organizations), which are specific criminal associations that are formed according to a national (ethnic) basis, that is, they unite in their composition persons of one or more related nationalities (ethnic formations). The classification of a criminal group as ethnic is not determined by the homogeneity of its ethnic composition, it can be mixed. The ethnicity of a group is determined by those who occupy a leading position in it.". A source.

The last part of this formulation just indicates that it is impossible and not correct to call these coups d'etat "Russian" or "Ukrainian" revolutions! They should be named exclusively on the basis of the ethnicity of those who occupied (or are currently, as is the case in Ukraine) a leading position. And this is in both cases - the Jews!

If you do not believe the Russian prophet Fyodor Dostoevsky, who, 40 years before the events of 1917, warned about the impending Jewish revolution, then listen at least to Vladimir Putin, our current President of Russia, who in 2013 considered it his duty to remind the Jews with a capital letter gathered in the Museum of Tolerance that the first Soviet government formed in Russia after the 1917 revolution consisted of 80-85% Jews!

What did these Jews do as soon as they seized power in Moscow and Petrograd?

They hastened to stop the imperialist war, as the First World War was called, and in exchange to unleash the Civil War on the entire vast territory of the former Russian Empire. Moreover, this Civil War, in the course of which the population of Russia was artificially divided according to a conditional criterion into "white" and "red", they led to the "complete victory of one of the parties." At the direction of the Jewish commissars on the ground and members of the "Council of People's Commissars" (SNK) sitting in Moscow, the highest military-political body of the then Russia, entire classes of society were destroyed at the root! Moreover, for the mass murder of the Slavs, foreign mercenaries from various countries were involved, including the Chinese and Latvians. The latter especially zealously participated in the massacres of the state-forming people of Russia.

Bottom line: during the Civil War of 1918-1922, on the one hand, about 10 million people were killed by the Slavs, on the other hand, about 100 people.


Now look at the situation in today's Ukraine, where the government after February 2014 is 100% Jewish! Read the article: "Italian journalists were horrified by the number of victims of the conflict in Ukraine":


It says: "Unlike the United States, which cannot confirm information about the deaths of civilians, reporters from Il Giornale expressed their indignation at the silence in the world of information about deaths of children in the south-east of Ukraine … As journalists write, no one in the world talks about their deaths, unlike the babies in Gaza. Apparently, their Luhansk and Donetsk peers are classified as "second class", reporters are indignant."

In this regard, the question is: how many Jews died in Ukraine, starting from February 20, 2014?

Igor Kolomoisky, who called the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tsarev, whose conversation was recorded on tape, mentioned only one Jew who died under unknown circumstances! Just one! And for this one Jew, as Igor Kolomoisky told Oleg Tsarev, they are now ready to kill a lot of people there!

That is how they value the life of even one Jew! But today, for this one Jew who died in Ukraine, there are already about 100 thousand Slavs killed in Ukraine !!!

Why is this possible?

I found the answer to this question a long time ago. Jews from an early age educate Jews to be ruthless to people not of their blood! On this occasion, I wrote an article back in 2014 IN WHAT FAIRY TALES THE JEWS ARE UPONING THEIR CHILDREN.… But only recently I learned that in these fairy tales, on which they are bringing up Jews from minors literally the devil, they mercilessly kill the Slavs !!!

The key to understanding Jewish religious texts, it turns out, was found 154 years ago by the linguist Abraham Yakovlevich Garkavi, who graduated from the Faculty of Oriental Studies of St. Petersburg University and received a master's degree in Oriental history. In his book "About the language of the Jews who lived in ancient times in Russia and about the Slavic words encountered among Jewish writers" he revealed to the Russian society the secret of the words: "Canaanites", "Canaanites", "Canaanite land", "Canaanite language" found in Jewish religious texts - these are the Slavs, the Slavic land and the Slavic language!


Now, through the prism of this knowledge, let's now see what tales the Jews use to teach Jews from childhood (!) To be ruthless to non-Jews.

I quote almost completely my material for September 9, 2014:

The reader sent a question: "Anton, it would be interesting to know in more detail how the Jews train their children? Maybe you know how this happens, what they are taught in yeshivas and synagogues?"

When I decided to answer it, I remembered that on February 4, 2014 on the First Channel of TV Russia there was a program "They and we. Since then they have lived …" … The famous TV presenter Alexander Gordon has gathered in a television studio a group of modern storytellers, psychiatrists and teachers. Children were also invited. The broadcast was dedicated to the topic: "We are victims of fairy tales!"

Because what sacred meaning the writer puts into his work, what worldview, morality and behavior his books or performances staged on them or films based on them will bring up in people, it will depend on what people will become over time. If, instead of kindness, fairness and honesty, the writer fosters diametrically opposite qualities in people, then the result will be corresponding over time, strictly according to the proverb: "What goes around comes around" … And this is certainly true!

In the case of Moses, we see that he wanted to instill in the Jewish People virtue, justice and honesty in thoughts and deeds.


At the same time, we understand that the meeting of Moses with God described in religious history was nothing more than a fairy tale for children and adults. This understanding comes to us from the understanding that the book in which this story is written is called "The Pentateuch of Moses." And in him, in this "Moses Pentateuch", it is described how Moses died, and this is possible only in a made-up story. The hero himself could not describe his own death on his own behalf, and even write: "and no one knows the place of his burial even to this day" … (Bible, "Pentateuch of Moses", "Deuteronomy", chapter 34, verses 5-8).

When I once comprehended this fragment of the "Pentateuch of Moses", I realized that in ancient times some "engineers of human souls" committed a real information sabotage against the Jewish people. Having told the Jews about how and at what age the legendary Moses died, these workers invented for the Jews completely different norms of justice and behavior in thought and in everyday practice. And if the Moses tablets with the ten commandments could be called "the First Law of Moses", then these intellectual products were called "Deuteronomy", included in the "Pentateuch of Moses". Thus, they presented their writings as the works of the legendary prophet.


You see here extracts from the "Pentateuch of Moses", the sacred meaning of which is diametrically opposite to the first 10 commandments of Moses.

What is this if not a terrible sabotage committed against the Jewish People?

That is why all subsequent human history began to develop according to the worst scenario, and the Jewish question became the axis around which the wheel of all world history began to revolve.

Obviously, realizing all this, TV presenter Alexander Gordon raised the topic "We are victims of fairy tales!" … For this I am very grateful to him. Now I have a reason to continue the topic he started.

Why is there anti-Semitism wherever there are Jews?

Why are there hundreds of proverbs and sayings in Russian folklore that pejoratively describe the Jewish Jew? Why several centuries ago the so-called "Pale of Settlement" was established for the Jews, after which only a few (literally "chosen") Jews could live and engage in any kind of craft?

The answers to all these questions lie in the words voiced by Alexander Gordon, who, by the way, is himself a Jew by nationality: "We are victims of fairy tales!" …

I want to tell you about one Jewish fairy tale, on which more and more new generations of Jews have been brought up for more than one hundred years. When you read two versions of this tale: ancient and modern, you yourself will understand what kind of worldview, what kind of morality and what kind of behavioral orientation are laid in Jews from a very early age.

Since these guidelines do not correspond at all to the 10 commandments of Moses: "Thou shalt not kill!", "Thou shalt not steal!", "Do not bear false witness!", and so on, then this is the answer to all the above questions.

So, now the reader's attention is offered two versions of the same old Jewish tale "about Dina and her brothers." The first version of this tale is presented on the pages of the Christian Bible and the Jewish Torah. I found the second option in a modern teaching manual written for Jewish parents who are concerned (attention!) With the correct upbringing of their children.

This tale "about Dina and her brothers" eloquently testifies to the blatant fact that the spiritual educators of the Jewish people purposefully teach (literally from 3-4 years of age) Jewish children to deceive, meanness, treachery and merciless cruelty in their actions towards people of a different nationality.

The rabbis explain the need to instill cruelty in Jewish children so early to Jewish parents in such a way that “a father and mother cannot be satisfied that their children have received superficial knowledge, they must strive to give them a thorough Jewish education. It is unacceptable to postpone their religious upbringing until they reach school age. To spend the first years, when children are the most impressionable, only on fairy tales and nursery rhymes is as irresponsible as it is unreasonable. " (Chaim Donin. "To be a Jew", "Unity", Rostov-on-Don, 1991, pp. 140-141).

In this short explanation from Chaim Donin, author of the book "Be a Jew", we see one interesting detail: instilling hatred of all non-Jews in Jews is an important component of their religious upbringing!

In fact, this tale "about Dina and her brothers" is a textbook for raising young fascists from Jewish children (in the worst sense of the word). The very fact of its existence and spread in the modern world partly reveals the secret why in every nation where Jews live, there is a dislike for them (the notorious "anti-Semitism").

The Tale of Dina and Her Brothers

One day, Jacob's adult daughter, Dinah, came to the city of Shechem to see how other people lived there. And the son of Hamor the Hunite saw her there, the prince of that land, who, like the city, was also called Shechem, and fell in love with her, and took her, and slept with her. And Shechem said after that to his father: "Take this damsel for me as a wife." Jacob, the father of Dinah, and his sons considered the act of Shechem, who slept with their girl, impudent and brought dishonor not just to Jacob's daughter, but to their entire family of Israel. And they burned with anger against the family of Shechem, the prince of that land. The prince did not anticipate this and turned to them with the words: “Shechem, my son, clenched his soul to your daughter; give it to him as a wife; intermarry with us; Give your daughters for us, and take our daughters for yourself … and live with us; this land [is vast] … live and trade on it, and acquire it as a possession. " (Genesis 34: 1-10). “And for your daughter we’ll give you any ransom you say,” added Emmora the Havean. (As you can see, the prince was a true gentleman). But the sons of Jacob conceived an evil deed and gave an evil answer: “We cannot do this, give our sister off to a man who is uncircumcised, for this is dishonorable for us; only on the condition that we agree with you … if you will be like us, so that your entire male sex would be circumcised … and if you do not obey us in being circumcised, then we will take our daughter and leave. " (Genesis 34, 14-17).

According to the compilers of the Bible, “These words were liked by Hamor and Shechem, the son of Hamor. The youth did not hesitate to fulfill this; because he loved Jacob's daughter. And he was the most respected from his father's house. " Returning to the city, they recounted the condition of the Israelites to all the inhabitants of Shechem, telling them the following: “These people are at peace with us; let them settle on the land and trade on it; the land is wide before them. Let us take their daughters to be our wives, and give our daughters to them. Only on that condition do these people agree to live with us and be one people, so that we too have circumcised the entire male sex, just as they are circumcised. Is it not for us their flocks, and their property, and all their cattle? Only [in that] we will agree with them, and they will live with us. " (Genesis 34: 18-23). “And all that went out of the gate of his city listened to Hamor and Shechem his son; and all the male was circumcised, all that went out of the gate of his city. On the third day, when they were sick, two sons of Jacob, Simeon and Levi, brothers of Dinin, each took his own sword and boldly [read - basely] attacked the city (Shechem), and killed all the male sex. " (Genesis 34, 24-25). After which they plundered it all, took all the wealth for themselves, and made all the children and women their slaves. “They took their flocks and herds, and their donkeys, and whatever was in the city, and whatever was in the field; and they took all their wealth, and all their children and their wives captive, and plundered everything that was in … houses. " (Genesis 34, 29).

So the first Israelis expanded their residential area and increased their material and financial condition.

It would seem that this sadistic tale, saturated with the spirit of racism, is nothing more than an echo of the prehistoric era. Is it possible to blame Jews or rabbis for what is written in the ancient Torah and the Bible, which can be considered literary monuments ?! - some may argue to me.

The whole nightmare and horror is that with the help of this fairy tale the rabbis are still teaching young Jews special "Jewish wisdom", zealously fulfilling the religious commandment: "And teach the words of the Torah to your sons …" (Talmud. Dvarim, 11:19). Moreover, the rabbis are trying to lay the foundations of cruelty, hypocrisy, treachery and meanness in young Jewish heads even before they reach school age!

Here is confirmation that this old Jewish tale is still actively used for educational purposes today. I am citing the article "Conversations on the Torah" published in the journal "Fathers and Children" (Issue 23, September-October 1994, ELUL 5754 - TISHRI 5755, Association of Teachers of Jewish Tradition "LAMED", p. 24).


The king of the city of Shechem was called Shechem. And this Shechem heard that Yaakov had a daughter, Dina, and that she was very beautiful. And Shechem wanted to marry Dinah. And he began to think how to lure Dina out of the house. And Shechem came up with this. He arranged a holiday in his city.

Clearly, Jacob's daughter should not have gone there. But Dina was a very curious girl. She put on different jewelry and went to the holiday, to see people - to show herself. Then Shechem saw how beautiful Dina was, and he liked her - well, just very much. Shechem grabbed Dinah and locked her in his palace, while he himself said to his father Hamor:

- Let's go to Yaakov. Ask him for Dina as my wife. And they came to Jacob and his sons, Dina's brothers. And Hamor said: - Dear Yaakov and Dina's brothers! My son Shechem really liked your Dina. Let's become related with you and we will live together - that's how glorious! And Shechem also said: - I fell in love with Dina so much that I will give anything for her, just tell me.

It is clear that the sons of Jacob did not want to give their sister to an idolater and a thief. They said to each other: - This Shechem stole our poor Dina, locked her in his place and still pretends that nothing happened. How to save our sister? Shechem won't give it up so easily! And how to fight him: we are only eleven brothers, and he has a whole city of people! And the brothers decided to deceive Shechem. They said to him: - How can we become related with you, when all our men have been circumcised, and you have not? But if you and all the men in your city circumcise themselves, then, perhaps, we will give Dina to your wife and marry you.

And Shechem was glad that the brothers wanted such a trifle. He returned to the city, circumcised and ordered all the townspeople to do the same. And all the men in the city of Shechem obeyed their king and also circumcised. And on the third day, when all the people of Shechem were still weak after the circumcision, they took Shimon and Levi, the sons of Jacob, each their sword and went to Shechem to take Dinah. They entered the city and approached the palace, knocked on the gate and shouted: - Well !!! Give us Dinah !!! But the gate did not open. Then the people of Shechem heard the noise, left their homes and went to defend their beloved king. Then Shimon and Levi got angry in earnest, and they went to destroy everything around. And Shimon and Levi killed all the men of the city of Shechem. And they took Dinah and left. And Yaakov said: - The people of Shechem were circumcised in order to become related to us, and you killed them all. It’s bad that you made a promise knowing you wouldn’t keep it. After all, it was clear from the very beginning that we would not leave Dina with Shechem. To which the angry Shimon and Levi answered him: - Let everyone know what happens to those who offend at least one Jew …

What have we discovered for ourselves when we got acquainted with the Jewish fairy tale "about Dina and the city of Nablus"?

I would like to point out three points:

one. Religious leaders of the Jewish people educate more and more generations of Jews on this old tale, instilling in them such important qualities for Jews as cunning, meanness, hypocrisy and cruelty. Of course, all this "arsenal" of skills should be applied by a Jew not within the Jewish community, but in relations with non-Jews.

2. Religious educators teach Jews that even for a small (not fatal) offense committed by non-Jews towards them, they must be ready to condemn the entire male population of any goy city to death, and make goy women and children their slaves.

3. Judging by the fact that this Old Testament tale is still used by the rabbis as a teaching aid for the education of young Jews, the Jews have not become more humane today.

What other conclusions can be drawn from all this?

I suggest to use now key, which was presented to Russians 154 years ago by the linguist Avraham Yakovlevich Garkavi, who studied Hebrew writing and made a discovery:


We now read where the very city of Shechem (or Shechem, as the Jews pronounce this name) was located, all the men of which the ancient Jews destroyed, and all the women and girls of which they made their slaves … I quote from the Bible, the book "Genesis", chapter 12:

If the Chanenei are the Slavs, and the Canaanite land is the Slavic land, then Shechem (Shechem) was a Slavic city, which, as it is written in the Bible, was ruled by the Slavic prince Emor the Jew.

It turns out that the Jews (rabbis) on the contents of this tale "About Dinu and the city of Shechem", read annually in synagogues and yeshivas, still accustom Jews from early childhood to the murder of the Slavs !!!

This is not comprehensible to the mind! But this is our non-contrived, real reality!

And all this horror due to the fact that Jews under the leadership of the Jews from century to century have been waging against the Russian world, against all Slavs, an undeclared religious war, which has an aggressive character.

I told about this in the Leninsky District Court on June 11, 2019 - to judge A. V. Luchnik (all the details are set out in the publication "The unjust judgment was being held, and it was snowing outside the window in June …", and for this he admitted me guilty under Article 20.3.1. and appointed me as punishments a fine of 10,000 rubles.

How exactly Judge A. V. Luchnik argued his guilty verdict, you, the reader, can learn from the RULES OF THE COURT:


As you can see, the war against the Slavs is being waged by Miracle Yud on all fronts, including with the help of Judicature!


June 14, 2019 Murmansk. Anton Blagin

A comment:

Andrey Kosogorov: The most surprising thing is that the court's decision does not provide any evidence of guilt, but only refers to the fashionable, in such fabricated cases, linguistic-pidorastic examination, which, for some reason, concluded from some kind of fright, and it is absolutely not clear on what basis. And for the so-called. offended and humiliated expgts in such expeditions, usually hiding are trained and intimidated by the Jewish kagal, moronic, full of hatred for non-Jews, liquid with their circumcised world outlook, hand and foot tied by the Jewish mafia mutual responsibility. This shameful and despicable court never refuted any of the facts given in the articles by Anton Blagin, nor did it establish the fact of groundless accusations or slander against the Jews! This means that all the exposures of the plans and actions of Jews against the Slavic peoples, described in the articles, are absolute truth! And it was for this truth that the author was fined! Reading this decree, you understand that this court, the purest Jewish chutzpah: "We, the Jews, yes, we are plotting evil against you, we are killing you, but it is your fault that you humiliate us along ethnic lines, exposing our mean and criminal designs and deeds and do not die yourself and all at once."